The Fate of the Nation is Our Hands

In just two short weeks, the literal fate of this once great nation is in my hands, your hands, ALL of our hands. Scoff all you want that your vote doesn’t count, that is exactly what they want you to believe. Hell, Biden has already planted the seeds that if there’s a big red wave then the election wasn’t free and fair. In fact right after my last article where I predicted that if we took both the House and Senate back, they would blame everything bad that continues on the Republicans. Well, they’re already saying it and we haven’t even voted yet!

One thing you must remember, no matter what side of the aisle you might be on, they ARE lying to you! The government and every MSM outlet out there are lying to you. About EVERYTHING! One of the biggest and continuing lie is about energy and the gas prices. ALL lies. Putin is NOT the cause and the oil companies are NOT the cause, Biden and Biden alone from day one when he shut down pipelines, added more restrictive regulations for permits, shut down fracking, and coal mines caused it all! Taking us from energy independent to groveling at the feet of OPEC and the Saudi Prince. Do you blame them for basically telling Biden to go pound sand? I don’t. The US has under it’s feet more natural resources than OPEC, Saudi, Russia, and Venezuela combined.

And don’t believe them when they tell you they opened up our national oil reserves to help us, do you know that they sold a million barrels of that oil to China?! Check out these links if you don’t believe me:

Biden Sells Oil to China

Biden Sells Oil Reserves to China

Biden Sells 1 Million Barrels Oil to China

It’s time to stop buying into the bull crap that this government and their media lapdogs are feeding you. They don’t give a damn about you, no matter how you vote, if you vote for them you are just a pawn and a bigger joke to them than those of us who will NEVER vote for this destruction of America! In fact, those that go with the party line are laughed at behind closed doors, but those who stand up and say “No!” to them, well that’s a different story. They are terrified of us. Why do you think all these ridiculous FBI raids are going on all over the country? Why do you think that nothing came of the Durham investigation? Why do you think they house hundreds of innocent people in a D.C. jail and in an undisclosed jail somewhere in Virginia? Because they want to scare those who refuse to bend to their will, they want to bring us to our knees to submit to them. But, any of us with an ounce of brains and a little courage simply cannot allow this type of tyranny to continue in this country!

Why do you think none of the media except for Glenn Beck and Tucker Carlson have covered the protests raging all over the world right now? They don’t want us to see the truth that there are others just like us who are tired of being under the oppressive thumbs of progressive governments! It’s not just the big bad boogeyman known as the “MAGA Republicans” that’s screaming out for justice, no, it’s millions of people in France, England, Brussels, Germany, Denmark, and more that are taking to the streets, it’s not just us. But they want you to believe that though.

Just two weeks away, that’s all, two short weeks and you, we all have one last chance to start to turn things around. The question for all of us, no matter who we are, do we want to experience more of the same? Do you want to see this continue?

I only know my area but here are just a few comparisons from my state of Oregon:

  • Gas per gal in 2020 $1.87 – Today – $5.79
  • Gal of milk in 2020 $2.29 – Today – $3.69
  • 2lb tub marg in 2020 $1.99 Today – $4.99 to $9.99
  • 18 count eggs in 2020 $2.19 Today – $3.89
  • Store brand bread in 2020 $1.19 Today – $2.29
  • 3lbs hamb in 2020 $8.99 Today – $16.97
  • 1 lg  bag Lays in 2020 $3.69 Today – $6.49
  • 16 slices cheese in 2020 $2.19 Today – $4.49
  • Lg container ice cream in 2020 $2.50 Today – $5.69
  • Box of corn dogs in 2020 $6.99 Today – $14.99
  • Canned fruit in 2020 $.89 to $1.29 Today – $2.49 to $2.89
  • 1 can dog food in 2020 $1.00 on average Today – $2.89 on average
  • 1 lb bacon in 2020 $4.99 Today – $12.99
  • 5 lbs chicken in 2020 $6.45 Today – $12.90
  • 4 pk med size NY Steak in 2020 $12.00 Today $27.00
  • 4 pk med size petite sirloin steaks in 2020 $10.00 Today $30.00
  • Book of stamps in 2020 $8.00 Today $11.60

I’m sure in some areas it’s worse than here and in some areas not as bad. But the point is, it’s NOT the conservatives that have caused this and when it gets worse, don’t let them convince you that it’s the conservatives fault. This is their crime on this country and no one else!

There is something very important that you must understand when you vote in two weeks, even if there’s a huge red tidal wave and the Dems lose the House and the Senate, don’t expect miracles! No matter what the Republicans try to do, will be immediately shot down by Biden. They might get some great legislation passed in both the House and Senate but it’s final trip goes to the desk of the senile old man in the Oval Office. That’s as far as it will go, while he’ll be screaming at the TV screen telling all of us it’s all the Republicans fault because they’re not doing their jobs! Everything the conservatives do and send to him will be returned vetoed! So remember that when they try to tell you it’s all the Republicans fault.

However, there is some hope, there is a strong group of voices already in office that has plans to impeach Biden, and then Harris. It’s a long shot, but there are some loud voices that have the plans to try and see it through. There are some who are really calling for that on the Internet but they are also  calling to have the House vote Trump in as Speaker of the House so that if they impeached those two, Trump would step in as president. However, I disagree with that because what good would that do? He’d only have a short two years in office and what good would that do? That’s nonsense and we shouldn’t even consider it, it would cause more problems than problems being solved. I support Trump, but he would need more than just two years.

Something I think that’s really important to understand when you vote, more than likely you’ll have a number of measures to vote on, on top of politicians. I know, from experience how they word the for and against each measure can be extremely confusing and misleading. For example here in Oregon, we have a very dangerous measure – Measure 114 up for vote about guns, if you read the argument in favor it can be very misleading, sounds innocent, but it’s not, it not only would require everyone to have permits for owning guns, it would require the police to compile a list of all gun owners and then hand that list over to the FBI! It also puts restrictions on the size of magazine you can own. A lot of people will be fooled by this bill, so, what I’ve discovered is look down at the bottom of each measure and see who endorses your measures. When I saw that the Sheriff’s of Oregon were against Measure 114, I knew immediately something was wrong and I went to see who endorsed Measure 114 the two that really caught my eye were Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. Oh hell no I said to myself. Anything endorsed by either one of these radical groups cannot be trusted. So, my advice to you, always look at who has endorsed a measure in your state! (I would never have voted yes on Measure 114 anyway, I’m a gun owner and I know it’s just one step away from a gun grab here in Oregon, just used it as an example).

If you want some of the madness to go away, you really need to consider to vote conservative all the way down the ballot. I wouldn’t even trust those running as Independent right now, that’s often a ruse by the Democrat party, run one of their own as a moderate Independent and then once in, they vote ALL progressive. There is a good reason why Dem. Tulsi Gabbard publicly turned her back on the Democrat party, she even knows that this party is evil and has just gone too far. If she can change her tune and heart then there is no reason why we the people can’t do the same thing. These people need to realize that American people as a whole, no matter what our beliefs, stand together in unity against tyranny and what they are doing to this country and it’s people, is tyranny in it’s truest form! You have just two weeks to make up your mind and stand up and say “No more!”








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