Freedom of Speech & Religion


Welcome Here!

Weekly Chalkboard Message

Thanks to Biden We Are Losing Our Freedoms One by One!

Silence in the face of evil IS evil. Not to speak IS to speak, and not standing IS standing, and God will NOT hold us blameless!”


Will you stand with me? 


4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Here is a writing suggestion for you, Pissed me off today, only got one tweet on an article this important. These people would rather tweet garbage than read something that is very important having to do with the measles ban in NY they say it was started by 7 people from overseas and has grown to 300 nationwide. this and many other diseases are coming in from the BORDER the Typhus outbreak in LA TB Scabies lice a whole myriad of things. Now the article is from 2014… but we never heard of this in 2014 did we? NO but this can very well apply to today’s crisis… check it out https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2014/06/diseases_are_crossing_the_border_too.html


  2. I know. Combine the diseases coming from across the border and the stupid idiots in this country who have over the years refused to vaccinate their children could end up eventually with a pandemic in our country. All because of ignorance and nothing more!


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