The Truth About Slavery in America

For a long time now, we’ve all been led to believe that it was white man who first brought slavery to America. This is especially what they want you to believe now. Those on the left want those who are white in this country to not only believe the lie about slavery, but they expect you and your children to hate yourself because you are born evil because of the color of your skin, white. As white people, we are now expected to bow down to the rising communist master because we are inherently evil because of the sins of our forefathers. The problem here is that it’s all based on a lie, always has been. Here’s the historical truth of how slavery first started here in America.

The First Black Slave and Slave Owner in America

His name was Anthony Johnson and lived from 1600 to 1670. He was an Angolan who achieved his freedom in the early 17th century in the colony of Virginia.

Johnson was originally captured by an enemy tribe in Angola and was then sold to Muslim slave traders. He then was sold as an indentured servant, which is not a slave, to a merchant who worked for the Virginia Company.

Originally his name was Antonio and he was an indentured servant with his wife Mary. A short time after 1635, he and Mary had paid off their indentured status and were freed from their obligations. This is when he changed his name to Anthony Johnson.

In 1651, he had saved up enough money to purchase his own farm of 250 acres and he needed help to manage the farm so he bought four white and one Black indentured servants to help run his farm. The Black indentured servant named John Casor demanded that Anthony release him of his indentured status because he had served well past his seven years that was agreed upon. The reply from Johnson was that he didn’t know of any indenture and that he was to serve him for life.

However, Johnson’s neighbors, the Parkers testified to Johnson that they themselves knew that Casor was an indentured servant and was not a slave and that he should be released and that as it generally was done, be given his freedom as well as some of the farmland that belonged to Johnson. In other words, Johnson was being pressured by the servant and neighbors to treat his servant the same way that he was treated when he himself was an indentured servant.  The Parkers threatened to take some of his cattle if he didn’t give the man his earned freedom. At that point Johnson gave in and allowed Casor to be set free and take a small portion of the land on which he had farmed for seven years.

After Johnson gave Casor his freedom he began to question whether or not he had done the right thing and believed that Casor was a slave and not an indentured servant and then he sued the Parkers and Casor claiming that his slave and property had been stolen from him.

A  judge ruled in the favor of Anthony Johnson and in 1655 the courts ordered that Casor be returned to Johnson to live as a slave of Johnson’s for life.

John Casor became the first person of African descent in Britain’s Thirteen Colonies to become a slave for life.  And who was Anthony Johnson? Well, he wasn’t white, he was a Black man himself! You read that right, the first slave owner in America was a Black man! Below is the actual court statement on their ruling:

“This daye Anthony Johnson negro made his complaint to the court against mr. Robert Parker and declared that hee deteyneth his servant John Casor negro under the pretence that said negro was a free man. The court seriously consideringe and maturely weighing the premisses, doe fynde that the saide Mr. Robert Parker most unjustly keepeth the said Negro from Anthony Johnson his master … It is therefore the Judgement of the Court and ordered That the said John Casor Negro forthwith returne unto the service of the said master Anthony Johnson, And that Mr. Robert Parker make payment of all charges in the suit.”

It is believed that Anthony Johnson may have also kept his four white indentured servants as slaves as well!

It’s also important to note that there are no earlier records in America, Virginia especially, of slavery in court records except for when used as a punishment for certain crimes. Otherwise there was no slavery being instituted by white colonists! In fact the original pilgrims executed people found guilty of slavery!

More Whites in History Have Been Slaves

Another historical truth that the communists in this country don’t want you to know is that there were more white Christians forced into slavery by Muslims from 1530 to 1780 in North Africa than Blacks being taken from Africa and taken to America. And those Blacks that were taken were either sold by Muslims or sold by their own people to slave traders! Not by white men!

It’s estimated that 1 to 1.5 million white Christians were sold into slavery in North Africa between the 1500’s and 1700’s!

