Letter to the American Church – Chapter 9

Chapter 9

The Idol of Evangelism

The second error of which we in the American Church have become guilty-and of which many in the German Church were guilty in the 1930s-may be called “the idol of evangelism.” In the same way that Luther’s zeal for our justification by faith was used to crowd out other essential biblical ideas-and therefore led to theological errors, which may lead to historical tragedy-so can the vital concept of evangelism be gravely misunderstood.

If we elevate any good idea too far, we distort that idea and everything along with it. So just as one might say that “faith” is everything-and thereby forget that “faith” must be lived out might say that the most important thing in the world is that someone come to salvation. After all, if the infinity of eternity is at stake, nothing can even begin to compare with that level of gravity. and so we go about calculating how to do this one thing and this alone. Not only is this the most important thing imaginable, but we encourage ourselves further with the idea that when someone comes to faith, their behavior and their views on every subject will eventually come into line with God’s will. They will instantly come to hold a biblical view of sexuality and of the infinite value of all life, and anything else that is biblical. It’s inevitable.

Of course, it’s not quite that simple. God expects us, and often calls us, to do many things at once. Discipleship is not evangelism, but if we think that without attending to the serious work of discipleship, we can ever be anything like what God intends for His Church, we are mistaken. Nor does the Bible present us with a picture of God’s people doing nothing but leading others to salvation. Sometimes God enjoins His people to build walls or to fight battles. Sometimes He has us say difficult things to people who do not receive those difficult things, but who instead walk away forever. Nonetheless there are some who have this fixed idea that evangelism is the most important and really the only thing worth doing. After all, what’s the point in doing anything at all if one more soul ends up in Hell for eternity?

But if we are to take the Bible as a whole, we see that this view is a capacious misunderstanding of what God expects of us-and as with any such misunderstandings, it leads to grave errors and problems, and often to tragedy.

For one thing, it may well cause us never to say anything that might offend someone, because we fear that that offense-on some infinitely less important issue than eternal salvation-might drive that person from assenting to the only thing that matters, which is a “saving faith in Jesus Christ.” But if we adopt this myopic and unbiblical view, we will essentially be paralyzed, unable to do any of the many other things to which God calls us. As we have earleir touched on reducing “faith” and “belief” to some thin intellectual assent that misses the heart of what it means to love God with our whole being, we have here similarly reduced the “Gospel” to convincing someone to assent to God’s simple plan of salvation. If we are able to get that person to pray a certain prayer, we have done all that is needed and may move on. We can dispense with fighting for justice, or against slavery, or with trying to see that our government enacts the will of the people. We relegate such things to some worldly list of what you can do if you didn’t get the memo that the only thing that matters is bringing others to personal salvation. Won’t all of that other stuff burn anyway? Why waste our time with any of it?

Of course, as extraordinarily vital as evangelism, is, God calls us to more. And in doing those other things, we can rest assured He is using whatever He has asked us to do for His eternal and evangelistic purposes. The only caveat is that it will not be so immediately evident to us, and may never be.

God calls us sometimes, for example, “to speak truth to power,” and gives us a memorable picture of John the Baptist doing that with Herod as well as the astonishing picture of Jesus doing that with the religious leaders of His time. But if John the Baptist and Jesus only cared about the salvation of those to whom they were speaking, could they have said much of what they said? Obviously, God’s calculus is not quite what ours is. But do we dare to think that we care more about souls than God?

For example, Jesus called the Pharisees “white-washed tombs” and said they were “of their father, the devil,” John quotes Him as saying:

“You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies. But because I tell the truth, you do not believe me. Which one of you convicts me of sin? If I tell the truth, why do you not believe me? Whoever is of God hears the words of God. The reason why you do not hear them is that you are not of God.” (John 8:44-47)

Jesus actually tells them that the devil is their father. Can we imagine anything more aggressive and awful to say? Did Jesus not realize that anything He said that might be so extremely insulting could push them away from finding true faith?

But obviously Jesus-who was perfect and sinless-knew more than a little about what He was doing, and in making these harsh pronouncements showed us another side of things. He was engaged in “truth-telling.” In its own way, this is part of what will indeed eventually bring some people to salvation.

We also remember that Jesus turned over the tables of the moneychangers in the Temple and braided a whip of cords to drive the animals out while shouting. To many in the Church today this is the very definition of “toxic masculinity”-and perhaps just as Luther wished James’s epistle had been lost to history, many Christians today secretly wish this unfortunate episode had been kept out of the Gospels. But far from being a picture of “toxic masculinity,” this is a picture of perfect masculinity. It is a picture of God’s idea of masculinity. In this muscular action of some violence, we have God’s own picture of Himself: a holy God who acts in history, and who sometimes does shocking things out of His love for us.

