What the Hell?

I’ll tell you what the hell, all you supposed 81 million who voted for Biden basically signed your souls away to the devil, that’s what the hell! I’m tired of being nice about it, sick and tired of it and I’m calling each and every single one of you out that voted for this S.O.B. and yes, he’s an evil senile S.O.B.! And so is every single person in his sick and depraved administration.

Don’t like the gas prices? Sorry, you freakin’ voted for it.

Don’t like the price of food? Sorry, you freakin’ voted for it.

Don’t like what you’ve discovered what your children are being taught in school? Sorry, you freakin’ voted for it!

Every damn thing that is going wrong in this country, you can’t run from the guilt of it because YOU freakin’ voted for it and you won’t get one bit of sympathy from me! The demise of this country will fall solely upon YOUR shoulders because when you voted for this S.O.B. you became part of the problem and part of the evil that has taken over this country!

Stop believing that these people give a damn about you or your families, they don’t. Their culture and ideology is one of death and misery. Every single word that comes out of their mouths are lies and you have swallowed them hook, line, and sinker and if you don’t come to your senses, you all are going to have a lot of explaining to do when the day comes that you meet your Maker. You’re going to have a lot to answer for.

You voted in monsters that believe there’s no difference between men and women, believe that it’s perfectly fine for a man who thinks he’s a woman and still has all his “junk” has every right to compete with women in sports, and must be respected for their bravery of being who they really are. Are you serious? These are sick individuals, who need mental health help, but instead these demons that run our country make this normal and on top of that, they want to take your children and pervert them into sick individuals just like themselves, and they admit they’re coming for your kids, and what do most of you do? Just sit there and let it happen. Don’t you realize that your young children have no mental capacity to choose to be a different sex, one day they might think they’re a dog, and the next day they’re a space alien from Mars, or the day after that they might be pretending to be a mommy or a daddy, but this doesn’t mean that they should be encouraged to be what they were not born to be! It’s called child imagination. Hell, most of these kids that they try to give puberty blockers still believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny! So, do you think that if they still believe in Santa that they are capable of making life changing and life destroying decisions? If you do, what the hell is wrong with you?! But this government thinks so.

This is an administration that wants to destroy the innocence of your children and at the same time claim they love your children. Well, if they really loved your children then they wouldn’t so vehemently and violently support aborting your children up to birth and in California even a few days after birth! Abortion is murder you can explain it any way you want to help alleviate your guilt, but abortion is not medical care and it’s not reproductive care! It’s murder, plain and simple, you can’t run from that truth and if you believe in God, you damn well better begin repenting because, He’s going to demand you explain why you support this act of violence and He’s not going to accept any weak ass excuses either!

You think Biden gives a damn about the children? He proved that the day he ran with a story that had not even been investigated and used it as a political weapon against Roe vs Wade being overturned. Yes, the 10 year old who was raped and was supposedly forced to go to Indiana to get an abortion, because Ohio supposedly banned ALL abortions. It would have taken only 30 seconds for someone on his staff to simply look up the abortion laws in Ohio to see that was bullshit! But no one did and instead used the tragedy of this child as a weapon against pro-lifers and the Supreme Court! You can’t get more evil than that, and to think the Pope called Biden a good practicing Catholic! What crap! It didn’t take long for their BS story to fall apart thanks to an independent journalist by the name of Megan Fox! She found out not only was the no abortions in Ohio was a lie, but that the girl was victim of rape by an illegal alien (yes alien, not migrant! screw that), man no wonder the White House left that detail out. Not only that, it seems the mother is the girlfriend of this criminal and the authorities in Columbus returned this poor child to this family? Well, what do you expect when you’re living in a sanctuary city?! There’s no doubt, a lot more will come out about this case that will probably make your skin crawl. But hell, who cares about the child? Obvious even the mother doesn’t give a damn, and that’s an example of the kind of people being let into this country. But hey, it’s OK, we love your children. Like hell they do!

Screw the left for pushing their bullshit on those of us who believe in the laws of God and the Constitution. Listen up, I’m not a cis-female, I’m a freakin’ woman, you know, an adult female human! And my husband is not a cis-male, he’s an adult male human! That’s all there is, male and female. What your sexual preference is, is a different story, but if you prefer women and you’re a woman, you’re still a woman and a lesbian. If you’re a man and prefer men, you’re still a man and you’re gay. Period! And screw your freakin’ pronouns and no I don’t give a damn if I fail to call you by your “preferred pronouns” that’s your problem not mine! If I know you’re biologically a male, you’re he, him, his, and if you’re biologically a female, you’re she, her, hers, stop trying to deny science. Don’t call me a science denier, it’s the left that deny science because they live in a fantasy world! So take your damn “preferred pronouns” and shove them and not down my throat!