England alone, lost 400 sailors a year to Muslim slave traders and during this time many white people, men, women, and children were being kidnapped and forced into slavery all along the Mediterranean by Muslim slave traders during this time period!

So, Who Owned Slaves?

The communist left would have us believe that it was the white man who held the majority of slaves in America, again that is misinformation, the facts are this: Only 1.4% white Americans owned Black slaves. And this was during the height of slavery in this country. So, if white people didn’t own most of the slaves in America, who did? Well, Native Americans, that’s who. Here are the five main tribes that held more Blacks in slavery than the “horrible white man”:

  1. Chicksaw – It is no surprise that the Native Americans knew the land well. Their knowledge became a lucrative business, especially for the Chickasaws who had keen navigation skills. They were hired by white slaveholders to traverse the terrain to capture Blacks who had escaped slavery.The Chickasaw also held enslaved Africans of their own, and the system they established closely approximated that of white slaveholders on cotton plantations.
  2. Choctaw – The Choctaw, who sided with the Confederacy during the American Civil War, held Blacks as captives from warfare. When they adopted elements of European culture, such as large farms and plantations, they also incorporated the system of chattel slavery of people of African descent. Slavery was abolished by the Choctaw Nation in 1865. Per a treaty signed with the U.S. in that same year, the Choctaw were required to admit freedmen – Blacks newly emancipated from slavery – into their tribe.
  3. Cherokee – Cherokee is the largest native ethnic nation in the United States.  They also held more Black slaves than any other Native American community.  By 1860, the Cherokee had 4,600 slaves.  Those Black people held captive revolted against the Cherokee in 1842.
  4. Creek – The Creek also adopted the enslavement of Black people. Most of the enslaved Africans were owned by wealthy and prominent men, many of whom wielded considerable political power. Black people were forced to worked primarily as agricultural laborers, cultivating cotton for their masters’ profit and food for consumption.
  5. Seminole – The Seminole held some Black people as slaves; however, a unique relation evolved between them and enslaved Africans who had fled to Florida to escape slavery on white plantations. Many Black people found a comparable form of freedom among the Seminoles and they were allowed a form of sanctuary in exchange for paying an annual tribute of livestock, crops, and military assistance. In general, the Blacks never wholly adopted Seminole culture and beliefs, nor were they accepted into Seminole society because they were not considered Native American. They typically lived in their own independent communities, elected their own leadership, and could amass wealth in cattle and crops. Black Seminoles were also able to bear arms for self-defense.

Another fact that the far left refuse to admit is true, is this; free Blacks owned Black slaves. That’s right Blacks were just as guilty as “evil whitey” when it came to slavery! Blacks owning Blacks is a significant part of Black history that has been and continues to be a neglected topic. Even when it’s recognized they like to gloss over it and claim they did so only for humanitarian reasons, for “good” reasons, which justified the “technical” slave status of whomever had been purchased. But the truth is that Blacks used slavery to apply pressure or punishment on others. For example:

“Some of these husbands were not anxious to liberate their wives immediately. They considered it advisable to put them on probation for a few years, and if they did not find them satisfactory they would sell their wives as other slaveholders disposed of Negroes. For example, a Negro shoemaker in Charleston, South Carolina, purchased his wife for $700; but, on finding her hard to please, he sold her a few months thereafter for $750, gaining $50 by the transaction.”

In 1788 There Were Less Than 50,000 Slaves

During the ratification of the U.S. Constitution, in 1788, there were less than 50,000 slaves in America, most of which were NOT Black, but were whites. This information has been verified by forensic evidence found in archeological digs and historical documents. The white slaves were not indentured servants, they were literal slaves and they began arriving in America in 1618 (This shoots a huge hole in the 1619 Project that proclaims the year 1619 was when the first Black slaves arrived in America).  NOT Blacks, but whites, were the first slaves brought to this country! This included hundreds of children – – “waifs and strays” – –  who had been rounded up from streets of London to serve wealthy farmers in Virginia.

