Quick Notes Issue #39

And the news just keeps on coming and it can be confusing and really hard to keep up with but, it’s important that we all need to try to at least skim over the headlines so we have some sort of idea of what’s going on all around us. This issue is overflowing with the never ending onslaught of stuff! Stay alert folks, you need to be ready for anything with this White House.

  1. Nate Sylvester and Idaho police officer who made fun of LeBron James on Tik Tok, was suspended without pay for a week just because of a silly, but funny video. There was nothing offensive about it but, the leftist mayor wants him fired but, his boss stood his ground and refused to fire him. (LeBron can say anything he wants even if it’s threatening but, this cop was joking around and pointing out just how stupid James can be and they want him fired.
  2. Gov. “Lil’ Hitler” Witmer of Michigan was given what is called a “Courage Award” for how she’s handled COVID. (Wow, so emulating Hitler’s style now wins you awards. This country is totally upside down. Dear God will the insanity ever end?)
  3. Facebook, as if they are God almighty themselves, have decided to keep Trump banned from using their site because they are afraid that he might start more violent outbursts. (What violence? 99.9% of those on the conservative side have NEVER been involved in any kind of violent outbursts and that’s a fact. On the other hand, Trump probably wouldn’t go back anyway, even if they begged him to. Stupid pompous Marxists!)
  4. Fighting human trafficking and drug trafficking is now being totally ignored by the Beijing Biden administration. This comes from Tim Ballard, the CEO of the organization called Operation Underground Railroad, who worked very closely with President Trump and Ivanka Trump to help covertly rescue women and children who had been victims of human trafficking. In fact there were several operations that Tony Robbins was involved in by providing private air transport to help them escape to the U.S. where then President Trump secretly gave visas to these refugees and even had them secretly brought to the White House to be welcomed to the United States. Trump never publicized these things for fear that it would endanger these women and children’s lives! Tim Ballard now says that the White House will have nothing to do with their organization to help stop human trafficking, Trump got it down to a trickle over the southern border and now there’s no stopping it! (By ignoring human and drug trafficking is no different than condoning it!)
  5. Press Secretary Psaki announced that it was simply customary and in line with “longstanding best practices” for the CDC to consult with “organizations and groups” that will be impacted by CDC guidance. (Just another lie. The CDC was originally set up to only be impacted by doctors and scientists and not special interest groups. How about listening to those that are really being impacted? They’re called parents and students! Guess the parents and students don’t count since they didn’t donate $20 million or more to your Democrat party in the last election! How can you trust an organization that is influenced by non-scientists or non-doctors when it has to do with your health?)
  6. Here are four blatant lies told to the American people by Psaki just recently: a) The border issues began under Trump and his policies were to blame. (No, Psaki, the border was under control, the wall was working and the policies were working, including less illegals entering country, less gangs coming over, far less drugs coming over as well as human trafficking!) b) Trumps polices were “destructive and chaotic” while Biden’s are “fair, orderly, and humane.” (Are you serious? There’s more chaos, more people, more unaccompanied kids than in history.) c) The Beijing Biden administration “immediately” jumped into action” to address the migrant situation which the previous administration had not done. (Really? That’s why Biden and Harris haven’t even been down there yet. All they did was immediately stop the building of the wall and basically threw open the flood gates!) d) The situation is now under control because unaccompanied children are spending less time in detention centers than they were a few weeks ago. (All they did was relocate these kids to different detention centers how is that under control?) (The real truth of the matter is that Trump’s policies, including building the wall that Biden stopped on day one, reduced the flow of illegal traffic across the border to a mere trickle. Biden literally ran for president using rhetoric letting migrants think they could come to the U.S. illegally with no problem Even his wife the fake “Dr.” Jill went to the border to exploit it and say that the U.S. wasn’t letting enough people in. Now this administration wants to blame Trump for the massive numbers crossing over the border. Then at the same time say it’s all under control. Really?)
  7. The Republican party’s so-called current divide is totally on display as the Trump friendly House members vote to get rid of anti-Trump Liz Cheney. If Liz is ousted and replaced by NY’s Elise Stefanick, Pelosi and the left loons will work overtime to claim the GOP is fracturing when in reality they are actually trying to unite the party.
  8. The Texas Democrat who called Senator Tim Scott an “Oreo” resigned a week later. However, Dems in Texas have decided to reject the racist’s resignation. (Well, the Dems are right about one thing, there are racists in the U.S. they’re called the “Left”!)
  9. Beijing Biden sets new vaccination goal to 70% of adults by July 4th and then says we’ll be able to have permission to celebrate July 4th. (Who cares? You think people are going to wait for your permission if they want to celebrate July 4th Joe? Not I.)
  10. VP “Horrible” Harris now claims that the border crisis is being caused by the lack of climate resilience in Central America. (No you bimbo it’s because of your administration has promised them free everything without even ever becoming legal citizens!)
  11. Congressman Kevin McCarthy admits he rents a room in D.C. from Democrat pollster Frank Luntz. (Hmm, isn’t that kind of sleeping with the enemy?)
  12. Leaked documents expose Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s plans to take control of the global internet in order to displace the influential role the U.S. has right now. Their ultimate goal is to control ALL content on the global internet. His goal is to use technology to rule the internet and the world. (Gee, what could go wrong with that?)
  13. The Trump administration was only allowed 15,000 refugees a month to apply and enter our country. Beijing Biden has now increased that to 65,000 a month and by next year he wants to allow 130,000 a month into the country. (And then they claim they can’t figure out why there’s such a rush for the border. Are you serious?)
  14. NYC schools are now expelling Asian American students from schools in the name of “equity” in favor of Blacks and Hispanics because they say Blacks and Hispanics are not fairly represented. (You ever think maybe these Asian Americans are just smarter? and the left calls we conservatives racists? This is as racist as it gets!)
  15. Due to COVID many farmers have had a lot of financial issues and the Beijing Biden administration is offering them help by loan forgiveness or help them easily get a loan to save their farms. However, there is one exception to the rule: “White farmers need not apply, you are NOT eligible.” (Yes, yes, yes, there is systemic racism, it’s called the Democrat party!)
  16. The “Left” want you to believe that the 1% rich pay far less income taxes than the bottom 50% of the American people. However, the truth is that the 1% rich pay 27% in income taxes and the bottom 50% of Americans pay just 4% income tax on average. Sadly, nearly 50% of Americans believe this lie! (No wonder so many Americans walk around like blind sheep. The ignorance is mind numbing.)

