How Did We Get Here?

How did we get here? That’s a fair question. How did we get to the point where nearly every single institution from sports to politics, entertainment to education, media to big tech, and science to even our sacred places of worship, have been infiltrated and poisoned by the Marxists and their Marxist ideology? Well, the simple answer is we the people have let it happen. Before you become outraged by that answer, we need to be honest with ourselves, I know I am. I’m as guilty as the next person of having the mindset of thinking “It could never happen here.” I’m talking about communism. Because of that unfortunate way of thinking, over the years, we’ve ignored the signs or we’ve just thought that certain things were just a passing phase or a fad. Now, you certainly can see how our previous mindset has helped us get to this point in time.


Communism first hit our shores in the 1930’s when Hitler was coming into power and was taking control. Those who were in the German Communist Party and part of Frankfort University or more commonly known as the “Frankfort School” escaped from Germany and found refuge in our country. These were considered top scholars and philosophers of their day and were welcomed and received positions at Columbia University in New York City. This was the very first step of implementing Marxist/communist ideology by introducing Critical Theory which was based on the ideology of Karl Marx. No one even noticed as Critical Theory was being introduced in higher education. These German communists left an everlasting footprint on U.S. academia. This radical group of scholars and philosophers called themselves “the new left”.

1950’s – 1960’s

As we struggled through the 50’s and 60’s working hard to try and change things through peaceful means such as the ideology of Martin Luther King Jr and the Civil Rights Movement and trying to honestly make amends for past treatment of the black community, the “new left” was working quietly on how they were going to “fundamentally transform” America. After infiltrating academia heavily in the 60’s and 70’s, they realized that turning the U.S. communist was going to take far far longer than it did in “3rd world” countries. This is because it was far easier in countries where the poor were easy to fool with their promises of destroying those the poor felt were mistreating them and then once in control never kept their promises and made their lives even worse by enslaving them to communist rule. However, they realized and still do to this day, that this manner of taking control was and is impossible in the U.S. This is because even our poorest have far better standard of living than those who live in “3rd world” countries.


Patience became the “new lefts” number one asset. Their belief system did raise it’s ugly head in the 70’s through the Weather Underground and Black Panthers joining forces and were responsible for numerous bombings all through the 70’s. (Sound kind of familiar? ANTIFA combining with BLM recently? Note of interest: ANTIFA models its ideology after the original German Communist Party and BLM is closely related to the original Black Panthers.)

By the late 70’s and early 80’s nearly all places of higher learning, except for Christian based, were fully corrupted by Critical Theory and were now full on indoctrination centers. In the meantime, we the people were totally in the dark as we were recovering and/or experiencing such  things as Viet Nam, the Nixon scandal, and fanatical environmentalists (part of the “new left” who were out there screaming the end was coming even predicting ice caps would all be gone in 30 to 40 years while others were spiking trees that were maiming and killing innocent lumberjacks when they were tree harvesting.) During all of this, we still closed our eyes to the fact it was possible to lose our country to communism.


As we walked blindly through life the “new left” was again covertly working behind the scenes and in the late 80’s we began to see the rise of the “PC Culture”. It was subtle at first and began through the entertainment world. You see, the “new left” knew how to get through to us without us even realizing it. Most of us laughed and made fun of political correctness and again thought it was just a fad or passing phase. However, fast forward to now, you can see how far PC has gone, it’s turned into the monster/cancer we now know as “Wokeism”!

End of 20th Century – Present

As we moved through the end of the 20th century into the 21st century, this “new left” realized the only way to fundamentally transform this country was to now get those whom were indoctrinated over the years into public office as well as using racism as a weapon to divide and weaken our country. Enter their #1 public figure…Barrack Obama. By the way, one of his biggest supporters when he decided to run for president was the leader of the old Weather Underground, Bill Ayers. Ayers even hosted Obamas presidential announcement party in his private mansion. Remember it was Obama who came out and announced that he would “fundamentally transform America”! He then went on to  start the racial divide that we are now neck deep in. (Side note here, Bill Ayers by the way is known to be one of the major players who manages all BLM funds.) It was during Obamas second term that BLM formed and Obama openly supported these people knowing full well that they not only hated the police but were trained Marxists. And America voted this man into office twice!

It was during Obama’s presidency that the “new left” put its stranglehold on this country and had/has basically infected nearly every U.S. institution! In fact, CRT was already being pushed in lower education institutions in Democrat run areas and we didn’t even notice because we still were clinging onto the false belief that it could never happen to our country!

The Curtain Was Pulled Away

it wasn’t until President Donald J. Trump came onto the scene and opened our eyes exposing the “new left” for who they really are! Trump had the courage to point it out, to pull away the curtain, which exposed their ugly truth and corruption. This is the “REAL” reason why they hated him and always will. Because he woke up half of America to this horrific truth. Had he not won in 2016, we’d already be a full on communist country. Why do you think they are now working at warp speed to get in as many of their Marxist plans as possible before the next election? First off, they know they can no longer use the China virus as an excuse for bending/breaking long standing voting laws, they know that too many states are now onto that scam. Second, they are truly afraid they will lose both the House and the Senate in 2022. This is why they are so vehemently against common sense voter ID requirements. They know that they more than likely won’t be able to bend voter rules next time around. So, they working at a fevers pitch to destroy this country as much as they can before 2022.

So, it’s time to stop sleep walking and fooling ourselves into believing that “It could never happen here.” Because quiet frankly it’s happening out in the open now through CRT, the 1619 Project, cancel culture, and “wokeism”. Right now, their plan to “fundamentally transform America” is about 70% to 80% accomplished, even Obama said it about Beijing Biden “He’s finishing what I started.”

It’s NOT a fad or passing phase, it’s not going to go away on its own. So wake up America!


“Silence in the face of evil IS evil. Not to speak IS to speak, and not standing IS standing, and God will NOT hold us blameless!”

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