The other white slaves were those whom King James I believed were the cause of spreading the plague and white prisoners from their overcrowded prisons in England! That’s right, whites, NOT Blacks were shipped here even before John Casor, who was the first Black slave in the 1650’s!

At least 70,000 white men, women, and children from England and Ireland were shipped to the colonies to be sold as slaves on the auction block during the 170 years of British rule.

Ships carrying white slaves to America often lost half their slaves to death. According to historian Sharon V. Salinger of the University of California, Riverside, “Scattered data reveal that the mortality for [white] servants at certain times equaled that for [black] slaves in the ‘middle passage,’ and during other periods actually exceeded the death rate for [Black] slaves.”

History has tried to portray “white slavery” more as indentured servants, even though there were indentured servants, most of these people were slaves for life, no different than how Blacks would eventually be treated. But they represented only a small fraction of the hundreds of thousands of whites who remained slaves for life. Such slavery was hereditary: children of the white slaves also became chattel without hope of freedom. No different than Black slaves.

Throughout the colonial period, white slaves remained the main labor force on the Virginia and Maryland plantations, outnumbering Africans by as many as four to one. These white slaves remained slaves right along with Black slaves until the Emancipation Proclamation!

So, Where’s the Outrage?

Since we now know that whites along with Blacks were slaves and white Christians have been slaves for centuries beyond Blacks, where’s the outrage over this? Why is it that only white men are being held responsible for something that happened centuries before them? Why aren’t these far left radicals also not calling out Native Americans who had more slaves than all of Southern slave owners combined? Why are they not being asked to feel guilty for what their ancestors did? Why are they not being asked for reparations? These are all questions that need to be answered, but sadly, never will be!

As you can see, slavery was NOT just whites against blacks as they continue to try and force this lie down our throats. No, slavery is NOT a white man only sin, it’s a sin of humanity because ALL races have been guilty of it.


“Silence in the face of evil IS evil. Not to speak IS to speak, and not standing IS standing, and God will NOT hold us blameless!”



Quick Notes – Issue #47

This Quick Notes is stuffed with a bunch of stuff that should get your blood boiling to say the least. So let’s get down to it.