Well, that’s it for this issue, but that’s enough ignorance for the day.


“Choosing ignorance over knowledge is one reason why we are where we are today in our country!”

Quick Notes – Issue #36

Well, it’s hump day and we have nothing to look forward to this evening except a bumbling, stumbling, puppet for a president. Sadly to say, this BS speech is really going to be the beginning of the true fundamental transformation of America and it’s not going to be good. With that being said, here’s another long list of headlines you may or my not have come across since Monday.

  1. Epicurious recipe site will no longer allow any beef recipes on their site because they believe what AOC has said about cow farts! (Well, if that’s the case shouldn’t they get rid of all recipes with dairy products in them after all dairy does come from cows. Or do they think dairy cows fart less? Do you see just how stupid, stupid, stupid these people are? I sometimes wonder if it hurts to be this stupid.)
  2. CDC puts out ridiculous new mask guidelines saying that even if vaccinated people should wear masks in most indoor situations especially if around unvaccinated people. They are giving vaccinated people permission to be able to go outside and not wear masks and any person not vaccinated should still be wearing masks almost for everything they do. (Remember this is coming from an organization who admitted many months ago that masks really were more for making people feel safer and in reality the paper masks were basically only 1% effective. Why take the vaccine if things almost stay the same even after being vaccinated. It also makes the vaccine look useless, so why take it? It’s all about control, control, control, not safety!)
  3.  Some feel good news: A homeless veteran in Florida saved a mans life who was trapped in a burning car by jumping right into the burning car and was able to pull the victim out saving his life. (Definitely a hero who deserves to be rewarded! We need to see more stories like this one!)
  4. In just 100 days Beijing Biden has already proposed $10 TRILLION in more spending! Compared to Trumps approximate $5 Trillion, which was bad enough, but $10 TRILLION in 100 days?!!!!!!
  5. Miscarriages all over the world have increased by 6,000%, you read that right, 6,000% since the start of vaccinating women! (Don’t hear that in the news do you? Still want that vaccine especially if you’re of child bearing age?)
  6. Some on the left are now suggesting that anyone who refuses to take the vaccine should be charged with felonies! (Next they’ll start rounding up people, strapping them down and forcefully injecting them. Don’t say it couldn’t happen.)
  7. Beijing Biden’s tax hikes will make it more difficult for start up businesses which would get rid of nearly 40% of jobs in this country. (Not surprising since it’s more than apparent that this administration hates small businesses.)
  8. The tax hikes coming that claim to only hit the rich is a lie. Understand when this happens the rich and the big businesses being hit will pass it down to all of us, in fact you can already see it happening right now prices everywhere are going up. Unless you are walking through life with blinders on, you’ve seen it already in your local grocery store! (This is just the beginning!)
  9. Hunter Biden is going to teach a ten week class at Tulane University called “Fake News”! (Good grief.)
  10. Beijing Biden has mandated $15 an hour minimum wage for all Federal contractors and are forcing Federal contractor jobs to be unionized. (This is a way to get more and more people on the “Federal rolls” in order to force even more dependency on the government and more control by the government. This is also going to make it tougher for smaller companies to compete for Federal contracts because they won’t be able to afford the $15 an hour.)
  11.  A million $ government program costs each American family 1 cent per year, a billion $ government program costs each American family 8 cents per year and a trillion $ government program costs each American family $8,000 per year and Beijing Biden is proposing yet more on top of what he’s already done and that additional is $4 TRILLION more that equates to $32,000 a year for each American family in over all taxes they’ll pay from food to fuel taxes! (It’s time we wake up and start really being more concerned with the money that doesn’t exist, that this Marxist government is spending. Let’s put a trillion in an easy to understand format. We all understand time better than money. So let’s look at it this way 1 TRILLION seconds equals 31,688 years, 269 days, 17 hours, 34 minutes, and 25 seconds. Now, let that set in as you compare that to just $1 TRILLION! Hope this puts their spending in better perspective for you!)
  12. The FBI raided Rudy Gulliani’s NYC apartment today seizing all his electronics and even his phone calling it a Trump probe and accusing him of lobbying in Ukraine for Trump! (Turns out, the truth of the matter is that Rudy uncovered a lot of evidence of how corrupt the Obama/Biden administration was when it was dealing with Ukraine and this was even admitted this was true by some FBI members. So they’re trying to railroad him because of it. Is this the America you were born in? Not me!)

