Important Words About Jesus – #69

Word #69 – Give

To bestow something to someone to; to present a gift to another

“…remembering the words the lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35)

From the womb to the tomb, all Jesus did was give.

While still in utero, He gave His astonished mom and adoptive dad plenty to ponder (Matthew 1:18-22; Luke 1:29-34; 2:19). As a child, He routinely gave them scares (Matthew 2:13; Luke 2:41-50)-and, no doubt, a few gray hairs.

When He grew up, He gave some restless young men the invitation of a lifetime (Mark 1:15-17). When they said yes to His outlandish offer, He gave them orders (Matthew 8:18), authority (Matthew 10:1; 28:18), and experiences neither they nor the world would ever forget (John 21:25).

Jesus spent His waking hours giving God glory (John 8:29), sinners race (Luke 19:1-10), religious hypocrites fits (Matthew 23), halfhearted followers pause (Luke 9:57-62).

We could go on and on listing the things Jesus gave…rest to the weary (Matthew 11:28), food to the hungry (Mark 6:33-44; 8:1-13), health to the sick (Mark 1:32-34), freedom to those in bondage (Luke 4:18).

Leave it to the ultimate Giver to also be the ultimate Gift (John 3:16).

We ooh and ahh over certain Bible words because they contain cool nuances that aren’t always obvious at first glance. For example, Paul’s command in 1 Timothy 4:7 to “train” yourself (to be godly) is where we get our word “gymnasium.”

The word give isn’t like that. It means just what we think: to bestow, to hand over something to another. Whatever we truly give is a gift.

Jesus shows us that God is the consummate Giver. He’s not a dealmaker. (Salvation doesn’t come with conditions.) Nor is God in the loan business. (Loans have to be paid back.) God gives. No strings attached.

Jesus-God’s living, breathing Gift to the world-gave His followers this nugget, “It’s more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). (If anyone would know about this topic, it would be Him.) The idea is that when we grasp how extravagantly and faithfully the Lord gives to us, we are freed up to become generous ourselves (Luke 6:38). We don’t have to go through life clutching at, much less hoarding earthly things. We don’t have to be stingy with our time or parcel out love like we only have enough to last until tomorrow night.

Maybe you’re at a place where you feel you have nothing to give. That’s okay. No need to panic. Lift your face, your empty soul to heaven. Let the Lord give you Himself-and anything else you need.

Open your hands. Open your heart. And when He fills them, keep them open. Instead of clutching and grasping, find the greater blessing that comes from being a blessing-not just being blessed.

Study Question

If you could give anyone any gift, what would you give? To whom and why?


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