Come November – Stop the Madness

This is for all of you out there, are you sick of the crap yet? Are you tired of the lies yet? Are you tired of the gas and food prices that seem to have no brakes on them to stop them from rising off into the depths of space yet? Are you tired of the fearmongering yet? Are you tired of the two tiered justice system yet?  Are you tired of having a senile jackass making a fool of himself all over the world yet? If not, why the hell not?!

And for those of you who truly believe in the Judeo-Christian foundation of this country and are true patriots, are you tired of being called a bigot just because you don’t agree with what the left says and does yet? Are you tired of being called a white supremacist yet? Are you tired of being called a domestic terrorist yet? Are you tired of the left trying to corrupt your children yet? If not, then why the hell not?!

Anyone who truly loves this country and their family and friends, it doesn’t matter liberal or conservative, should be absolutely fed up with what we’ve been put through since Biden took office! And if you think it’s going to end any time soon, you’ve got another thing coming. This corrupt and evil administration is going to inflict as much pain as they can on everyone but themselves before this November, we won’t know what hit us!

Do you want to continue to live under a sick and demented government that has done everything they can so far to tear down America to it’s very foundation and to make us the laughing stock of the entire world? Do want to continue to allow these cretons to continue to attack our Bill of Rights, especially our 1st and 2nd Amendments? Do you want to continue to deny the fact that they hate our children and only want to groom them in their own image? They want to take your children and make them hate this country, hate themselves, hate others different from them, hate their parents, find nothing wrong with sexual immorality, believe men can be women and women, men, or better yet that men can even have babies. Is this what you want?

We now live in a country that everything is the opposite of what we all deep inside know as the truth. Beauty is ugly, ugly is beautiful, men can be women, women can be men, there is no such thing as gender, racism is anti-racism, a patriot is a terrorist, pronouns are more important than the person themselves, burning down the country is patriotism, protesting peacefully is terrorism, truth is lies, lies are truth, and those not in line with this government will be considered guilty until proven innocent! We’re living in a country where rioters and looters get bailed out of jail and never see any jail time but conservatives that may have been at a  protest are held in prison as political prisoners without charges, bail, or hearings and are held in solitary confinement, mistreated and beaten just because they have different political beliefs. Is this the United States of America? I thought those kinds of things only happened in places like Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia, Iran, etc. But here we are, right smack dab in the middle of a North American “Banana Republic”!

We now live in a country that makes it legal to kill an unborn baby all the way through the 9th month, and in California you can even wait a few days after the birth to choose whether the infant lives or dies without the mother being charged with murder! We live in a country that now encourages parents to use hormone blocking drugs and top/bottom surgeries to desecrate God’s beautiful gifts called children! We live in a country where a government will withhold much needed school lunch money for underprivileged children if the school refuses to teach the hate filled CRT and gender identity topics! And this government says they care so much for the children of this country. Sure the same country that wants them killed before and after birth, change their gender, teach them to hate just about everything, yep, that’s surely a government that loves the children!

We live in a country now that if you don’t say, do, and act the way “they” want you to you will be bullied, canceled, doxed, lose your job, attacked, even put behind bars. We live in a country where police are defunded and have to cut corners, like Seattle police will no longer answer rape calls. Or how about major cities are all filled with homeless and drug addicts peeing and defecating out in the open and the only thing the liberal leaders do is continue to empower them to stay on the streets by giving them money and access to the EBT food program, and medical care, hell who needs a job or a place to live when you get all this free stuff, why even try? Oh, and let’s not forget all the nice “safe centers” to shoot up what you want under supervision, yep, that’s tackling the drug problem in this country!

It took a little over a 100 years for the Communist Party of America to get this country to where they wanted it, but hey, got to admit, their patience has most definitely paid off. Their list of goals they gave Congress in 1963 has nearly been completed. Here’s just a few of their goals from 1963:

  • Remove God and prayer from school
  • Infiltrate every single US institution from the schools to the churches, especially the unions
  • Infiltrate journalism, TV, movies, music, and all printed material
  • Tear down all historical monuments
  • Convince people that the Constitution is old, out of date, and not worth caring about
  • Convince the people that the Founding Fathers were nothing but a bunch of elite aristocrats who cared nothing for the people
  • Take away free speech
  • Change the language and the meaning of already established words
  • Belittle life and that it’s not important
  • Infiltrate big corporations
  • Destroy the nuclear family
  • Destroy morality through TV, movies, music, and books
  • Normalize porn, pedophilia, and homosexuality
  • Take over one or both the main political parties
  • Recognize China and allow them into UN

That’s only about half of that list that was handed to Congress in 1963. These people have always meant business and still do to this very day. Especially now that they’ve accomplished nearly all of their 1963 goals!

So, whose fault is this? To be honest, ours. We’ve been sleepwalking through life for quite some time now. Many of us being fair people, possibly conservative Christians who simply have believed in tolerance and love. Sadly, that has not worked and the reason is that, even though God asks us to be tolerant, doesn’t mean we are to be tolerant of things that we know are against God Himself! We’re not suppose to have tolerance for what’s against God, so instead of us just being patient and tolerant of the things that have come to change even start to destroy our country, we should have stood up and said “No! This is wrong!” We should have voted against so many of the things that we now find ourselves fighting from behind against. But, we can’t sit there and mope over the fact that we are part to blame because that won’t help or change a damn thing.

We must now stay on top of everything, every little  dirty trick they pull on us, we must now keep tabs on all things going on local, because if we pay attention to local politics we can nip it in the bud. We need to be brave enough to speak out against the immorality in this country, we must speak out boldly against the tyranny of this government and keep on speaking out no matter what they throw at us. Tolerance is no longer an option.

Come November, everyone who is sick to death of all this crap, no matter whether you’re a liberal or a conservative, we MUST stop more of the radical left or communists to gain more power. Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, Independent, or Libertarian, we as a united front can slow down their mad dash to drag us all over the cliff with them. If you can’t stomach voting Republican or conservative, if you still love this country, then bite the bullet, or just don’t vote! But we have to get this country back and the only way we can do that is if we hit them with the biggest red wave they’ve seen in history and then plan for 2024 when we will have the chance to gain back control and maybe, just maybe right this sinking ship we once called the United States of America! This is it, the chips are down and if we don’t act now, it’s over. Period. Because if you want to lose all of the freedoms that you were born with, go ahead and vote more of these evil individuals into to office. Or you can put down your differences and join together for one final stand to save this nation and her people!



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