Throughout the Old Testament God judges Israel and its people for their behavior, but can we doubt that He does it out of love for them? Through the mouths of the prophets, He essentially threatens them that if they don’t do X then Y will happen. And if they do X then Z will happily result. This is a picture of a father’s love, not of someone who is controlling or egotistical or “agenda-driven.” If we care so much about “leading people to Christ” that we are somehow holier than God Himself, to what God are we leading them?

Because of this hypertrophied view of evangelism, there are many today who refuse to comment on anything controversial or political if they think it might conceivably interfere with the possibility of leading someone to salvation. They forget that God gives them other duties, including loving our neighbors by sometimes speaking the truth. We become so desperate to show those listening to us that we are exactly like them-and that we do not judge them-that we forget these are not the only things worth being concerned with.

We hear over and over of pastors who have taken this tack with tragic results. The tats and skinny jeans and smoke machines and celebrities in the green room-and all of our professions of “nonjudgmentalism”-are not quite enough to bring people to Jesus. At some point we may be required to say something that causes people to stop nodding along, and might even cause them to walk away. When Jesus spoke of the necessity of us “eating His body” and “drinking His blood,” He knew that many would turn away, would say “enough” and go back to their lives without Him. But He said it anyway. We know it was not a miscalculation on His part. When we wore our bright bracelets that cavalierly asked “What would Jesus do?” we might have remembered that at a certain juncture, that is precisely what He did. And that people walked away when He did it.

But Jesus trusted His Heavenly Father with the eternal souls of those who could not bear His hard teaching. Do we? Recently we saw a celebrity pastor enjoy extraordinary moments in the media spotlight, but in those moments when it suddenly got real, so to speak, he was unable to be clear about God’s most basic views on things like sexual morality, for example. He could not bring himself to say that the Bible has had this view of men and women from the beginning and that Jesus said as much. He was not able to spend some of the good will and hip bona fides he had been accumulating, ostensibly for moments like this. This was the opportunity to spend that coin. But instead, the coin was buried safely.

Have we forgotten that God has given us these coins to spend for His purposes? Has that coin become an idol from which we cannot bear to part? Has it become so valuable to us that it is now controlling us?

Not long after the celebrity pastor’s TV appearance alluded to above, we wept to hear that he had fallen into sexual sin and had been living a double life. Our hearts break, because we know that the idol he had unwittingly been worshiping had exacted its tribute from him, and we pray for him.

At least as early as writing “The Church and the Jewish Question,” Bonhoeffer saw that those in the Church have a solemn obligation to speak up when they see grave injustices. Some years later, he famously wrote, “Only he who cries out for the Jews may sing Gregorian chants.” In other words, we shouldn’t imagine that God would have us worship Him and listen to sermons if we have neglected to do what we can to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

The idol of evangelism-which is of course really an idol of “false evangelism”-was a great part of what silenced the Church in Germany in the 1930s. We only want to preach the Gospel, many pastors said. So rather than potentially be thrown into prison for speaking the truth of God, they kept their mouths shut, hoping the Nazis would leave them in peace.

But did it ever occur to them that if God allowed them to go to prison or to a concentration camp for obeying Him, perhaps He had someone in one of those places to whom He was sending them? Bonhoeffer shared his faith with innumerable souls at Tegel Prison in Berlin, and then later on in the other places to which he was taken before his death.

Only weeks ago, while attending the National Religious Broadcasters convention, I was in a room with a prominent American pastor who openly shared how proud he was not to have said anything so controversial that he might in any way be “cancelled” or lose his opportunity to “preach the Gospel.” For him the price of silence on any number of issues was one he paid with joy if it gave him the opportunity to continue doing what he believed God had called him to do. But what if God had called him to say something that arose from what he believed, but that those who had the power to cancel or attack him didn’t like? What if he felt an obligation to speak out on any number of issues which the cultural elites had declared off limits? Why would acceding to such tyranny in a free nation be acceptable, and what gospel did he hope to preach if he was allowing himself to be muzzled in this way? Is it not possible that his witness for the Gospel actually would be strengthened if he dared to say what less timid pastors were afraid to say?

but he had such a theologically narrow view of what it meant to “preach the Gospel” that this had obviously never occurred to him. And as far as he was concerned, those being cancelled were only reaping the results of the imprudence of not keeping focused on their strict evangelistic duties. It never occurred to him that he was helping the enemies of freedom-and the Gospel-gain strength. It never occurred to him that by playing such a game, he was making it more difficult for people in a free society to speak the truth, and that this ability to speak truth freely and without fear is indeed a “Gospel issue.”