  1. Over the weekend in Portland, Oregon, the entire crowd control division resigned due to the fact that the mayor and the city council won’t let them do their jobs. That means 50 police officers resigned in one weekend. That means they’ve lost 181 officers over the past year! (You happy now you liberal loons?)
  2. The “Tolkien Society” has gone totally “woke”. This is NOT a group of super fans for the Lord of the Rings, no these are so-called scholars who delve deep into the genius of Tolkien. Each year they have a conference where they share their insights and more with thousands of people. This year, to many Tolkien fans dismay, they have discovered this society has gone woke, here’s the title of this years conference “Tolkien and Diversity”! Instead of the attendees being treated to intelligent and well thought out “Papers”, they now will be forced to listen to garbage such as the following topics; “Gondor in Transition: A Brief Introduction to Transgender Realities in the Lord of the Rings”, “The Lossoth: Indigeneity, Identity, and Anti-Racism” and “Something Mighty Queer: Destabilizing Cishetero – Amatonormativity in the Works of Tolkien” and the list goes on and on! (This is an attack on the works of Tolkien and not a celebration of it like it once was! it’s also an attack on Tolkien himself being a devout Catholic who actually said his stories were often inspired by his faith. Is there nothing the left won’t try to come in and destroy?)
  3. A female athlete lost her shot at going to the Olympics because of a man who identifies as a woman. This is coming from a guy who didn’t identify as a woman until just two short years ago after he was unable to beat men in his sport. (Sounds more like he only identifies as a woman so he’d qualify for the Olympics!)
  4. Master liar Dr. Fauci admits that he did attend a secret meeting about where they discussed the possibility that the Wuhan virus was manipulated and he admits that in that meeting he said it was possible this is what happened. However, right after the meeting he went right out and told the public just the opposite. (When are people going to stop listening to this fool?)
  5. American Catholic Bishops have put together a resolution that if it is known that a person, especially those in power (you know like those oh so devout Catholics called Pelosi and Biden), are in favor of abortion that they should not be allowed to receive Holy Communion. (That’s how it should be PERIOD! I’ve heard of Catholics being thrown out of the church for far less than being in favor of abortions!)
  6. Beijing Biden is putting in place an act where Americans are going to be encouraged to turn in their family members, friends, and neighbors if they suspect them of being radicalized and show signs of white supremacy, radical disapproval of the government or domestic terrorism. According to the White House this is so these people can get help before they do harm to themselves or others! (Yet another page  right out of Hitler’s playbook. And you really believe it’s so these people can be helped?)
  7. Dr. Ronnie Johnson (the doctor to both Obama and Trump) and a group of Republicans put together a letter for Beijing Biden demanding that he take a cognitive test, the same one both Obama and Trump both were required to take. Dr. Johnson included in the letter all of the different examples of Biden’s more than obvious cognitive decline and states that in his professional opinion Joe Biden is unfit for office. (Anyone with an ounce of brains can see the truth here and see how much of a rapid decline this man is exhibiting!)
  8. One year old baby boy makes it into the Guinness World of Records for being born at 4 1/2 months and surviving! When he was born, he weighed just 11 ounces and he was tiny enough to fit in the palm of his mother’s hand, yet this weekend he celebrated his first birthday. This led to reporters asking people like Pelosi and the White House if they believed if infants in the womb at 15 weeks and older were human beings and they went around the question by simply stating they believed in a woman’s right to choose! (How is that answering the question? By the way, so what do all you pro-abortion people have to say about this incredible little one year old that obviously you folks don’t believe is human?! Let’s hope God has something incredible in store for this child in the future!)
