Bible Fun – August 9th


The following thoughts are from 1 Corinthians 13:4-6. Finish each idea with the word given in that passage. The first letter of each word is provided for you.

  1. Love is p____________.
  2. Love is k____________.
  3. It does not e________.
  4. It does not b________.
  5. It is not p__________.
  6. It does not d_________ others.
  7. It is not s___________-s________.
  8. It is not easily a__________.
  9. It keeps no record of w__________.
  10. Loves does not delight in evil but r_______ with the truth.



  1. patient
  2. kind
  3. envy
  4. boast
  5. proud
  6. dishonor
  7. self-seeking
  8. angered
  9. wrongs
  10. rejoices


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