As we have said, many pastors in Bonhoeffer’s day were making a similar calculation, although we are able to see exactly how it played out in the end. Bonhoeffer read of one well-meaning American evangelist-Frank Buchman, who headed the Oxford Group-who wished to get a meeting with Hitler and his top lieutenants with the idea of leading them to faith. But Bonhoeffer knew there comes a point when such things are naive to the point of being destructive. We know that theoretically there is no length to which we shouldn’t go to bring a soul into the Kingdom, but a practical element must enter our thinking-and inevitably does, if we are honest. Unless God Himself speaks to us clearly, we are obliged to make such calculations.

When Bonhoeffer was doing all he could to speak out about what was happening and to wake up the Church to act, he was sometimes met with the abominable theology to which we are here referring. Some German pastors felt they must only be allowed to preach the Gospel and lead people to faith. All else was secondary. But at one point-as we have mentioned-Bonhoeffer summed things up quite clearly, “Only he who cries out for the Jews,” he said, “may sing Gregorian chants.” In other words, if you are unwilling to show the self-giving agape love of Christ by openly risking all you have for the sake of those who are suffering, who have no voice, you are no Christian at all, but a hypocrite and a fraud. God will reject your worship because the very thing that He required of you, you ignored.

Bonhoeffer was quite clear about Christians who “did business as usual.” If one did not have the guts to speak against the evils being committed against the German Jews under Hitler, one had abdicted the right to worship God. Many have heard the apocryphal story of Germans in church singing more loudly to drown out the cries of the Jews passing by in boxcars on a nearby railway line. We don’t know if the story is true, but we understand the gist of it. But for many years before Jews were being hauled via train lines to their deaths, most German Christians did nothing. Those were years in which they hoped nothing terrible would happen, but did nothing to prevent terrible things from happening. They sat on their hands. They had church services. Perhaps they prayed. Only Bonhoeffer and a handful of Christians did what God was calling all Christians to do.

But when he heard that Buchman was making great efforts to have a meeting with Hitler and later on with Himmler in the hopes of leading these men to faith, Bonhoeffer knew it was a fool’s errand. This was not because he didn’t care about the souls of the Nazi high command. Obviously, God sent His Son to die for everyone, and if there were any chance of leading these monsters to repentance and faith, Bonhoeffer would be thrilled to take it if possible. But he also saw that those who were singing this easy evangelistic song were ignorant of the realities at hand. He was not. He knew that the time for action was at hand, that human beings were dying and suffering, and that whatever anyone did had better be what God was calling them to do. It had better not be some zealous religious fool’s errand, because innumerable lives were at stake.

This is no less true for us today. If we do not speak out at the injustices we see all around us, to what thin-lipped gospel do we think we are leading anyone? If we believe our own governments is looking the other way at certain injustices while boldly making a show of being heroically concerned with others, are we not obliged to point this out?

Our responsibilities as Christians go beyond mere “evangelism.” We pretend we would have spoken out for the Jews in Bonhoeffer’s day, or that we would have spoken against the slave trade in Wilberforce’s day, but are we speaking out today on the issues that are no less important to God in our time? If not, we are deceiving ourselves. But God is not deceived.

On what issues are we ourselves being silent, and for what reasons? The unborn are being murdered and their body parts sold for profit. Are we not to mention this for fear of driving someone away from God? Or do we ourselves not quite believe it or wish to believeit?

Very young children in schools are being fed pernicious ideas on the subject of sexuality-ideas with which their young minds are quite unable to cope, and to which their own parents object.

Older children are being so confused by sexual activists that they agree to have their bodies mutilated, so that they can never become the men and women God has created them to be.

Socialistic and communistic ideas are being pushed everywhere. These will end up harming the poor more than anyone, although those pushing these ideas boldly spread the lie that any who oppose these wicked ideas secretly hate the poor.

Are we really to keep silent about all of these things? Is it not possible that those whom we wish to evangelize are looking to us in the Church-who claim to have no fear but of God-to speak boldly on these things and fight for the truth as we see it while there is yet time? Is this not perhaps the very thing that will lead these souls to the God we worship, if we obviously so love Him that we are willing to live in this way?

No one cared more about evangelism than William Wilberforce. But he also cared about the Africans suffering in that abomination called the transatlantic slave trade, so he did everything he could to speak out for them and worked in every way possible to end the slave trade, and eventually succeeded. Shall we forget that innumerable people in his day told him that he mustn’t mix faith and politics? But he knew that if his faith did not compel him to work for those who were suffering, and for any number of issues beyond that, then his faith was worth nothing, and whatever he said about it would ring hollow in the ears of his hearers.