  9. Prosecutors in NY are dropping most of the charges against most of the looters and rioters from last summer’s riots where millions of dollars were lost, businesses lost forever, and even innocent people died! However, at the same time, those who did little to nothing on Jan. 6th are still being held in jail without bail. Most of whom haven’t been charged with anything and the ones who do have charges against them are only charges of misdemeanor trespass! The message is loud and clear here – there are no consequences for crimes committed by the far left.)
  10. The true story about 1619 might surprise you and it’s not what they want you to believe it is. In truth, it is not really about the first black slave being brought over by whites. In fact, this story actually starts with a black man who was an indentured servant who was brought over with a white landowner/farmer who owed a debt to this white farmer for bringing him over to America. Once his debt was paid back, not only did this white farmer relieve him of his indentured servant status but also gave him his own land. Then this free black man became a farmer and he himself acquired a couple of black indentured servants of his own. When it came time for one of those servants to have paid his debt in full he either couldn’t or refused to do so. The black landowner then took him to court and sued him. He insisted that since the man would not pay his debt that the judge allow him to make him a slave to work his farmland. The judge ruled in favor of the black farmer, this was the very first recorded case of slavery in 1619. It was black on black slavery, not white on black! They also don’t want you to know that most of the slave traders eventually bought blacks in Africa from blacks and NOT whites! (It seems that black on black crime has been an ongoing problem for centuries! But they don’t want you to know the truth!)
  11. The Marxist left are working hard to try and replace July 4th with “Juneteenth”. Look, there’s nothing wrong with acknowledging the day the slaves were set free, And everyone should at least acknowledge it because after all there were a lot of white lives that were lost, over 600,000 in fact, who fought and died to free the slaves. Yet the Marxists don’t want that to be a factor in any of this. Instead they want you to believe that June 19th is more important than July 4th because they claim that July 4th is a “whites only” holiday. Are you serious? Well, they are. They want to eventually remove July 4th from our national holidays. The proof is in the pudding, there are many liberal run cities all over the country right now who allowed huge parades and celebrations this past weekend for June 19th as well as allowing for huge celebrations for “Pride Month”, but these same cities are banning July 4th celebrations using the Wuhan virus as the excuse. They obviously believe the American people are that stupid! (Before you know it, July 4th will be replaced by June 19th, the American flag will be replaced with the Juneteenth flag, and the National Anthem will be replaced with their so-called Black National Anthem! Don’t think that would ever happen? Well, just ask South Africa today, because that is exactly what happened to them recently, their national independence day was gotten rid of, their national flag was replaced as well as their national anthem! If it can happen there it can and will happen here if we keep refusing to say “No!” Wake the hell up America!)
  12. Don Lemon of CNN gave a whiny speech on his show the other day saying that he speaks for “his people” (guess that meant black people) and went on a rant about how oppressed his been all his life by white people. And how he knows what it’s like to be treated by racists and so on. (Yep, he’s a man of the people, this guy lives in a $4.5 MILLION home and his fancy kitchen comes complete with a cookie jar that’s a baker in “black face”. What a typical far left hypocrite.  See photo below.)

