The Abuse of the American People

I think that it’s time that we take a serious look at the abuse that has been inflicted upon the American people. Now, not everyone succumbed to the overall abuse, but pretty close to half the people of this country have actually shown signs of what psychologists call “Stockholm Syndrome”.

For example, to this very day many people can still be found wearing masks and are still willingly standing in line to get the jab and it’s poisonous boosters, even after hearing the truth that the jab does not work and the boosters seem to not only be ineffective but appears to be killing people not just in this country but all over the world. Even some countries have even banned the jab because of the vaccine injuries that are popping up everywhere.

Yet you still see people in this country standing by this lie and all the other lies that have come from the overall COVID disaster! How is it, that so many people don’t realize that they’ve been abused and are continuing to be abused by their own government?

Over the past three years, the entire country has been held hostage (except for a very few select places) through the fear mongering mandates put on the people of this country over a virus that has not been any more dangerous than the common cold or the flu for 95% of people! Yet people have been forced into believing just the opposite.

People of this country have been threatened with job loss, publicly humiliation, personal attacks, threats of “cancellation”, accused of being anti-vaxers who are killing people and so much more. This in itself is scandalous for a government to treat their own people in such a manner. But our government has been doing this for three long years now and half the nation has just sat back and taken the abuse without even trying to fight back against the abuse. This is why I believe that these Americans are suffering from something very close to “Stockholm Syndrome”.

What is Stockholm Syndrome?

Simply put, it is a psychological response to being held captive. People with Stockholm syndrome form a psychological connection with their captors and begin sympathizing with them.

In addition to the original kidnapper-hostage situation, Stockholm syndrome now includes other types of trauma in which there’s a bond between the abuser and the person being abused. Many find themselves suffering from: trauma bonding (definition), learned helplessness (definition), and battered person’s syndrome definition).

It’s stunning to think that nearly half if not half of the people in this country is suffering from some form of damaging psychological abuse that has been placed upon them by a government that we are suppose to trust. But you don’t have to look much further from maybe even a neighbor to see what they have done to so many people in this country. Just by looking at the three most common signs of Stockholm Syndrome should make anyone who is not affected shudder:

  • Positive feelings for their captors or abusers
  • Sympathy for their captors or abusers beliefs and behaviors
  • Negative feelings against police or other forms of authority that they once respected

Other symptoms include:

  • Feeling distrustful, irritated, jittery or anxious.
  • Can’t relax or enjoy things that you previously enjoyed.
  • Trouble concentrating.

What Causes Stockholm Syndrome?

No one really knows exactly how this happens, many believe that it does have something to do with mind control of the victim by the abuser.

One theory is that this is a learned technique passed down from our ancestors. In the early civilization, there was always a risk of being captured or killed by another social group. Bonding with captors increased the chance of survival. Some evolutionary psychiatrists believe this ancestral technique is a natural human trait.

Another theory is that a captive or abuse situation is highly emotionally charged. People adjust their feelings and start having compassion for their abuser when they’re shown some kindness over time. Also, by working with and not fighting against an abuser, victims may secure their safety. When not harmed by their abuser, a victim may feel grateful and even view their abuser as humane.

This is quite similar to how so many Americans after three years of the COVID abuse tend to be behaving. The saddest part of all of this is that those who are suffering from this type of abuse most of the time don’t even realize that they are suffering from it. It’s something that is difficult to pin point and even more difficult  to convince them that what they are suffering from is abuse and they’ve been lied to about everything for years. If you try to help many of those suffering from this type of abuse they will resent you when you present them with the truth. This is quite apparent right now in our country. Just look at the resentment and hatred those of us receive from the part of the country that has fallen under this “mind control” whenever we try to present them with the real facts.

On top of the authoritarian abuse the people of this country has been exposed to for the past three years, the people have also been exposed to non-stop propaganda from “legacy” media, social media, big pharma, and the government itself which compounds the already destructive nature of the COVID lies that has taken a grip of so many Americans. The propaganda only serves to solidify the initial “mind control” or “brainwashing” that nearly half this country seems to be under right now.

Under “normal” circumstances one might seek out counseling to help them get out from under the spell of this syndrome, however, with so much of the medial field also compromised and tend to be on the side of the government is going to make it extremely difficult for recovery. And that’s the whole idea of why our government has used such tactics!