Perhaps you are worried about what the New York Times and other elite institutions have to say about you and other “evangelicals”? Do you worry that being portrayed negatively in the media might make it harder for you to share your faith with skeptics? That’s not an entirely wrong concern, but with every day that passes it becomes less important. If we allow our ideological enemies to tell us what we can and cannot say and what views we can and cannot have, we have taken our eyes off God. If we honor Him in all we say and do, He will honor us. He promises that in the Scriptures, and we can count on it. But now we must honestly ask ourselves: Do we believe it? Are we acting as though we believe it?













Favorite Color – Red or Blue?

It’s just 10 days away from one of the most historical midterms in a very long time. November 8th, like I’ve said before, the entire world will be watching to see what we, as Americans, are really made of. It’s the day that those looking on will see what our favorite color might be, RED or Blue

So, what will you choose as your favorite color RED or Blue? Also you might want to consider these two words: FREEDOM and SLAVERY. When you vote on November 8th will you be choosing FREEDOM or SLAVERY? Because this is exactly what this election all boils down to.

It really should be a no brainer how to vote this time around, but, if you still find yourself on the fence and if you want more of this…

  • Higher gas prices
  • Higher food prices
  • Higher housing costs
  • Continued brainwashing of the children
  • Rise in crime
  • Full term abortions
  • Mutilation of children through “gender affirming care”
  • Constant attacks on your 1st & 2nd Amendment rights
  • Persecution of parents
  • Persecution of pro-lifers
  • Higher taxes
  • Threat of WWIII
  • Continued monetary aid (over $80 BILLION now) to Ukraine and their war
  • Exposing children to drag queen strip shows
  • Cancel culture
  • Extreme “wokeism”
  • Wide open borders (5.5 million entries since Biden took over and 900,000 known getaways)
  • Non-stop lying
  • Men being allowed in women’s restrooms and locker rooms
  • Men being allowed to participate in women’s sports
  • Continual lie men can be women or men can have babies
  • Continuing to push a shot that does not keep you from getting or spreading COVID-19

So if you want all of this to continue and more, then go ahead and choose BLUE as your favorite color. But before you do, don’t forget what they did to ALL Americans, using COVID-19 as the excuse:

  1. Shut down schools and kept them shut down in many areas for almost two years
  2. Shut down churches
  3. Shut down small businesses with over 20% never returning
  4. Forced mask wearing (knowing full well they don’t work)
  5. Forced many to get a useless jab to keep their jobs or if no shot, loss of job
  6. Bombarded you with fearporn
  7. Shut down your free speech if you questioned the jab
  8. Shut down your free speech if you dared to even ask questions about the 2020 election
  9. 13 soldier killed and left 20,000 Americans and allies behind in Afghanistan
  10. Didn’t allow you to be with dying loved ones
  11. No funerals or weddings were allowed
  12. Forced your children to be masked as young as 18 months old
  13. Demanded you denounce your “whiteness” or “white privilege

Another thing you might want to consider is whether you want FREEDOM or SLAVERY. If you want the freedom to live your life without the government controlling every aspect of your life then your your favorite color should be RED and your favorite word should be FREEDOM. However, if you want the government to control everything in your life, then your favorite color is BLUE and your favorite word is SLAVERY, because that’s what you will become, a slave to this government and nothing more. 

So what’s it going to be RED FREEDOM or BLUE SLAVERY?


What the Hell?

I’ll tell you what the hell, all you supposed 81 million who voted for Biden basically signed your souls away to the devil, that’s what the hell! I’m tired of being nice about it, sick and tired of it and I’m calling each and every single one of you out that voted for this S.O.B. and yes, he’s an evil senile S.O.B.! And so is every single person in his sick and depraved administration.

Don’t like the gas prices? Sorry, you freakin’ voted for it.

Don’t like the price of food? Sorry, you freakin’ voted for it.

Don’t like what you’ve discovered what your children are being taught in school? Sorry, you freakin’ voted for it!

Every damn thing that is going wrong in this country, you can’t run from the guilt of it because YOU freakin’ voted for it and you won’t get one bit of sympathy from me! The demise of this country will fall solely upon YOUR shoulders because when you voted for this S.O.B. you became part of the problem and part of the evil that has taken over this country!

Stop believing that these people give a damn about you or your families, they don’t. Their culture and ideology is one of death and misery. Every single word that comes out of their mouths are lies and you have swallowed them hook, line, and sinker and if you don’t come to your senses, you all are going to have a lot of explaining to do when the day comes that you meet your Maker. You’re going to have a lot to answer for.