Well, that does it for this issue. That should give you enough to ponder over!


“Silence in the face of evil IS evil. Not to speak IS to speak, and not standing IS standing, and God will NOT hold us blameless!”

Quick Notes – Issue #46

Well, here we are, “hump day” and we’ve got more tid bits of wonderful headlines for you to chew on. When you see some of the insanity do you start feeling like you’re living the fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes”? I know I do. Or worse yet, “1984” 2+2=5.

  1. A Scottish university student was attacked and cancelled after she answered this question; “What do you call a biological woman?” here’s her answer; “A biological woman is someone who is born wit a vagina, have less muscle mass and can have babies.” She then was investigated and tormented for two months after that! The university even tried to force her to retract her answer, but she refused! (Dear lord, the left are truly the science deniers!)
  2. Obama comes out and said that there is absolutely nothing wrong with critical race theory and people are making too big of a deal out of it. (He’s not only a Marxist, he’s also a racist!)
  3. Princeton will no longer be teaching Greek or Latin because they feel that it’s unfair to minorities because they tend to have trouble with these classic languages, thus literally saying Greek and Latin are racist. (First off, they don’t have to take these languages, it’s a choice. Second, by doing this, are they not being racist themselves? After all they’re insinuating that minorities are stupid!)
  4. DHS closed down Trump’s Office for Victims of Illegals that provided them with emotional and legal support after falling victim to violent crimes committed by these illegals. This strips victims from any and all protections that the law is suppose to give them. (Again, who do the far left support? Americans or illegals? That’s a no brainer!)
  5. A mass shooting happened last Friday night in Texas that killed 13 innocent people. The shooter was not white, he was black and the left has been playing down this shooting, in fact dead silence from the MSM. (Anyone surprised?)
  6. Yet another embarrassing moment for Beijing Biden on the world stage in Brussels when a reporter asked him if he still thought Putin was a murderer. First he faked laughing at the question, then as usual he started rambling and then just stood there and paused for nearly 10 seconds before talking again and when he did start talking he never answered the question. (All he had to do was say yes or no. What a total embarrassment this jackass is! And the MSM mentions nothing about this moment senility.)
  7. Biden’s administration are now trying to force Catholic and Christian hospitals to perform transgender surgeries even on children! (Satan is working overtime here!)
  8. Hunter Biden is now trying to sell his so-called art for anywhere from $75,000 to $500,000 a piece for his “spit art”. (Can you say “Pay to meet my Dad?”)
  9. The FBI and DHS confiscated over $85 million dollars worth of both jewelry and cash from a Beverly Hills facility that contains just safe deposit boxes. The FBI claims it was a place where some of the people they suspected were involved in money laundering. When asked why they were keeping ALL the money if most are innocent people, they said it was because they don’t know who exactly was doing it. They are doing this not because of evidence but because of mere suspicion! (This is exactly what Hitler did to the Jews. These people will NEVER see their money or jewelry again! )
  10. California like New York is now implementing a verification system that will force people to prove they are vaccinated to get into any public place or event. In other words, a vaccine passport, even though they say it’s not a passport. (Sure, right. You believe that, I have a bridge I can sell you.)
  11. There was another racially motivated shooting spree of white people in Georgia and it was committed by a Black man and again the MSM was dead silent. And instead of AG Garland speaking out against this, he chose to speak out against white supremacy and that we must top it. And we must stop those who speak out against our government and then he went on to talking about Jan. 6th and how it was the worst even ever in America. He called all those who were there on Jan. 6th insurrectionists even those who were arrested have only been charged with misdemeanor trespassing and most of them still being held in solitary confinement! (Again, these are the same tactics of Hitler.)
  12. Some startling truth has been leaked out to the public about Jan. 6th and that is; the people who were actually responsible for starting the riot, not only started it but planned it. Those who did this were known by the FBI because it turns out that they were FBI operatives and they have not been arrested or charged with anything. (Wake the hell up people, Jan. 6th was a set-up by the left! Why do you think they refuse to release any of the video from that day? By the way, this tactic by the FBI has been used for years. They use operatives to organize terrorist acts in order to try and raise the fear factor in people and supposedly to increase their so-called awareness of terrorism.)
  13. Last week Beijing Biden stood in front of some cadets and actually said this stupid statement; “Uh, I sometimes forget I’m president.” Then to add insult to injury, when he arrived for the G7 Summit, he stood in front of reporters looking lost as usual, and “Dr. Jill” rushed up on stage to quickly usher him off the stage as the reporters laughed at him shuffling off the stage (I mean literally shuffled off). He looked like the doddering old fool that he is. (As the reporters laughed at him, he probably thought they were laughing with him. Sorry Joe, they were laughing at you.)
  14. Beijing Biden actually told reporters that FEMA was doing a great job of rebuilding our streets and filling our country’s pot holes! (Dear God, what a joke!)
  15. Here’s a feel good story to end this issue with: A passenger on a Delta fight go on the plane’s intercom system and said that he was going to kill everyone on board. The pilot then asked for “All able bodied men please come to the front of the plane, we have an emergency!” So, how many men do you think stepped up to answer the request of the pilot? EVERY single man on that plane went straight to the front of the plane to lend a hand! (Nice to see, we still have men like that in this country!)

Well that’s it for this issue, but no doubt it’s enough for our brains that are continually being bombarded from all directions with both the truth and the lies. We just need to learn how to separate the “gold” from “fools gold”!


“Silence in the face of evil IS evil. Not to speak IS to speak, and not standing IS standing, and God will NOT hold us blameless!”


Godlessness in the Last Days

So, are the end times or last days upon us? Don’t know, but, it is important to be aware of our surroundings and what’s happening not just in our country politically and culturally but all over the world. What’s happening here through the Biden administration, the media, in our schools, sports, Hollywood, and yes, even in our churches, this country and the world is fundamentally changing and headed toward a one world government. Which by the way is the absolute goal of the World Economic Forum, if you don’t believe me just visit their website by Clicking Here.

Look, I’m not going out there wearing a “sandwich” sign shouting on the street corners “The end is near! The end is near!” because that’s near possible to predict because our concept of “time” is too linear and can’t be compared to what “time” is in God’s eyes. After all, one day for God could be a 100 years or a 1,000 years to us, no one knows. But there are some incredible signs that humanity is going in the wrong direction and that’s further and further away from God. This new government wants us to worship them and their belief system, not the ones that this country was founded on. Let’s just take a look at the checklist below:

…”Avoid such people.” This list and warning comes from 2 Timothy 3: 1-5! If you’re honest with yourself you’ll agree that humanity has pretty much marked off every item on the above list.