We really need to be thinking intensely on just what we’re going to do to try and stop this Marxism from devouring this entire nation! Better pray long and hard for some help from above!


“Choosing ignorance over knowledge is one reason why we are where we are today in this country.”

Quick Notes – Issue #26

The insanity and the unreality of the left continues to transform our country into something more than half this country can’t recognize anymore. Sure isn’t the country I was born in, not even close.

  1. Beijing Biden supports the MLB pulling the All Star game out of Atlanta because of their voting bill, which actually increases voter access and voter hours but reinforces requirements for voter ID. What’s the big deal? They say it’s racist. (Seriously, what the hell is wrong with these people?)
  2. Beijing Biden has put into his so-called Infrastructure Bill a plan to destroy Interstate 81 in Syracuse, NY, and the Claiborne Highway in New Orleans because they’re racist. That’s right, highways are now racist. He claims it’s because they go through minority neighborhoods. So, what about the highways that go through other neighborhoods? (Insanity upon insanity!)
  3. In Hunter Biden’s book, he blames all his families troubles on Donald Trump. It’s said that he had to put something about Trump in the book in order to sell it. (Well, no wonder, Trump lives rent free in all of these liberal loons minds!)
  4. There’s a group of far left loons that now want to indict Trump for ALL the COVID deaths; while these same people ignore the truth that Cuomo deliberately forced COVID patients into nursing homes and was directly responsible for around 12,000 deaths. (Again, insanity! Basically the main thing Trump did wrong with the virus was not firing “Master Fauci”!)
  5. Facebook now will remove anything that even includes the voice of Donald Trump, no matter what the content. Anyone who violates this will have their accounts suspended. (Even Bernie Sanders is getting fed up with this censorship crap and spoke out about it. Pretty bad when one of your own leftists is getting fed up with this crap.)
  6. Did you know that if you have Microsoft Windows that they take 20% of the bandwidth that you pay for each month? Well, they do and it’s taken for their own use, not your benefit! (My husband was building our new computers when he discovered this in his research on making computers more secure! Note: You can find instructions online on how to stop this, you’ll find step by step how to stop this by going into your computers BIOS!)
  7. Dungeon and Dragons has now become woke by not labeling their characters male and female and and switching their character bios with their preferred pronouns on their packages. (Insanity, upon insanity, upon insanity. Who really gives a damn whether or not a plastic fantasy character is using the right pronouns?!)
  8. The “Pro Act” if passed in the Senate will end the 1099. In other words freelancers/independent contractors will be wiped out. This is because the government and big companies see freelancers and independent contractors as a threat to their overall plan for the transformation of this country. Businesses would be forced to hire once freelancers as actual company employees. (I’m a freelancer writer and have been for over 15 years and I’ve never been seen as a threat before now. Just ridiculous, it’s really because they want to take away any and all freedoms that we have including the ability to choose who we want to offer our skills to and not the other way around!)
  9. Star Wars is now woke and have added two transgender non-binary characters to their comic book line. (Sigh.)
  10. Elon Musk believes that college is a racket and said that his company will even hire those right out of high school if they already have the skills or the potential skills they are looking for. He believes just because you have a college degree doesn’t make you more qualified for a position at Tesla or any company. (Good for Musk. This also ties into the Pro Act which he also disagrees with.)
  11. YouTube is thinking of removing the “dislike” button from all of Biden’s YouTube videos because he’s been getting too may dislikes. (Good grief.)
  12. Oregon just passed a bill on “merit” In order for people to receive a good merit rating they must complete Anti-Bias Training and Critical Race Theory. Right now it mainly focuses in on teachers and any teacher who refuses to do either of these things will be fired. (You can be sure that this will spread to other places of employment in order to force people to comply if they want to be able to make an income!)
  13. Video released showed Mexican coyotes dropping a three and five year old over a 14 foot fence and then running off leaving the children behind. Luckily for the children border patrol was there and rescued them. So, what do we hear about this from the left? This…”This wouldn’t happen if we didn’t have a wall.” Yep, that was their insane reality. The true reality is this: if we didn’t have a a government that says we won’t send any children back no matter what,  this wouldn’t happen! (Your rhetoric is why this happens you idiots!)
  14. CNN reports that there is no consensus that we can tell what gender a person is when they are born! (What reality do these assholes live in?)