You voted in monsters that believe there’s no difference between men and women, believe that it’s perfectly fine for a man who thinks he’s a woman and still has all his “junk” has every right to compete with women in sports, and must be respected for their bravery of being who they really are. Are you serious? These are sick individuals, who need mental health help, but instead these demons that run our country make this normal and on top of that, they want to take your children and pervert them into sick individuals just like themselves, and they admit they’re coming for your kids, and what do most of you do? Just sit there and let it happen. Don’t you realize that your young children have no mental capacity to choose to be a different sex, one day they might think they’re a dog, and the next day they’re a space alien from Mars, or the day after that they might be pretending to be a mommy or a daddy, but this doesn’t mean that they should be encouraged to be what they were not born to be! It’s called child imagination. Hell, most of these kids that they try to give puberty blockers still believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny! So, do you think that if they still believe in Santa that they are capable of making life changing and life destroying decisions? If you do, what the hell is wrong with you?! But this government thinks so.

This is an administration that wants to destroy the innocence of your children and at the same time claim they love your children. Well, if they really loved your children then they wouldn’t so vehemently and violently support aborting your children up to birth and in California even a few days after birth! Abortion is murder you can explain it any way you want to help alleviate your guilt, but abortion is not medical care and it’s not reproductive care! It’s murder, plain and simple, you can’t run from that truth and if you believe in God, you damn well better begin repenting because, He’s going to demand you explain why you support this act of violence and He’s not going to accept any weak ass excuses either!

You think Biden gives a damn about the children? He proved that the day he ran with a story that had not even been investigated and used it as a political weapon against Roe vs Wade being overturned. Yes, the 10 year old who was raped and was supposedly forced to go to Indiana to get an abortion, because Ohio supposedly banned ALL abortions. It would have taken only 30 seconds for someone on his staff to simply look up the abortion laws in Ohio to see that was bullshit! But no one did and instead used the tragedy of this child as a weapon against pro-lifers and the Supreme Court! You can’t get more evil than that, and to think the Pope called Biden a good practicing Catholic! What crap! It didn’t take long for their BS story to fall apart thanks to an independent journalist by the name of Megan Fox! She found out not only was the no abortions in Ohio was a lie, but that the girl was victim of rape by an illegal alien (yes alien, not migrant! screw that), man no wonder the White House left that detail out. Not only that, it seems the mother is the girlfriend of this criminal and the authorities in Columbus returned this poor child to this family? Well, what do you expect when you’re living in a sanctuary city?! There’s no doubt, a lot more will come out about this case that will probably make your skin crawl. But hell, who cares about the child? Obvious even the mother doesn’t give a damn, and that’s an example of the kind of people being let into this country. But hey, it’s OK, we love your children. Like hell they do!

Screw the left for pushing their bullshit on those of us who believe in the laws of God and the Constitution. Listen up, I’m not a cis-female, I’m a freakin’ woman, you know, an adult female human! And my husband is not a cis-male, he’s an adult male human! That’s all there is, male and female. What your sexual preference is, is a different story, but if you prefer women and you’re a woman, you’re still a woman and a lesbian. If you’re a man and prefer men, you’re still a man and you’re gay. Period! And screw your freakin’ pronouns and no I don’t give a damn if I fail to call you by your “preferred pronouns” that’s your problem not mine! If I know you’re biologically a male, you’re he, him, his, and if you’re biologically a female, you’re she, her, hers, stop trying to deny science. Don’t call me a science denier, it’s the left that deny science because they live in a fantasy world! So take your damn “preferred pronouns” and shove them and not down my throat!

Stop buying into this bullshit. People, taking your kid to a gay bar with half naked drag queens shaking their junk in their faces is NOT normal. Taking your kids to “pride” parades with half naked men, yes men, flaunting their stuff, is NOT normal. Having “drag queen” story hour in schools and libraries, for God sake is NOT normal. it’s depraved, but to Satan it’s hell on earth and he couldn’t be happier that you’re falling for the lies. And if the people of this country keeps going in this direction, hell is going to be pretty damn full in the end.

Do you also truly believe that everything that has gone wrong in this country is all Putin’s fault and the war in Ukraine? Oh for crying out loud wake up people. The country starting going to shit the first day he took office when he shut down our ability to be energy independent, that was the very first day in office! How did Putin have anything to do with that? He didn’t, so stop buying into the bullshit that keeps oozing from this devil’s mouth! And speaking of energy and oil, someone explain why this traitor, because that’s what he is, is still in office after everyone now knows that he sold one million barrels of our strategic oil reserve to China through a Hunter Biden company?! First place that oil is supposed to be for our military defense, not to be sold off to other countries, let a lone an enemy, which China is, don’t think these communists are our friends! Military experts now say that our military will not have enough fuel should there ever be a need, you know, like a boots on the ground war for us. Yet, this man is still in office. That is literally an impeachable act, and no one gives a damn, yet they try to impeach our former president for an innocent phone call congratulating Zelenski on his victory. And isn’t it funny how it was not OK for Trump to even talk to this guy, yet Biden has now sent him nearly $60 billion, yes billions of taxpayers money to fund a war that has nothing to do with us. Oh but wait, it’s because we, the U.S., must protect the borders of Ukraine. Oh really? Why the hell don’t we protect our own borders and our own people? Because they don’t give a damn about this country or the true citizens. Did you realize on average there are 10,000 illegals crossing our border just in Texas alone every week, people, that’s 40,000 people a month! That’s no longer just families, no, it’s all kinds of  criminals, terrorists, you name it, they are all coming, but hey, we’ve got to protect Ukraine’s borders at all cost against invasion by the boogieman Putin, all the while our border is being invaded on a daily basis! But hey, you voted for it. Right?