It’s important that we at least know what to expect so we’re prepared, just in case. CYA is what my hubby said the army taught them. So, let’s take a look at some of the things that are possibly happening right now in real time.

The words “the last days” relating to prophecy, occurs exactly seven times in the Bible: Isaiah 2:2, Micah 4:1, Acts 2:17, 2 Timothy 3:1, Hebrews 1:2 and 2 peter 3:3. Then there’s Jesus who directly discussed the End Time events that both lead up to and are in it in Mark 13 and Matthew 24.

This is also referred to as the End Time or the Great Tribulation which is supposed to be roughly a time period of 42 months or 3 1/2 years that comes upon the entire world just prior to Christ’s return when the Beast and the False Prophet will rule the world through their dark version of God’s kingdom. You can even break it down even further into two different pieces. The first one is supposed to last about two years and the second or last piece of the puzzle known as “the day of the Lord” (Isaiah 2:12, Joel 2:11, and 2 Peter 3:10) should be about 18 months long. This second part is considered the great tribulation and it is God’s direct punishment of unrepentant humanity.

Paul tries to warn the church on earth that when these days start or when the world is near it’s last days he said this; “Knowing this first, that in the last days there will come mockers walking according to their own personal lusts.” Ask yourself how often you’ve heard the far left radicals mock our faith in this country? Have you not seen a rise in their mockery?

Preparing the World

The Bible offers a list of different events, some that take many years until these events fully mature, which then will directly lead to the “great tribulation” time period. The Bible indicates that humanity, in the last days, will sadly adopt a negative attitude toward God and His laws and reject keeping those laws and opting instead to do whatever they decide is right. (20 years ago a Gallup Poll showed that nearly 90% of all Americans said they believed in God. Then in 2018 they gave the same poll and the results were shocking, those who said they believed in God had dropped to 64%!) According to Matthew, this lawlessness at its core is selfish and self-centered because people greatly lack mercy, forgiveness, and love. (Sound familiar?)

The Bible also predicts that the world will experience increase in the frequency of wars, earthquakes, famines, threats and rumors of more wars, and even more calamities than ever seen in the past. (Sound familiar?) It’s also predicted there will be many false prophets who will appear and deceive the masses with false hopes. (Matthew 24:4 – 5, 11, 26 – 27). Deception overall will run rampant throughout the world. (Again, sound familiar?)

It’s also important to note that a temple will be built in Jerusalem just prior to the public appearance of the “Beast, False Prophet, and the Two Witnesses”. Something big has to happen before a new temple can be built and what is that big thing? That would be the world recognition that Jerusalem is the true capitol of Israel. (Isn’t that what President Trump did by moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem?) Sadly, it will be in that temple that the “abomination of desolation” will declare that he is god in the flesh and demand that he and only he be worshipped. (Matthew 24:15, 2 Thessalonians 2: 1-4, and Revelation 11:1 – 3, 13:8, 12, 15).

Why So Bad?

So, why will the last days of man be the worst time humanity will ever experience (Matthew 24:21)? One possible reason could be that it will force ALL humans to choose one of just two options: both of which the Bible claims will bring some kind of pain and suffering. Nobody will be allowed to go undecided for long!

If people choose to worship and obey the “Beast” during these last days, will postpone the devil’s wrath and those people will be allowed to live a little longer on this earth. But, that choice will come at a terrible expense: they will experience horrific punishment from God. (Revelation 14:9 – 10).

The other option of course is to obey our Eternal Father and these people will be spared His wrath (Revelation 9:4, 18:4). However, these people spared by God will be considered enemies of the world and they will be hunted down and eventually martyred. (Starting to sound familiar?) (Revelation 6:11, 7:14, 13:7 – 10, 15).