Stop buying into this bullshit. People, taking your kid to a gay bar with half naked drag queens shaking their junk in their faces is NOT normal. Taking your kids to “pride” parades with half naked men, yes men, flaunting their stuff, is NOT normal. Having “drag queen” story hour in schools and libraries, for God sake is NOT normal. it’s depraved, but to Satan it’s hell on earth and he couldn’t be happier that you’re falling for the lies. And if the people of this country keeps going in this direction, hell is going to be pretty damn full in the end.

Do you also truly believe that everything that has gone wrong in this country is all Putin’s fault and the war in Ukraine? Oh for crying out loud wake up people. The country starting going to shit the first day he took office when he shut down our ability to be energy independent, that was the very first day in office! How did Putin have anything to do with that? He didn’t, so stop buying into the bullshit that keeps oozing from this devil’s mouth! And speaking of energy and oil, someone explain why this traitor, because that’s what he is, is still in office after everyone now knows that he sold one million barrels of our strategic oil reserve to China through a Hunter Biden company?! First place that oil is supposed to be for our military defense, not to be sold off to other countries, let a lone an enemy, which China is, don’t think these communists are our friends! Military experts now say that our military will not have enough fuel should there ever be a need, you know, like a boots on the ground war for us. Yet, this man is still in office. That is literally an impeachable act, and no one gives a damn, yet they try to impeach our former president for an innocent phone call congratulating Zelenski on his victory. And isn’t it funny how it was not OK for Trump to even talk to this guy, yet Biden has now sent him nearly $60 billion, yes billions of taxpayers money to fund a war that has nothing to do with us. Oh but wait, it’s because we, the U.S., must protect the borders of Ukraine. Oh really? Why the hell don’t we protect our own borders and our own people? Because they don’t give a damn about this country or the true citizens. Did you realize on average there are 10,000 illegals crossing our border just in Texas alone every week, people, that’s 40,000 people a month! That’s no longer just families, no, it’s all kinds of  criminals, terrorists, you name it, they are all coming, but hey, we’ve got to protect Ukraine’s borders at all cost against invasion by the boogieman Putin, all the while our border is being invaded on a daily basis! But hey, you voted for it. Right?

We have a government, compliments of all of you, who voted for it, that thinks nothing of their leftist goons burning down cities, killing people and they get totally protected from this government while patriots who didn’t do a single act of violence still rot in prison in solitary  confinement. Hmmm, sounds like political prisoners to me, but wait, I thought stuff like that only happens in places like Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, you know communist countries! This is a country that now wants to rewrite or just tear up the U.S. Constitution and pack the courts so that they will always win, they want to restructure voting so that anyone can vote legal or illegal, so once again, they always win, hmmm, I thought those things only happened in places like, I don’t know, Venezuela, Cuba, China, Russia, you know, communist countries?

We now live in a country that condones Supreme Court justices having assassination plots against them, death threats on them and their families, harassed in public and more, no problem says the White House. We live in a country that no longer values life, don’t buy into their bullshit about wanting more gun controls for the safety of the people, lie, lie, lie, they just want to disarm you so that when you finally crack you won’t have the weapons to pick up and rise up and attack them. Only leaders who are tyrants and cowards want the people disarmed! We live in a country now that will fire you if you refuse to put some sort of drug in you that you don’t even know what’s  in the damn thing. But what about “my body, my choice”? Oh, that’s right, that only goes for killing babies. Really people, where’s the logic? You can’t choose to not get a jab, but feel free to have a baby ripped to pieces, all the while it’s trying to avoid the needle they’re trying to poke into his or her brain, and then sucked out of your body!

You know, I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here because there are so many infractions against God and our Constitution that it would take hours to continue this rant.

One thing I will end with is this; I’m sick and tired of the left and I will NOT be told what to do, say, or think by anyone, let a lone anyone with the dark, evil, and insane ideals of ALL on the left! You can take your wokeness, your racism, and your hatred and shove it up your literal asses!

And for you so-called 81 million who voted this S.O.B. into office, you deserve any and all the misery you get, but those of us who knew better sure as hell don’t deserve it!