A government that does this to their own people, is a government that has no respect for it’s people. It’s a government that only cares about their own power and they will stop at nothing until they can force everyone to submit or silence those who refuse. That is where we find ourselves right now. We are becoming no different than governments such as China, Russia, Cuba, and other dictatorships while they hide behind the word democracy and behind the Constitution in which they no longer honor or believe in.

Even if we are able to expel those in this government responsible for this cruelty and abuse how are the victims going to react and cope with the harsh reality that they’ve been held hostage all these years?

All we can do is pray that the damage can be reversed in time so that those who have been held captive under the thumb of a fascist government will be able to regain their freedom.



The Lies, Nothing But the Lies, So Help Me Satan

“The truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God.” That’s what most of us are use to when we envision someone placing their hand on the Bible and promising to tell the truth. However, that’s just not the case today, not anywhere close to that today, especially when it comes to the Fascist government of which we now find ourselves under the rule of. Today as we listen to most of them that sadly were all put in office by the blind public, we are guaranteed the term is more like “The lies, nothing but the lies, so help me Satan.” Because everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that comes out of this White House are lies, plain and simple. J6 and the kangaroo court style J6 committee is just one fine example of what I mean here.

Before I go any further, in no way, do I or have I ever supported what happened on January 6th, 2021. It was wrong and it was stupid. The moment it began, I immediately said “Don’t do it, don’t follow those people in, it’s a set up!” “Those people” I’m referring to are what they’ve called the “front line” of the crowd that stormed the building and caused most of the damage. And “those people” the bulk of them, are NOT in jail, never have been, and probably never will be because more than likely, most of “those people” were and still are, part of the many, many lies that have been spoon fed to the American people for two years now! Three key people in fact were all once on the FBI’s Most Wanted list but no longer are: “The scaffolding guy”, “the bomber”, and of course Ray Epps! “The scaffolding guy” was well seen and heard, had an ear piece, a bull horn and a gun and stood on top of the building encouraging people to keep pushing forward, yet, he’s not spent one day in jail. The bomber, not one day in jail, and of course the mysterious Ray Epps who even told his own nephew that he planned the attack, has not spent one second behind bars and instead seems to be the darling of the left and he bold faced lied to Congress about all of his involvement when video evidence proves he had a huge hand in instigating all of it. Yet the J6 people want you to believe that grandpas and grandmas and people with obvious mental issues such as “Buffalo horn guy” were the main instigators of all it! “The lies, nothing but the lies….” is what the J6 committee, Dems, Rhinos, and most media would have you believe and even videos that show just the opposite are suppose to be lies and their lies are suppose to be truths!

We would not need people like Tucker Carlson in the first place if they were just transparent from the beginning. But they don’t want to be transparent because that shines far too much light on their constant lies. Because if we were to be really honest here in the first place, the left wanted January 6th to happen. It was their dream, by deliberately letting their guard down, they knew anything could go wrong and they prayed for that and got their wish, with quite a bit of help from those who were deliberately planted in the crowd to get them riled up!

One major lie to come out of this is that they were warned about possible trouble. They continue to claim they were never given intelligence that there could be unrest coming their way, but we all know now that this was a lie. On top of that lie, both Pelosi and the D.C. Chief of Police turned down the presidential offer of sending in the National Guard for added security. Why would anyone in their right mind, knowing there would be at least a million people in D.C. that day, turn down extra security? Unless of course, they wanted something bad to happen! Don’t be fools people, no matter how much they try to deny it and spin a different narrative, this IS what they wanted to happen so they could say “We told you so. We told you Trump supporters were dangerous terrorists!” Because, what have they been saying ever since?

Now, they want you to believe that Tucker Carlson is the one who is editing the 40,000 hours of CTV security tapes to spin a narrative that’s different from theirs. However, Carlson cleverly showed how it was the J6 group that did the editing including adding sound to security video that is soundless, to make it look overly dramatic for the viewing audience of the hearings. During the hearings they did nothing but try to turn the damn riot, and riot is what it was, not some damn insurrection, into some dramatic Hollywood production for effect! One prime example was to edit out ALL the Senators running out of the building and only showing Josh Hawley running out, trying to make him look like a coward, when in the end, he was the very last one seen running out of the building! If they are going to lie about something like that, whatever on earth would make you think they wouldn’t lie about ALL of it and everything else?! They lied about the buffalo horned shaman, they lied about Ray Epps, they lied about being warned ahead of time, again why would you ever think they wouldn’t lie about everything else? Even better yet, they continue to lie about Officer Sicknick who supposedly was beat to death during the riot, yet video shows him alive and well far after the time of his death, especially since he died the next day from what the coroner claims “natural causes” such as a stroke, yet here they are still claiming he died the day of the riot! And here they are calling Tucker Carlson the liar. They don’t want you to believe what you see with your very own eyes. It’s the classic case of the “Emperors New Clothes”!