We have a government, compliments of all of you, who voted for it, that thinks nothing of their leftist goons burning down cities, killing people and they get totally protected from this government while patriots who didn’t do a single act of violence still rot in prison in solitary  confinement. Hmmm, sounds like political prisoners to me, but wait, I thought stuff like that only happens in places like Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, you know communist countries! This is a country that now wants to rewrite or just tear up the U.S. Constitution and pack the courts so that they will always win, they want to restructure voting so that anyone can vote legal or illegal, so once again, they always win, hmmm, I thought those things only happened in places like, I don’t know, Venezuela, Cuba, China, Russia, you know, communist countries?

We now live in a country that condones Supreme Court justices having assassination plots against them, death threats on them and their families, harassed in public and more, no problem says the White House. We live in a country that no longer values life, don’t buy into their bullshit about wanting more gun controls for the safety of the people, lie, lie, lie, they just want to disarm you so that when you finally crack you won’t have the weapons to pick up and rise up and attack them. Only leaders who are tyrants and cowards want the people disarmed! We live in a country now that will fire you if you refuse to put some sort of drug in you that you don’t even know what’s  in the damn thing. But what about “my body, my choice”? Oh, that’s right, that only goes for killing babies. Really people, where’s the logic? You can’t choose to not get a jab, but feel free to have a baby ripped to pieces, all the while it’s trying to avoid the needle they’re trying to poke into his or her brain, and then sucked out of your body!

You know, I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here because there are so many infractions against God and our Constitution that it would take hours to continue this rant.

One thing I will end with is this; I’m sick and tired of the left and I will NOT be told what to do, say, or think by anyone, let a lone anyone with the dark, evil, and insane ideals of ALL on the left! You can take your wokeness, your racism, and your hatred and shove it up your literal asses!

And for you so-called 81 million who voted this S.O.B. into office, you deserve any and all the misery you get, but those of us who knew better sure as hell don’t deserve it!





“Patriotic Extremist” – The New Domestic Terrorist – YOU! (Pt. 1)

WARNING: This is another in depth article and will be broken down into parts so as not to lose your interest. This is more important information that needs to get out there to be shared.

What happened on January 6th, 2021, should never have happened true, and another truth is that it was a short and unruly riot that took place. However, the worst truth here is this: Beijing Biden’s administration, big tech, and the “state” run media have taken it to the limit by claiming it’s the worst thing since the Civil War and now are using it as an excuse to re-define “domestic terrorism”! It’s all about forgetting and/or ignoring the true terrorists such as ANTIFA and BLM and the way they ravaged cities all across the country destroying businesses and livelihoods and killing nearly 50 people in the process. They want all of us to forget about those terrorist acts because they want people to believe that there’s a much bigger threat out there, and that’s US, all of us, we are the “risk” they speak of. Those of us who had the audacity to search for the truth and even dare question those who have been working overtime to hide that truth. In fact, we are such a risk that they are freely coming out and saying that we need to be de-programmed and that they have new security plans to totally eliminate our First Amendment rights. (By saying “you” that refers to conservatives, Republicans, many religious, and of course Trump supporters.)

Jen Psaki herself admitted this: “The Surgeon General’s office is flagging what they deem as problematic posts and are working closely with Facebook…” The Surgeon General’s office?

The true dream of this administration is to transform our once free country into their dream authoritarian CCP style state run government. They have been salivating over this since the China virus hit our shores. “Never let a crisis go to waste” and boy is that ever true with these people.

Earlier Predictions Too Close for Comfort

Many months ago I wrote about what would happen to this country if Biden won. Well, here we are. And the authoritarian government that I predicted that would emerge, has. Right now, in fact, Biden has already set in motion what the government now deems to be the worst national security threat to this country. “domestic terrorism”.

