Quick Notes – Issue #30

We need to gather as one force and stop buying products and services from companies that truly hate us and only want to control us and force us to worship them and not our God!

  1. This weekend, over 100 corporate leaders got together on a Zoom call to see how they can stop the voter integrity laws in “red” states, like Georgia and other states that just want to go back to pre-COVID days with their voter laws. The relaxation of the voter laws last November was only supposed to be a one time thing. These corporate leaders claim that going back to the way it was is voter suppression. Here’s just a few of the corporations who participated in this meeting: Delta, CitGroup, UPS, Viacom/CBS, Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Hawks, Home Depot, Starbucks, American Airlines, Levi, AMC Entertainment, Linkden, Merck, Coke, Microsoft, MLB, United Airlines, Wal-Mart, Twitter, Facebook, Ariel Investments, American Express, Pepsi, PayPal, Apple, Bank of America, BlackRock, JPMorgan, Google, Porsche, Aflac, Cisco, and Aetna. They all agreed they don’t care about the flack they will get from the public. So, they don’t care if we stop buying their products or services because they claim they’ll have no problem crushing everyone who refuses to obey their rules. (People, this is a prime example of fascism when corporations work hand in hand with the government to try and make new laws. This is just insane. Put you foot down, who gives a damn if they’re not afraid of us, boycott anyway. Enough is definitely enough!)
  2. It’s been  discovered that Zuckerberg money (millions of it) was used to pay off election leaders in a variety of different cities across the country. This was done to ensure that votes would go to getting Biden the votes. Basically Zuckerberg was bribing people. (Yet no one seems to even care.)
  3. Elon Musk is now under attack for firing an employee back in 2018 because he was a union activist and trouble maker for the labor unions. This guy even threatened other employees if they didn’t vote for Tesla joining a union. Musk didn’t believe that his company needed to join a union when he was already giving his employees far more benefits than those companies who belonged to a union. Now the unions are coming after Musk demanding he rehire this guy as well as pay him all the back pay from 2018 to now! They did force him to remove his Tweet speaking out against unions. (etu’ Brute’?) (People again, this is fascism the “My way or the highway” mentality that’s coming after each and every one of us.
  4. Yet another riot in Portland over the weekend by Antifa. They tried to burn down the immigration and ICE facility. The ICE agents and others had to escape out the back door and had to stay away until Federal law enforcement get things under control. (If you still think that Antifa is an “ideal”, ask the people still stuck in Portland, Antifa basically runs the city of Portland.)
  5. Pastor in Canada was thrown in a maximum security jail for 35 days because he refused to shut his church down or forcing people to wear masks. They then barricaded the church and when people came to protest peacefully (some did take down some of the fencing) to get their church back, they sent their equivalent of SWAT to haul off unarmed peaceful people just because they wanted their church back. Now they are arresting journalists who are trying to cover the story. Now the Canadian government has turned this church into an armed garrison to keep people out. So the pastor and his parishioners are meeting in secret in different locations other than their church!  (If you don’t think this is coming to a church near you then you’ve been sleeping since Biden took office!)
  6. 40% of marines refuse to take the vaccine. (Good for them!)
  7. DUSD (Digital US Dollar) is seriously being talked about by members of the government and corporations. They want to devalue the USD as much and as quickly as they can. (Why do you think they keep spending and spending, knowing there’s no “real money” to back it all up with. It’s ALL part of the “Great Re-Set”!)
  8. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg claims that there is racism literally built into our roads and highway systems. (Dear Lord, can people get any stupider? When’s the last time you saw a “Whites Only” highway exit or entrance? Sigh)
  9. Not one penny of money donated to the BLM organization has gone back into the Black communities that they proclaim they care so much about. Not ONE single cent! (But almost $4 MILLION of it did go to build a new home for the co-founder in a predominantly white neighborhood. Some thing wrong with that picture?)
  10. A recent poll shows that over 60% of people who live in California, including minorities want to move out of California if they could afford to do it! (This is mainly because they know their votes are being replaced with illegal immigrants! The Dems focus on this because they know their open border policies are going to let enough people in to changing the demographics of the country. Basically this means they DO let illegals vote because they want to replace all voters who refuse to bow down to them and do as they’re told with those who will do as they’re told!)


“Choosing ignorance over knowledge is one reason why we are where we are today in our country.”

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