They want you to believe that January 6th was worse than the Civil War, Pearl Harbor and 9/11 combined! They claim more damage and death was done than ever before. Well, J6 doesn’t even come close to the riot that happened in 2020 by BLM and ANTIFA when they tried to rush the White House, injured over 150 police, tried to burn down the church across the street, and the POTUS had to be rushed to a bunker to safety. Or the “mostly peaceful protests” that same summer that caused billions of dollars in damage, killed nearly 50 people, 12 of which were police, injured over 2,000 police, many severely, and very few if any were arrested and those who were, were bailed out by Kamala Harris! All of that was just perfectly fine, and why is that? Because they are all for BLM and ANTIFA terrorists, because those are their people and the left can do all sorts of damage and even take lives because it fits in with their agenda! But all of that made J6 look like a cake walk in the park. Yet you’re suppose to believe it’s the worst thing ever in American history! “The lies, and nothing but the lies, so help me Satan”.

Let’s take a closer look at some more of the actions and lies we’ve been force fed and ordered to believe as truth:

  • The four years of lying about Trump and Russian collusion
  • The call to congratulate Zelensky on becoming president of Ukraine calling it “quid pro quo”
  • Denying the people from knowing about Hunter’s laptops prior to the election and then claiming it was all Russian disinformation even when Hunter admitted they were his laptops
  • Lying about Kavanaugh claiming he was a “gang rapist”
  • Lack of alarm over the Bernie Sanders supporter trying to kill all the Republicans at a baseball practice which did nearly kill Scalise
  • They played down the attempted assassination of Justice Kavanaugh
  • The violent attack on the Supreme Court during the Kavanaugh hearings totally ignored by the left
  • The threats on justices lives after their decision to overturn Roe vs Wade totally ignored by the left
  • The leak about the Roe vs Wade decision, somehow they never found out who did it and the left just ignored it
  • Over and over they have claimed that our Southern border is closed, all the while nearly 5 million illegals have crossed the border illegally since Biden has been in office (these illegals come from at least 150 different countries while they claim they are only from South America and Mexico)
  • Bold face lied to the American people when they claim that CRT is not being taught in our schools
  • Lied about the amount of Americans and allies left behind in Afghanistan claiming that less than a 1,000 were left behind and that’s because they wanted to stay – yet another glorious lie because the number is closer to 20,000 Americans and allies were abandoned by the US government and none of them wanted to stay behind and the US military were ordered to weld the gates of the airport shut so that no one would get in during the withdrawal
  • Ignored and continue to ignore pro-choice activists bombing over 47 pregnancy centers during 2022 and not one person has been held responsible for these acts of violence-yet they continue to arrest innocent people like grandpas and grandmas for just being at the Capitol on J6 or for attending peaceful pro-life protests
  • They lie about colluding with social media asking that certain people and certain posts be removed from their platforms because it doesn’t fit their fascist narrative and continue to lie about this even though there are plenty of emails that prove this is exactly what they did and continue to do
  • Biden claims that he will not raise taxes on anyone who makes under $400,000 a year but his “Inflation Reduction Act” is a total scam that increases the tax burdens of Americans ten fold by putting billions of dollars of tax money, we don’t have into nothing but “new green deal” pet projects that have nothing at all to do with reducing inflation-even claimed that President Regan raised all taxes to 28%-lie, Regan got overall taxes lowered from 70% down to 28% (and he wanted it lower but Congress wouldn’t budge)-was largest tax cuts in history until Trump came along and lowered taxes even more-right now, the government has taken in more taxes during Biden’s term than any other administration in American history and they want even more
  • They lie when they say they aren’t coming after our gas stoves when in reality they have a plan to rid the country of 95% of them by the year 2030
  • They lie to you when they can’t define a woman and try to convince you that men can be women, have a period and bear children, must be allowed in women’s locker rooms, bathrooms, women’s sports and more telling you all along that this is perfectly normal when even they know this is a ridiculous lie
  • They lie when they call pumping innocent and confused children with puberty blockers and the removal of their sexual organs is perfectly normal and we’re to call it gender affirming care and lying to you about how there are more than two genders when we all know damn good and well this is a whopper of a lie
  • They lie when they claim that abortion is healthcare when we all know it’s murder
  • They lie when they call concerned parents domestic terrorists when they simply demand that they know what their children are being taught in school
  • They lied about masks working against COVID and when it was proven to be a lie they refused to admit their lie
  • They lied about the jab working and when they admitted it didn’t really stop anything they doubled down and still demanded we take something that now looks like it’s killing people and yet they are still pushing the people to take something that’s proving to be dangerous