Despite the constant insanity, I hope that we all can put it aside this weekend and enjoy the Easter weekend with God and our families!

Happy Easter!

Quick Notes – Issue #9

It’s just a never ending assault of insanity that it’s really getting hard to believe that we still live in the USA. The country is changing so fast that each day it seems less and less the country I grew up in. Unfortunately, it’s vital we keep up with it so that we’re prepared and not blindsided.

  1. Republicans are demanding answers from Nancy Pelosi about what Nancy Pelosi knows about Jan. 6th and how aware she was of the possible need of extra protection, this comes on the heels of her saying she wanted a 9/11 type investigation to Jan. 6th. Be careful of what you ask for Nancy! After all, Nancy, you are the head honcho when it comes down to protection of the Capitol, so shouldn’t some of the burden of blame fall on your shoulders?
  2. Seems the main reason for most of the power outages in Texas during the terrible storm is done to their recent heavy reliance on alternative energy sources like wind turbines that are now frozen solid and not using enough natural gas resources to make up for situations like the one they find themselves in right now. On top of that, seems Germany has the same problem, their wind farms are under large amounts of snow and there’s no wind, so their wind farms are totally shut down. Hmm, love that green energy, don’t you?
  3. The U.S. only produces 15% of the world’s carbon emissions, so why are we being the one’s that are being pushed so hard on green energy when we’re far closer to 0 emissions than any other country in the entire world?!
  4. Even some Democrats are turning against Governor Cuomo because he lied about the nursing home deaths and deliberately hiding the true stats from the federal government. Some are calling for him to resign, others calling for impeachment and even more say that criminal charges should be brought against Cuomo. Wonder if the TV Guild wants their Emmy back?
  5. Some people have yet to receive the very first stimulus checks the ones that came from the Trump administration and most have not received anything from this current stimulus package. So, where’s the money going?
  6. Beijing Biden has ordered the Pentagon to put most of their focus on the so-called “internal enemy” and not our real enemies like China and Iran. The “internal enemy” of course actually refers to “conservatives”, say what you will, but that’s what they mean.
  7. Beijing Biden is letting 25,000 illegals into California, Arizona, and Texas even without the approval of those who already reside in these states legally! Don’t believe for a minute that any of these people will be tested for the China virus!
  8. 35% of people in America believe that anyone who doesn’t accept the results of the 2020 election or think it was rigged in any way should be punished! That’s right 35% of our own neighbors believe this! 35%! That’s an awful lot of people who believe this way. We are living in very dangerous and treacherous times!
  9. Democrats seriously considering forming a “Truth Commission” and they admit it would be something similar to what South Africa has used in the past! That means they want to hunt conservatives down, especially those very vocally supportive of President Trump!
  10. Public libraries are now going to purge ALL books they think are deemed objectionable. This is no different from the book burnings done by Nazi Germany!
  11. Every person who died on January 6th except for the D.C. police offer were all Trump supporters, and it’s been discovered that they may have died from stroke or heart attack, it was after they received initial trauma from D.C. police that they then died. As for the police officer they initially claimed was beaten by Trump supporters, that was a stone-cold lie, he died from a stroke that could have been caused from inhaling a large amount of tear gas. Not one Trump supporter killed ANYONE! But the MSM and the Democrats want you to believe that all the deaths were caused by Trump supporters because they’ve turned the incident  into a political weapon to further divide the country and try to make neighbors hate neighbors. The exact same thing that Nazi Germany did!

I’m going to ask again, all you out there that voted for Beijing Biden, want your money back yet?


“Choosing ignorance over knowledge is one reason why we are where we are in our country today.”