It’s Never Enough

Whatever happened to the days when those who had ideals that most of us thought were abnormal left us alone and we left them alone? What happened to the days when we could say “Hey, it’s not my place to judge, you do what you want and I’ll do what I want, just don’t push your ideals on me and I’ll not push mine on you.”? Well, obviously those days are long gone. And why’s that? Quite simply, the left are never satisfied, and they never will be satisfied, even if they were to get all of us to bend a knee to them, they still wouldn’t be satisfied. It’s that old saying “Give ’em an inch and they’ll take a mile.” They will never be satisfied until the entire world and every soul in it is totally corrupt and most importantly, miserable.  I’d be more than happy to go back to the days where we all agreed “You do your thing, I’ll do mine and we’ll be just fine.” But those days are long gone and will probably never return.

The left has gone so far off the charts that everything that we once held dear and believed to be true are now being buried by all the abnormal wokeness that comes from a smaller group than they’d like to admit, but their strength lies in the fact that they are louder and far more determined to reach their goals than we are. After all, most of America just wants to live their lives and want to be left alone while doing so. But that’s not good enough for the deranged left, and deranged they are indeed.

The blueprint that they are following to bring this country to it’s knees is the China model, right down to the smallest detail, they’ll deny it, but it’s no different. Degrading what’s beautiful and promoting what’s ugly, putting people into tribal groups according to skin color, gender, social media status and so on. With China they divided people into black and red groups. If you found yourself in the black meant that you were socially unacceptable to the government, however, if you were put in the red meant that you agreed with the government, or at least you took the knee to survive. This was their cultural revolution that led them to killing over a 100 million of their own people and ending up where they are today. Here they are using race and gender as their tribal groups, if you don’t deny your whiteness, apologize for your white privilege, refuse to accept that transgenderism is normal and everything else that goes with that insanity, then you are in the wrong group and will suffer for it. But, if you take the knee and agree 100% with their abnormal beliefs, then you’ll be put in the acceptable group, until you step out of line.

They want the rest of us to not just accept their corrupt and immoral ideals as the truth and nothing but the truth, but they want us to participate in all of it. First off, nothing that they are pushing on us is normal, NONE of it!

It is not normal and is immoral:

  • To teach children to hate themselves if they are white because being white means they are genetically evil and those who aren’t white are taught that their once white friends are the oppressor and they are the oppressed.  That’s not normal instead it’s evil and immoral.
  • To say young children are sexual beings as they claim, the truth is they cannot and do not have the cognitive ability to claim they want to change their sex before they even hit puberty. Only .07% people are truly born with gender dysphoria, not 20% as they are trying to claim to be the truth! Our children are being brainwashed, it has nothing to do with any gender conflicts. What they are doing is again evil and immoral.
  • It’s a woman’s God given right to murder their own child even up to birth. No, abortion is not a right. No abortion is not healthcare, it’s infanticide, not healthcare. Plain and simple, it’s murder and there’s no getting around it. For the left, it’s just another way to control the population of those individuals they believe shouldn’t have children such as the poor, Blacks, Hispanics,  and the mentally handicapped are on that list as well. All you have to do is read the founding documents of Planned Parenthood by Margaret Sanger to know that truth. Abortion is evil incarnate.

It’s not normal:

  • To teach your military recruits to recognize their whiteness by following the guidelines of CRT. Or by teaching them about proper pronoun use so that they don’t insult others by not using their preferred pronouns and how to make sure there are ‘safe spaces” for those who might feel hurt or offended. The truth is this, all you should know in the military is whether or not the person next to you in a fox hole or in a fire fight has got your back, the last thing you should be worried about is if you called them by their damn proper pronoun!
  • It’s also not normal that a military would weed out true patriots with perfect military records and keep what once would have been rejects from the military because the patriots refuse to take a knee to the woke.
  • It’s not normal to say you can’t define the word woman, when at it’s simplest level, anyone should be able to and the word means: “Adult female human.” Yet, the left refuses to recognize that simple truth.
  • To say a man can be a woman, can have a period, and bare children. No, no, no! Can’t happen and no matter what cosmetic manipulations and drug therapy one might go through, a man still CANNOT be a woman, they don’t have a uterus and NEVER will!
  • It’s not normal for men relating as women to compete in women’s sports. They might feel like a woman mentally, physically nothing has changed and the real women can never compete. It’s called biology, but the left would have you believe that biology no longer exists. How is that normal? Why not just start their own damn leagues? Why, because as always the left will never be satisfied and giving them their own league doesn’t quite cut the immorality factor they seem to all crave so much.
  • “Drag Queen Story Hour” is NOT normal. Kids shouldn’t be having stories told to them by people who only want to transform your innocent children into what they are, and they admit they are coming after the children and they aren’t ashamed to admit it!
  • It is NOT normal to take innocent children to an “alphabet soup” bar and forcing them to watch degrading and disgusting sexual behavior on stage in front of kids that probably still believe in Santa! There was a day that if you did that, Child Services would be taking those kids away from their parents. Tell me, would you take your kids to a strip bar and let them see naked boobs? How long do you think it would take for Child Services to come get your kids for doing that? But it’s perfectly fine to take them to a bar where twerking and other suggestive acts are being performed live?! Not normal, evil and immoral, yes!
  • It’s not normal that what was once the world’s family go to, Disney, would rejoice in their overt efforts to brainwash children into believing that transgenderism and other “alphabet soup” ideals are perfectly normal. After all, who better than Disney to make the abnormal seem normal? Evil and immoral.
  • It’s not normal to take kids and even make kids participate in “Pride parades”, especially when they’re exposed to flopping genitals, and naked and scared chests of what was once a woman. Yet they want your children exposed to this ugliness and call it normal at the same time.

Those are just a short list of all the demands that the left has put on what was once a moral and just society that believed we all had the right to live free as long as we let everyone else do the same. But those days are long gone and they are not going to stop, especially since our very own government is right on board with them, forcing people to do things or allow things to happen that they’ve always known were wrong. Those who still believe that this country was founded on Judeo/Christian beliefs are now the enemy, anyone who believes that we have God given rights that should never be infringed upon by anyone, are now the enemy. Those who still argue that a man is a man and a woman is a woman arguing it’s simple biology and who are following the true science, are now the enemy. Those who still believe their children are theirs and not the governments or teachers children, are now the enemy.  Those who still believe that ALL life is sacred, are now the enemy. And finally those who still believe in the one true God, are now public enemy #1!

How long do you think it will be before the blueprint the left are following becomes the full blown China model? Throwing their enemies into reeducation camps, political prisons, even death camps? Wait a minute, are they not already on that path if you consider those Jan. 6th people still in prison with no bail and no charges?

Reject the wokeism and wake up America and become awake to the fact that America is slipping quickly through our fingers and once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

Like President Reagan once said:

“Any country that has lost it’s freedom has never regained it.”

“Let’s hope that we are not the generation that tells our grandchildren ‘I remember when America was free.'”



Come November – Stop the Madness

This is for all of you out there, are you sick of the crap yet? Are you tired of the lies yet? Are you tired of the gas and food prices that seem to have no brakes on them to stop them from rising off into the depths of space yet? Are you tired of the fearmongering yet? Are you tired of the two tiered justice system yet?  Are you tired of having a senile jackass making a fool of himself all over the world yet? If not, why the hell not?!

And for those of you who truly believe in the Judeo-Christian foundation of this country and are true patriots, are you tired of being called a bigot just because you don’t agree with what the left says and does yet? Are you tired of being called a white supremacist yet? Are you tired of being called a domestic terrorist yet? Are you tired of the left trying to corrupt your children yet? If not, then why the hell not?!

Anyone who truly loves this country and their family and friends, it doesn’t matter liberal or conservative, should be absolutely fed up with what we’ve been put through since Biden took office! And if you think it’s going to end any time soon, you’ve got another thing coming. This corrupt and evil administration is going to inflict as much pain as they can on everyone but themselves before this November, we won’t know what hit us!

Do you want to continue to live under a sick and demented government that has done everything they can so far to tear down America to it’s very foundation and to make us the laughing stock of the entire world? Do want to continue to allow these cretons to continue to attack our Bill of Rights, especially our 1st and 2nd Amendments? Do you want to continue to deny the fact that they hate our children and only want to groom them in their own image? They want to take your children and make them hate this country, hate themselves, hate others different from them, hate their parents, find nothing wrong with sexual immorality, believe men can be women and women, men, or better yet that men can even have babies. Is this what you want?

