Charges Dropped on Smollett

Pretty shocking news that came from the DA in Chicago today when they told a judge in court today that they were dropping all charges against Jussie Smollett.

Look, I’m not judge and jury here, but, it looked to me like the police in Chicago had more evidence to prosecute than the Mueller team had against Trump regarding collusion and obstruction. So that’s why this has me scratching my head on this one.

I don’t very often agree with Mayor Emanuel, but after hearing his outrage and his stating that this was a “whitewash of justice”, I can hardly blame him. It does smell fishy. Emanuel stated that even though they had overwhelming evidence and the grand jury was only allowed a tiny bit of that evidence, they still found it warranted to indict Smollett!

Emanuel vehemently defended his police department and basically considered it a slap in the faces of the hard-working men and women of Chicago that put their lives on the line on a daily basis to uphold the law. He also said that it would probably make it a lot more difficult now for people to believe real victims of hate crimes. He’s probably right on that point.

Both the mayor and the police superintendent believe that some sort of deal had been struck between Smollett and the DA that they’ve not been told about, other than Smollett deferring the $10,000 he paid for his bond. It does make one wonder what else he did to get the charges dropped when there was so much evidence. It seems to me that the DA owes both the mayor and the police department a damn good explanation for why they dropped the charges.

As much as Jussie Smollett might think he’s free and clear, he’s not. The FBI has an active investigation into the hate letter they believe he might have sent to himself which started all of this. They recently sent the letter and envelop to Quantico for DNA analysis and if he licked that envelop, that will be all the evidence they need to charge him with terrorist mail fraud.

Another thing, both the mayor and the police department alluded to the possibility this wasn’t over. Which could mean that they have not closed the case and plan on trying to gather more evidence.

We’ll see. All I know is, when this all began, not that many people knew who Jussie Smollett was, now, everyone knows who he is. If that was the purpose of all of this, then he surely won.



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