This is what this bogus January 6th hearings are all about and not to my surprise at least, these same hearings are being led by the biggest liar in the world, Adam “Shifty” Schiff. They are doing this in order to convince people that they need to live in fear and that the only way they will be safe is if they allow the government to control everyone’s lives. It’s also to try and convince people that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, who leans “right” are domestic terrorists or at the least white supremacists. Look, I don’t know about you, but I don’t support the small group of rioters on January 6th. However, I do support those 1,000’s upon 1,000’s of peaceful protesters and supporters of Trump, especially those who have been arrested and to this very day have yet to have any charges filed against them, yet remain imprisoned! The violent fools however, are fools because what they did was hand the left all they needed for them to come after all of us. This has caused a power surge outside the purview of Congress and even further and further outside of the U.S. Constitution. Let’s take a closer look at what supports this:

  1. The Capitol Police, who answer to no one but Nancy Pelosi, are now setting up regional offices all over this country and they’ve already started with one in Florida and one in California. They claim they need the extra help to be able to investigate future threats to Congress. Hmmm, thought that was what the FBI regional offices were partially for, after all, the FBI already has 56 offices all across the country and that’s not enough?
  2. The Capitol Police have acquired a lot more helmets, shields, munitions, batons and much more recently. They are also now using military grade weapons and surveillance equipment and are being trained by military experts as we speak. Why? Has anyone seen any rioting in the streets from the “right” since January 6th? There are already some Capitol Police that are training along side the National Guard in Seattle. They are also asking for an increase of $107 million in funding while local police all over the country are being defunded. (I warned of this last summer that we were headed for “state” run police or “Stasi” style police and this was well before 1/6/21!) Truth is, the Capitol Police already have a super huge budget that’s coupled with a lack of accountability and that bit of information was brought to light by the liberal “rag” Washington Post!
  3. In June of this year, the DOD loaned the Capitol Police eight “Persistent Surveillance Systems Ground Medium Units” for at least one year. The army will install them and train the Capitol Police and authorized contractors to operate the systems. These units have high definition video with night vision to enhance the ability to detect and monitor threats. Hmmm – what threats? Funny thing is they haven’t said where or how these units are going to be used and who they will be using surveillance on. They also have not mentioned whether or not they will store and share this information.

Many may not think that this is a big deal, except when you take a look at the fact that this month a Federal judge on a Federal Appeals court in Baltimore ruled that the same type of aerial surveillance program they used was “unconstitutional”! The judge came to the conclusion that this type of surveillance violates our 4th Amendment against illegal search and seizure. Sadly for the American people, we will never know how the Capitol Police are going to use these units since they are totally exempt from the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act)! This gives Capitol Police a level of secrecy that no other law enforcement agencies have, including the FBI. (And they want field offices put all across the country?)

Here’s a direct quote from a Capitol Police press release: “Throughout the last six months, the U.S. Capitol Police has been working around the clock with our Congressional stakeholders to support our officers enhance security around the Capitol Complex, and pivot towards an intelligence based protective agency.”

Does this country really need or even want an intelligence agency working for Nancy Pelosi as well as Chuck Schumer? She is the only person these police have to answer to and Schumer is like her shadow. They have no one else to answer to.

Why do we need any of this? Well, here’s what the DOJ’s AG Garland had to say: “In the FBI’s view, the top violent extremist threat comes from racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists, specifically those who advocated for the superiority of the white race.” (When’s the last time that you’ve seen far, far, right wing white supremacists out there in the streets threatening Congress, burning down buildings, attacking Federal buildings, and more?)

Beijing Biden’s New National Council

Last month Beijing Biden set up a new National Council called “National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism”. If you missed his public announcement about it, you’re not at all a lone because the MSM skipped right over it. This council is a massive transformation of our National Security Policy.

To begin with, the White House makes a very bad case that white supremacy is the biggest violent national security threat that’s facing this country. Here’s something that came directly from their strategy report:

“Domestic terrorist attacks in the United States also have been committed frequently opposing our government institutions.” After that statement, they mention just four distinct events: “…in 1995 an anti-government violent extremist detonated a bomb at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma City killing 168 people, including 19 children and injuring 100’s of others. In 2016, an anti-authority violent extremist shot and killed five police officers in Dallas. In 2017 a lone gunman wounded four people at a Congressional baseball practice. And just months ago, on January 6th, 2021, Americans witnessed an unprecedented attack against a core institution of our democracy the U.S. Congress.”

Funny how they don’t mention all the political bombings of the late 70’s and early 80’s committed by the Weather Underground and Black Panthers, oh wait, those were far left groups. Which brings us to this, these four events don’t really seem to back up the word “frequently” they used here. The facts are this, the Dallas police were not shot and killed by white extremists. They were instead killed in 2016 by a BLM activist! And let’s not forget that the lone gunman at the baseball practice was also not a white extremist but instead was a Bernie Sanders supporter who also had worked on his presidential campaign.