We now live in a country that everything is the opposite of what we all deep inside know as the truth. Beauty is ugly, ugly is beautiful, men can be women, women can be men, there is no such thing as gender, racism is anti-racism, a patriot is a terrorist, pronouns are more important than the person themselves, burning down the country is patriotism, protesting peacefully is terrorism, truth is lies, lies are truth, and those not in line with this government will be considered guilty until proven innocent! We’re living in a country where rioters and looters get bailed out of jail and never see any jail time but conservatives that may have been at a  protest are held in prison as political prisoners without charges, bail, or hearings and are held in solitary confinement, mistreated and beaten just because they have different political beliefs. Is this the United States of America? I thought those kinds of things only happened in places like Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia, Iran, etc. But here we are, right smack dab in the middle of a North American “Banana Republic”!

We now live in a country that makes it legal to kill an unborn baby all the way through the 9th month, and in California you can even wait a few days after the birth to choose whether the infant lives or dies without the mother being charged with murder! We live in a country that now encourages parents to use hormone blocking drugs and top/bottom surgeries to desecrate God’s beautiful gifts called children! We live in a country where a government will withhold much needed school lunch money for underprivileged children if the school refuses to teach the hate filled CRT and gender identity topics! And this government says they care so much for the children of this country. Sure the same country that wants them killed before and after birth, change their gender, teach them to hate just about everything, yep, that’s surely a government that loves the children!

We live in a country now that if you don’t say, do, and act the way “they” want you to you will be bullied, canceled, doxed, lose your job, attacked, even put behind bars. We live in a country where police are defunded and have to cut corners, like Seattle police will no longer answer rape calls. Or how about major cities are all filled with homeless and drug addicts peeing and defecating out in the open and the only thing the liberal leaders do is continue to empower them to stay on the streets by giving them money and access to the EBT food program, and medical care, hell who needs a job or a place to live when you get all this free stuff, why even try? Oh, and let’s not forget all the nice “safe centers” to shoot up what you want under supervision, yep, that’s tackling the drug problem in this country!

It took a little over a 100 years for the Communist Party of America to get this country to where they wanted it, but hey, got to admit, their patience has most definitely paid off. Their list of goals they gave Congress in 1963 has nearly been completed. Here’s just a few of their goals from 1963:

  • Remove God and prayer from school
  • Infiltrate every single US institution from the schools to the churches, especially the unions
  • Infiltrate journalism, TV, movies, music, and all printed material
  • Tear down all historical monuments
  • Convince people that the Constitution is old, out of date, and not worth caring about
  • Convince the people that the Founding Fathers were nothing but a bunch of elite aristocrats who cared nothing for the people
  • Take away free speech
  • Change the language and the meaning of already established words
  • Belittle life and that it’s not important
  • Infiltrate big corporations
  • Destroy the nuclear family
  • Destroy morality through TV, movies, music, and books
  • Normalize porn, pedophilia, and homosexuality
  • Take over one or both the main political parties
  • Recognize China and allow them into UN

That’s only about half of that list that was handed to Congress in 1963. These people have always meant business and still do to this very day. Especially now that they’ve accomplished nearly all of their 1963 goals!

So, whose fault is this? To be honest, ours. We’ve been sleepwalking through life for quite some time now. Many of us being fair people, possibly conservative Christians who simply have believed in tolerance and love. Sadly, that has not worked and the reason is that, even though God asks us to be tolerant, doesn’t mean we are to be tolerant of things that we know are against God Himself! We’re not suppose to have tolerance for what’s against God, so instead of us just being patient and tolerant of the things that have come to change even start to destroy our country, we should have stood up and said “No! This is wrong!” We should have voted against so many of the things that we now find ourselves fighting from behind against. But, we can’t sit there and mope over the fact that we are part to blame because that won’t help or change a damn thing.

We must now stay on top of everything, every little  dirty trick they pull on us, we must now keep tabs on all things going on local, because if we pay attention to local politics we can nip it in the bud. We need to be brave enough to speak out against the immorality in this country, we must speak out boldly against the tyranny of this government and keep on speaking out no matter what they throw at us. Tolerance is no longer an option.

Come November, everyone who is sick to death of all this crap, no matter whether you’re a liberal or a conservative, we MUST stop more of the radical left or communists to gain more power. Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, Independent, or Libertarian, we as a united front can slow down their mad dash to drag us all over the cliff with them. If you can’t stomach voting Republican or conservative, if you still love this country, then bite the bullet, or just don’t vote! But we have to get this country back and the only way we can do that is if we hit them with the biggest red wave they’ve seen in history and then plan for 2024 when we will have the chance to gain back control and maybe, just maybe right this sinking ship we once called the United States of America! This is it, the chips are down and if we don’t act now, it’s over. Period. Because if you want to lose all of the freedoms that you were born with, go ahead and vote more of these evil individuals into to office. Or you can put down your differences and join together for one final stand to save this nation and her people!



