Let Me Hear That Again….

Let me hear that one more time Biden, there is no inflation! Did I hear that over and over again from you and your administration correctly? There is no inflation, but then again, did you not just recently pass what you call the IRA? AKA the “Inflation Reduction Act” But wait, did you not just say over and over again to the people that there is no inflation? So, if there’s no inflation, explain to me and the rest of this country, just exactly why then you needed the IRA? That’s right, it’s because the IRA has nothing to do with reducing inflation, in fact, it does just the opposite, it spends billions upon billions of American taxpayers money on everything “green” and does nothing to fight inflation because most people with an ounce of brains understands that you don’t throw more money after the money you’ve already managed to spend that would be enough to create an entire new country while sending our country into a financial tailspin! And tell me just how that IRA of yours is going to benefit the millions of people suffering in Florida right now because of Hurricane Ian. And please, stop it, don’t blame this hurricane on “climate change”, it’s an act of nature and that’s a scientific fact, but that’s right, it’s not your science. But I digress.

The whole point of this post is to give you an example of what it’s like being on the opposite side of the fence than your administration is on along with the radicals that prop you up.

A Day in the Life…

Walk in our shoes for a few days:

Try waking up every single day hearing the media, “Democrat” politicians, “Blue Checkmarks”, military leaders, even the president himself calling those of us who:

  • believe in God
  • love of country
  • believe in both the Constitution and Bill of Rights
  • believe in equal justice for all no matter what side of the aisle they’re on
  • fly American flags in their front yards
  • raise an open hand to the heavens in worship of God, or one finger indicating “We’re #1”
  • believe the biology that men cannot have babies, men can’t be women and women can’t be men
  • believe that parents have the right to protect their children from being brainwashed to hate their country and their parents, from being oversexualized, from being offered “gender affirming care” without their parents permission
  • believe in protecting the life of the unborn
  • believe in securing our borders
  • and worst of all, just may have voted for Trump

Calling ALL of us:

  • Domestic terrorists
  • Threat to our democracy
  • White supremacists
  • Racists
  • Enemies of the State
  • Nazis
  • Fascists
  • Conservative extremists
  • Enemies of the “rule of law”
  • Enemies of the Constitution
  • Russian assets
  • Traitors
  • Vermin

A Day In The Life of a “Regular Joe”

Every single day, in my life alone, I hear it non-stop, that horrible list of dehumanizing insults coming from the media, politicians, social media, and the POTUS. Every single damn day.

I’ve been banned from Twitter for simply stating actual data, actual scientific facts. Just a few weeks ago, I received a lifetime ban from Facebook, when I resigned back up in the hope that I might find my grandson, but was permanently de-platformed without ever posting a single post they told me I had violated their terms of service. Explain that one.

At the same time I’m notified of a slight increase in my retirement, I then receive a notice that at the same time I would expect my retirement increase, we were going to get our second increase in our space rent for our mobile home, in one year, totally wiping out my increase, and ending up being equal to receiving less retirement each month. Yet Biden, you claim there is no inflation!

Let’s move to how much it just cost me to fill up my 13 gallon tank vehicle, drum roll please, $63.00, (and it wasn’t even on empty) when just two years ago, almost to the day, it had only cost me $24.00! Yet, Biden you tell me there’s no inflation!

Two years ago this past May, we took some of our savings to buy part of our dream for our 25th wedding anniversary, which was to be to travel across the country, to see things we’ve never seen before. Then, it would have cost $75.00 to fill up the RV fast forward to this past August when we had planned to take our dream trip would have cost us $192.00 to fill up that same tank! Yet, Biden you tell me there’s no inflation. Needless to say, the RV sat in storage all summer and instead of traveling cross country for our 25th wedding anniversary, we had lunch at Subway. Thank you Biden for that lack of inflation!

Today, I took the following small grocery list for my husband and I to Safeway:

  • 1lb coffee
  • 1 bag pretzels
  • 3 boxes of hot chocolate
  • 2 gallons of milk
  • 2 coffee creamer
  • 3 pkgs English muffins
  • 2 pkgs chicken thighs & legs (equaled 4 meals)
  • 1 pkg hamburger (equaled 2 meals)
  • Bananas

That was it, that was the big whopping list. Here’s the grand total: $72.83 (and we do not have sales tax!) 6 months to a year ago, that same $72 would have bought us at least a weeks worth of groceries! Yet, Biden you tell me there’s no inflation! 

When I got into the car and let it all sink in, you know the lack of inflation, I broke down into tears, in fact, I cried all the way home. But I really wasn’t crying for myself, I was crying for ALL Americans such as myself, but especially for those with families and I asked God “Dear God, how are the American people going to survive this? Because this is just the beginning (of no inflation)!” It was heartbreaking wondering how those with children were going to continue to put food on their tables, pay for their rent or mortgages, pay their car payments, car insurance, health insurance, put gas in their cars in order to get to work and God knows what else they have to pay for!

On top of being insulted, threatened, verbally and physically abused, if not killed by those that run this country or support those that do, the American people’s wallets look like they’re being ravaged by a vampire that’s not had a drop of blood in a 100 years! On top of that the American people are being expected to flip the bill for all the green climate insanity in that so-called IRA, pay for abortions they disagree with, and let’s not forget about who is paying for every single illegal immigrant that continues to flood over our Southern border with impunity. Who’s paying for their medical care, education, housing, food, phones, clothing, even travel expenses? It’s sure as hell isn’t the government, and God forbid, it’s sure not the elite rich in this country, we saw how that went in Martha’s Vineyard!

In case you didn’t know, all of those above mentioned expenses, add to your inflation that, yes, Biden tells us doesn’t exist!

The everyday American such as myself are being forced into living a life that is going to demand that we get use to having less and paying more for it while at the same time standing by and watching the politicians and the rich elite get richer and those flooding our borders are allowed to drain us of what resources we do have to sustain our own lives and help other Americans in need. It won’t be long before many of our own fellow Americans will be the ones standing in food lines begging for food and even sleeping on the already homeless filled streets.

If that’s the kind of America you want to live in, the perfect model of a “third world country” then vote Democrat. But if it’s not the kind of America you want, then take a stand and say “Hell no! Enough is enough!”

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke.






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