Are We In An Alternate Universe?

Last time I checked 2 + 2 still equaled 4, or at least I thought because each day I wake up I look around and swear that the world around me is still the same until I turn on the news. That’s when I suddenly realize that I surely must be in a totally different universe, because this is NOT the country I was born and raised in. It’s like we’re living in Bizzaro World without Superman!

It’s time that the people of this country admit it to themselves and out loud that there is nothing free left about this country, unless of course if you are on the “left” you pretty much can do any damn thing you want as long as you continue to have the same groupthink with the Biden regime. But once you waiver from that groupthink even an inch, you’re out. They have no problem with eating their own.

Stop lying to yourselves, things HAVE changed and for the worst. We are being ruled by a group of evil, self-centered hypocrites that hate this country along with those in this country who still love it and want it back. These are people who wouldn’t know a Democratic Republic or a democracy if it were to bite them in the ass. They spit out the word “democracy” so much  it’s like they are overusing it like a cheap whore! It’s disgusting and borrowing a little word from Hillary, deplorable the disregard and lack of respect that they have for the word. And let’s not get started on their utter hatred for the U.S. Constitution. If they could get away with it, they would stand out on the Capitol steps and burn the original copy of it on live television.

We live under the thumb of an old senile fart who wants to put the screws to us and twist them into us until we scream for mercy. His first attack was taking our freedom we had being energy independent. Every step he has taken has been to make it harder and harder for the average person to afford to even fill their vehicles to 1/2 full without feeling like they’ve been held up at gun or knife point. January 2021, a gallon of gas where I live was $1.87, today it averages $4.89 and who’s to blame? Putin of course. B.S.! The minute Biden started shutting down production and most recently canceling leases for drilling, prices began to soar, and well before Putin stepped one foot into Ukraine!

Nothing is Biden’s fault. Nothing is ever this jackass’s fault, never is, never has been his entire career he’s made a career of blaming everything on everyone else.

  • Gas prices – Putin’s fault, oil companies fault; but “not my fault”
  • Overall Inflation – Putin’s fault, COVID’s fault, even Trump’s fault (inflation under Trump was at 1.3% and that was during COVID lock downs) (inflation now is highest ever at 8.5% and if they were calculating it the way it should be it would actually be 17%) but “not my fault”
  • Border Disaster – Trump’s fault, border patrol’s fault, border states fault; but “not my fault even though I invited everyone to come on over, everything’s free”
  • Supply Chain Crisis – COVID’s fault, Trump’s fault, trucker’s fault; but “not my fault”
  • Afghanistan Disaster – Trump’s fault, Americans fault because they wanted to stay there (sure 15,000 people wanted to be left behind, at least 6,000 were saved by private citizens, 9,000 will probably never be seen again) but hey; “not my fault, even though I said I wouldn’t leave a single person behind”
  • Baby Formula Shortage – Stores are having 43% to 50% shortages in baby formula and Biden just shrugs his shoulders even after it’s found out that he was warned this could happen 5 months in advance and instead of stock piling for American mothers he sent pallets of formula to the border for illegals babies but hey “it’s not my fault it’s the manufacturers fault, it’s parents fault because they’re hoarding it”

Criminals are being let out of jail with no bail, sentences are being shortened for violent offenders who reoffend the minute they are released, while peaceful protestors rot in jail with no bail and no charges. Is that America? Is that the “Land of the Free”? Those who burned cities down in 2020 all walking free, no charges, free to go out and offend again, waiting in the wings to be signaled to riot on a whim. Roe v Wade being their newest excuse for “mostly peaceful protests”. Now the Biden administration and those around it are coming right out and encouraging a “call to arms” and the White House remains silent. But why be surprised, this is an administration that sees abortion as nothing more than another form of birth control. They gleefully cheer whenever a state passes laws where a woman can even give birth to a child and then let it die. But they want to throw any of us in jail if we dare stand up for the rights of the unborn, or for freedom of speech, freedom of religion, you name it, whatever Constitutional right we try to fight for, we’re labeled domestic terrorists! And those who kill, destroy property, threaten people, are heralded as “heroes”!

They allow for human trafficking into our country, illegal drugs, much of it from Biden’s pillow mate, China, they pay billions of dollars to contractors NOT to finish the border wall, they do not vet a single illegal that crosses our borders from 147 different countries, very few are actually coming from Mexico, they sneak them into the interior of the country by cover of night, they have spent billions upon billions of dollars to secure the borders of Ukraine, while criminals and terrorists walk freely into our country, yes terrorists, they were able to arrest 14 terrorists just last month alone, and it only takes one to kill tons of people. In fact they don’t give a damn who comes into this country and probably relish the fact that many of them are here to soak us, the tax payers, dry, destroy the landscape as they march across sensitive land areas, leaving behind their garbage, human waste and even dead bodies on private citizens property. They could care less about all of that but they sure as hell want to make sure that We the People are monitored, shut down, even punished for exercising our Constitutional rights by setting up a disinformation governance board! What good do you think will come of that? Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Mussolini ALL had the exact same kind of governance boards, yet we’re the Nazi’s or fascists!

We are either living in a different universe called “Bizzaro World” or in a communist regime. Either one, time is running out to save America! it must be a literal “blood bath” come this November and in 2024 or we’re doomed forever.

It’s time that Americans wake up and realize this government absolutely hates us and they will never stop pushing their hatred and trying to shut us up, lock us up, and who knows, maybe even take our lives in the near future. We must stop this abuse, because that is what it is, complete and utter governmental abuse of it’s citizens!


“Silence in the face of evil IS evil. Not to speak IS to speak, and not standing IS standing, and God will NOT hold us blameless!”

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