I Told You So

I’ve been telling people since day one, that the “vaccine” and especially the boosters were harmful and that we shouldn’t be taking them. Many doctors that they’ve managed to silence for nearly two years have also been warning against this deadly jab, but here we are nearly 70% of the world has been given this deadly jab.

After all the propaganda on it for people to get this thing, it looks like people like those connected with the WHO, UN, and WEF are starting to get their wish of depopulating the earth. Since the COVID didn’t kill as many people as they probably had hoped, they can now rest assured that at least now, the jab, is doing it’s job, and that ain’t to save your life baby, no, it’s to take your life, at least that’s what they keep their fingers crossed for.

Sane experts are now saying that the deaths that they suspect have been recorded as being most likely caused by the jab is more than likely 100 times less than the actual deaths on record which means in 2021 alone approximately 1.4 million Americans, just Americans have died from the jab and/or the boosters! Yet I, like many others were kicked off social media platforms for warning the public that the jab was not safe and the people behind it could not be trusted! In fact, I was banned for life on Facistbook. (No big loss to me)

Watch the video below, to see just how right I and so many others were and stood up against this evil and diabolical scheme to destroy as many people as possible.

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