What they are actually doing and plan to continue to do with their National Strategy council is to conflate actual terrorism here with true acts of terrorism like the ’95 bombing and even 9/11 with acts of hate crimes and small riots and with the January 6th riot, Riot not insurrection, no one was found in the possession of firearms or other weapons and no one tried to literally try to overthrow the government itself. But they would have you believe that this is exactly what it was. This quote is from the White House: “…domestic terrorism is both persistent and evolving…” Where? How? What this really means is what they say and only what they say constitutes domestic terrorism. This is why BLM and ANTIFA are never held accountable for their acts of terrorism!

Creating a New Atmosphere of Terrorism

They have created new atmosphere in which we are all forced to live under and that’s an atmosphere in which words are now considered violence, silence is violence, disagreeing with any and all of what the government does is violence, speaking what they deem is misinformation is violence and much more. This also means that ideas that don’t match theirs exactly can simply be thrown into the category of terrorism! Because of their new definition of terrorism, it appears as if the Beijing Biden administration has accomplished a tremendous feat; ending Islamic extremism and ISIS. This seems to be true since there is absolutely no mention of radical Islam, ISIS, or jihad in their new strategy document in combating terrorism.

You would think that these types of terrorism would be included but it’s not. This seems pretty odd too since just last month there were multiple accounts of Islamic threats here in the U.S. Three of which happened in Minnesota alone. Here are just three headlines:

  1. “Federal Grand Jury Returns Indictment Charging Pakistani Doctor With Attempting to Provide Material Support to ISIS.”
  2. “Minnesota Man Charged With Providing Material Support to ISIS.”
  3. “Minnesota Man of ‘Boogalo Bois’ Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Provide Material Support to Hamas.”

Here is yet another quote from this strategy report: “Among that wide range of animating ideologies, racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists principally assessed as presenting the most persistent and lethal threat.” (Again; where and who and why aren’t they talking about the ever present danger of radical Islamists?)

There’s no denying that there are white supremacists, but, not like they claim. They want people to believe they are everywhere, next door or even in the next bedroom. It’s funny how there’s also absolutely no mention of any “Black” national threat because there sure as hell has been plenty of that with all the damage and lives lost due to members of both BLM and ANTIFA. In fact, there were numerous agitators on January 6th that were Black and even had ties to BLM. Look at this headline: “Suspect in Capitol Attack Appears to Have Been a Follower of Louis Farrakkhan” That person would be the furthest thing from being a white supremacist, yet they want people to believe that only whites started the riot.

This report also doesn’t mention one word about the Black BLM activist that shot and killed a Capitol Police officer and then ran over another one with his vehicle. Not a word in their terrorism report. Also not one word at all about the 20 states that suffered attacks from BLM all last summer. Not one single word about them in this strategy report. Instead it says this: “We cannot and will not ignore those dynamics, such as racism and bigotry that perpetuate the domestic terrorism threat.”

New Training, Brainwashing & Spying

The government also has a new committee tied in with the National Strategy Countering Domestic Terrorism that teaches all about “Microinequity”. They stated this about these new terrorists: “…they claim that colorblindness – the attempt to treat people equally regardless of race is actually racist. If you say “I don’t see color.’ or ‘there is only one race, the human race’, or ‘America is a melting pot,’ you are committing a grievous racial ‘microinequity'” And they also said this: “This is a denial of individual racism which just further proves that certain employees and people are racist. There is no due process, only group based guilt.” This proves in full that this government has fully adopted the ideology of CRT, no more, no less.

The DOD also has new training for all military personnel which is basically CRT in all it’s “glory”. And there is a special group that actually monitors their social media to see if they are reading, posting, and/or liking anything the government deems extremist. In fact they encourage soldiers to keep track of their fellow soldiers. On top of this, they now are teaching them about a brand new type of extremism which they call “Patriotic Extremism”! Here is part of a memo that went out to all the military: “Patriotic extremism holds that the U.S. government has become corrupt, has overstepped its constitutional boundaries or is no longer capable of protecting the people against foreign threats”. Sadly, there is nothing untrue about that, the government is corrupt, they totally ignore the Constitution and they more than likely couldn’t protect us. But in reality, what this means is that being a patriot and believing in the Constitution makes you a patriotic extremist according to the world of Beijing Biden!

It was just discovered that this past April the Postal Service is now running what they call ICOP or Internet Covert Operations Program This is a program where the Post Office monitors America’s social media posts. They search through social media sites looking for what the government might deem as “inflammatory” postings and then they share this information with various different government agencies.

Part 2 of this piece will cover the National Strategy Countering Domestic Terrorism and their four strategic pillars. So stay tuned.


“Silence in the face of evil IS evil. Not to speak IS to speak, and not standing IS standing, and God will NOT hold us blameless!”