The Beginning of the Great Tribulation

This is when Satan will then launch his second but his last offensive in heaven where he hopes that he can take control of the universe instead of God. But, his evil army will be defeated by righteous angels. According to Revelation 12: 7-10, they will be thrown back down to earth and banned forever from heaven. It is this complete and final rejection by God that will cause the full force of Satan’s wrath on earth for a short time period, 1,260 days according to the Bible.

During that time there will be a strange paradox that will exist during the time Satan is visible on earth. On one hand, the Christians will be severely persecuted and killed in huge numbers (This is already happening in other parts of the world), and others will be forced to serve the devils agenda. This will be the greatest trial and temptation that the world has or will ever see (Matthew 24:21).

Then there will be those people who will grow very prosperous. In fact, there will be many businesses that will become incredibly wealthy via the “new one world system” (which is what the World Economic Forum has been working on for several decades now). However, these same people will be destroyed in the end. (Revelation 18: 9-19)

The Unveiling of Satan

The “Beast” and the False Prophet both will start their work of deceiving man and ruling over the earth under the direct inspiration of the devil himself (Revelation 13: 3-15). And then there are God’s Two Witnesses, (the reason for two witnesses is that God has said that there must be the testimony of at least two witnesses in order to condemn someone to death and the primary reason for these two witnesses is to be witness against the Beast and the False Prophet, who will in the end receive the “death penalty” from God for their grievous sins against God) (Revelation 19:20) These two witnesses ministry will be preaching, maintaining and holding up the truth of God to the world. They’ll give warnings against those who aren’t following God. They will also call for humanity to repent of their sins and glorify God.

A Place of Protection

For some Christians, sadly not all, will be miraculously taken by God and put in a place of safety or protection (this is NOT a rapture) during the great tribulation (Revelation 12:6, 14, 13:5). These Christians will then be totally protected from the horrors that will be unleashed by Satan’s one world government (Again refer to the World Economic Forum). Those who are protected during this time will be kept physically alive until they are transformed into immortal spirit beings during Jesus’ second coming (1 Thessalonians 4: 16-17; 1 Corinthians 15: 51-53).

“Mark of the Beast”

Even if you’ve never picked up the Bible before, no doubt you’ve heard of the “mark of the beast”. It’s predicted that not long after the Beast and False Prophet take control over the world through their one world government they will demand that ALL humans receive a “mark”. If you look closely at what’s happening all over the world with the way many countries, including our own, are pushing the two main vaccines, including possible forced vaccine passports, one might think that we’re already headed toward being marked by the Beast. The near fanaticism that the far left radicals seem to have about trying to shame us into getting vaccinated, does leave you wondering what’s really behind it?

This “mark” will symbolize a person’s willingness to worship the Beast and obey the new one world system. Anyone who refuses to accept this “mark” will not only be forbidden from buying or selling anything in order to survive, they will also be hunted down for their disobedience and eventually killed (Revelation 13: 14-17). This might sound a tad far fetched to some people, but just stop a moment and see what’s happening right now with regard to the vaccine.

There Will Be Martyrs

In spite of what a lot of religious organizations might teach, not ALL Christians are going to be whisked away in some sort of “secret rapture” to be totally protected from the wrath of the devil.

The Bible is very clear that not only will the true believers exist during the last days, many of them will bravely resist to carry the “mark of the Beast”. This will immediately make them targets, we already are seeing how the far left radicals are trying to do everything they can to target those who refuse to be vaccinated! According to the Bible, once they’ve become targets of persecution  it will then lead to their martyrdom (Matthew 24:9, Revelation 6:11, 12:11, 17, 13:7, 14:12 – 13).

Like I stated earlier, I’m not saying this to sound like a person out on the streets crying out “The end is coming! The end is coming!” however, with the current atmosphere that we find ourselves in, we might want to stop and think about what we see happening to this country as well as the rest of the world. Something is very, very wrong and dark is happening, and we need to be prepared for the worst.


“Silence in the face of evil IS evil. Not to speak IS to speak, and not standing IS standing, and God will NOT hold us blameless!”