Last Chance to Stop the Madness

Just three days away from either remaining a Democratic Republic with some hope or a mock “democracy” with no hope, which is what the Dems want and what we’ve been living for the past two years. The Democrats know that we are not a pure democracy and never have been. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are what set us apart from other so-called democracies. This is why they keep parroting the same thing over and over again “If Republicans win, democracy will be dead.” And yes, their definition of a democracy will be dead to an extent. Their form of democracy is “mob rule” and we’ve witnessed that over and over again with BLM, ANTIFA, woke mob, and cancel culture. Their form of democracy is one that says the Constitution is just an old outdated piece of paper that needs to either be re-written or gotten rid of altogether.

Pure democracies of the passed have generally all fallen apart and into chaos and eventually turning into tyrannical governments. The reason why the United States was and is still sometimes considered the “great experiment” is because there’s never been this form of government ever in the world in all of history. This is the only form of government that stresses the government is of the people, by the people, and for the people. But that is not the kind of government that the Dems want, not even close.

If you haven’t taken advantage of early voting yet and you’re waiting for day of voting then let me remind you of what they’ve done to you and your family over the past two years:

  • They shut down your schools
  • They shut down your churches
  • They forced you and your children to wear masks that didn’t work
  • They threatened many of job loss if they didn’t get a jab that doesn’t keep you from getting COVID or keep you from spreading it
  • Shutting down small businesses many of which have never returned
  • They wouldn’t let you see dying loved ones in the hospital and many had to die alone
  • They wouldn’t let you have weddings or funerals
  • They shamed you or canceled you if you refused to be masked or jabbed
  • Caused gas, housing, and food prices to skyrocket and created the worst inflation in over 40 years
  • Sent billions of dollars and continues to do so to Ukraine without even knowing where your taxpayer money is going
  • Has allowed over 5 million illegals to enter the country in just under two years and receive free food, medical, education, and housing on your taxpayer bucks
  • Has allowed nearly one million got aways in less than two years and no one knows where they are in the country
  • Labeled parents as “domestic terrorists” just because they protested against their children being indoctrinated and exposed to transgender sexuality in school
  • Lied to you about Afghanistan on all levels
  • Homes raided by FBI for just questioning an election
  • Banned and shadow-banned on social media
  • Arresting pro-life peaceful protesters
  • Putting the country on the verge of WWIII
  • Taking us from energy independence and #1 exporters of fossil fuels to begging other countries to produce more oil
  • Defunded your police departments
  • Non-stop attack on your 2nd Amendment rights
  • Allowing the non-stop  flow of fentanyl into the country and causing 107,000+ overdose deaths in 2021 and nearly a 100,000 deaths so far in 2022
  • Allowing human trafficking (most of which are children) to escalate see stats here

Are you tired of those who have done all of this and more against the people of this country? Are you sick and tired of those who are guilty of crimes, getting away with these crimes without ever being held accountable? Then for crying out loud why would you ever consider voting “blue”? Unless you are a masochist or hate freedom and hate this country continuing to vote “blue” should seem to be an insane thing to do.

You also need to understand that should there be a huge “red wave” on Tuesday, there will be well planned out rioting all over the country in key cities such as Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, LA, NYC, Chicago, and a variety of other Democrat run large cities. I guarantee you, they’ve already been planning them on Facebook and Twitter, of course in “code” but they’re doing it. I guarantee you that these riots, just like the ones in 2020 will all be backed by Soros backed organizations and they will have all the supplies they need ready and waiting for them. Also, if this happens be prepared for the media and government to blame it all on Republicans and conservatives.

Also be prepared for Biden rejecting ALL things coming across his desk by the GOP will be rejected and then he’ll turn around blame the failure of anything getting done all on the GOP.  But you can help change that and how can you do that? Well, as soon as conservatives take over, you MUST contact the Congress & Senate and your individual Senators and Congressmen and demand that they do two major things in the next two years and those are:

  1. Demand that they stop the spending, tell them to force Congress to put a strict limit on spending
  2. Impeachments and yes, multiple impeachments of Biden, Harris, Garland and Mayorkas would be a great start

These things should be their main focus for the next two years because everything else will fail and that will not bode well for the GOP. Tell them we DO NOT want endless hearings that end up going nowhere, we are sick and tired of hearing after hearing after hearing, all ending up accomplishing jack. Enough! And this new crop of politicians vying for office must be made aware of this and if that means hounding them endlessly with emails and phone calls, then so be it. We should have a little more confidence in this new group than others who have come into office, but they still need to be reminded why they are there and who put them there!

Finally, if you are just about to vote, ask yourself this one question before marking off any box on your ballot: “Am I better off now than I was just two years ago?” Be honest with yourself, then cast your vote!

Like I said in a previous post if you want FREEDOM, vote RED, if you want SLAVERY then vote BLUE!



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