The Ministry of Truth

The Ministry of Truth is nothing but a ministry of propaganda. The name is a misnomer and means just the opposite of “truth”. It is responsible for falsification of current and historical events.

Along with spreading “truth” this ministry also spreads a new language among the people for example the statement that “2 + 2 = 5”. Their main duty is to manufacture “truth” in the Newspeak sense of the word.

The Ministry of Truth is housed in a huge pyramidal shaped white building that has three government slogans painted on the outside: “War is Peace”, “Freedom is Slavery”, and “Ignorance is Strength”. Their main role is to be involved with the news media, entertainment, fine arts, and educational books. It’s sole purpose is to re-write history or current events wherever and whenever needed to make the government look good. For instance, if “Big Brother” makes a prediction that doesn’t come out true, then those who work for the Ministry of Truth will re-write the facts to make the record look accurate.

Another reason for the Ministry of Truth is to make the government look as if it never changes its mind, never makes a bad prediction, or never makes a mistake. It is to make the government look eternally right and strong so that they will never lose power.

The Ministry of Truth plays a role as the news media by changing history, and changing the words in articles about events current and past, so that Big Brother and his government are always seen in a good light and can never do any wrong. The content is more propaganda than actual news.

The Ministry of Truth is nothing but an instrument of totalitarian control, it rendered truth as relative not absolute.  Truth could be changed, embellished and abolished based upon the dictates of the State.

Any of this sound familiar? Sound like you’re living through this right now? Well, if you do, then you would be correct because this is exactly what the Biden administration is doing to all of us. Those who don’t see this happening are either too blind to see or they’re part of the evil problem.

This new and yes terrifying board called “Disinformation Governance Board” is, no matter how much they lie or sugar coat it, is no different than 1984’s Ministry of Truth. Nor is it any different than what Stalin and Mao did. Stalin and Mao had their versions of the Ministry of Truth.  Stalin would erase individuals who were suddenly out of favor.  Photos that contained their images were cleansed or deleted altogether.  It was reasonably assumed that a disappeared individual had been eliminated under Stalin’s orders.  Mao used a variety of tactics to control the population but his most significant change to Truth was his “little red book”, –  often referred to as a replacement for the Bible.  Empowered by the repetitive nature of State imposed truth, Mao became a God-like figure in China. Even Hitler had his own form but at least he was more open about it since he did actually call it the “Ministry of Propaganda”.

Nothing good can come from something called “Disinformation Governance Board”, led by one of the biggest promoters of falsehoods about Russian collusion, the laptop from hell and so on. But worse yet, it has been put under the control of the Department of Homeland Security. This bureau is expected to deal with Russian and illegal migration disinformation, however, its mission is much broader –  to stop “The spread of disinformation (that) can affect border security, American’s safety during disasters, and public trust in our democratic institutions”.  Supposedly, the Board will “protect privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties” while doing its disinformation work.  If you believe their promise that your privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties will be protected then you probably still believe in Santa Claus.

You see, the communists that now run our American government are no longer afraid of being exposed for who they really are, nothing but a bunch of totalitarian power hungry scumbags.

The Disinformation Governance Board is going to give them license to censor uncomfortable truths in the “public interest” and to advance favored global socialist “truths”.  Thus empowered, this Board can hide the facts of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal and Hillary Clinton’s Russia collusion election scam.  It could also be applied to hide or distort the COVID vaccine debacle or American political criminality in Ukraine prior to the current war with Russia. And what started this? Well, more than likely the fact that Musk bought Twitter, one of their biggest weapons to spread their propaganda and to shut down opposing voices.

Our greatest concern here should and must be the damage that this board can and will do, if not stopped, to our Bill of Rights! Over the past few years, there have been concerted attempts to condemn Freedom of Speech as being too broad and too permissive.  The founders would have disagreed as they preferred too much speech to too much censorship.  The Disinformation Governance Board is censorship hidden under the blanket of the public’s interest to know the truth.  The reality is that this Board is a Ministry of Lies in the hands of self-serving global socialist politicians.

If we, the American people don’t do something by pushing back with all that we have to stop this evil  the day will come when we’ll all be forced to call everyone “Comrade”. And that day is much closer than you think!