I could go on and on with the lies because everything coming from these people are lies, EVERYTHING, yet here we are, putting up with it we couldn’t even get out there and vote for the right people to take back both the House and the Senate!

One of the biggest lies out there right now is on our side and that’s Senator Minority Leader McConnel! This man isn’t just in bed with the likes of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, he went as far as to actually sabotage many of the more hard core conservative Republicans who ran during the mid-terms by defunding them and even speaking ill of some of them.

As Chuck Schumer was out there demanding that the owner of Fox ban Tucker Carlson for his reveal of some of the security videos, McConnel had the perfect opportunity to shut that down by defending the freedom of the press and freedom of speech, but did he take that opportunity? Hell no, in fact he banded together with other rhino senators like Lindsay Graham, Mike Rounds, John Thune, and Kevin Cramer who all got together in a media campaign to try and destroy Carlson. In fact, McConnel led this group nearly repeating exactly the same sentiment as Schumer. Even if he didn’t agree with all Tucker may have said and done he still  could have said any number of things to serve the American people — and Republican voters — instead of serving Chuck Schumer and CNN.

He could have said he welcomed the transparency regarding the footage from Jan. 6, that Pelosi’s manipulation of that footage was sinfully wrong, and that it should not have taken two years to get this footage to the American people.

He could have said something in defense of the First Amendment-protected right of assembly and to petition government for a redress of grievances. He could have reminded Americans about how awful it is that left-wing rioters are routinely allowed to firebomb or otherwise desecrate Christian churches, pro-life pregnancy centers, the Mark O. Hatfield federal courthouse, police precincts, the Atlanta site of the cop-training facility, the Keystone pipeline, and downtown Seattle.

He could have talked about the importance of election integrity and security, noting that the 2020 election — and the radical changes to the laws and processes governing it in the months leading up to it — had been bad for the country. He could have mentioned how Big Media and Big Tech conspired to meddle in that election, and that messing with people’s elections is a major problem in this country and something about which Americans have every right to be upset.


He could have said Carlson’s journalism was a reminder that one can never trust narratives from corporate, left-wing media such as CNN. He could have listed the lies and deceptions put forth by that network, such as the recent news that they intentionally suppressed journalism about the Wuhan Institute of Virology because they thought it might help their political opponent Donald Trump. He could have mentioned their years-long Russia-collusion hoax. He could have mentioned their lies about Kavanaugh, in which they falsely and repeatedly portrayed him as a serial gang rapist.

But he didn’t do any of that, instead he did the bidding of the far left radicals and proved once again that we can’t even trust or believe those who claim to be on our side! McConnell copied the political framing and approach of Schumer, and ran off to a CNN reporter to supercharge the left’s latest bogus narrative.

One main sabotage event happened against sitting Senator Mike Lee of Utah was when Romney of Utah ran a shadow campaign against a sitting GOP senator, fellow Utah Sen. Mike Lee. After he led the Republicans in the Senate to a loss, he responded by helping Democrats pass their $1.7 trillion omnibus bill, cheerleading for Biden’s Ukraine war, and campaigning with Joe Biden.

Instead of punishing Romney for his act of sabotage against fellow Republicans, he punished the victim by removing him from a powerful committee. Other Republican senators have also been punished by the famously vindictive and petty McConnell for not supporting his re-election as Republican leader.

At what point do Republican senators grow a pair and say:  “Mitch, enough is enough. Whatever limited good you may have done in the past, you cannot be a leader in the party when you crap on, day after day, year after year,  the voters you purport to represent.”?

“The lies, nothing but the lies, so help me Satan!” When people, are you going to finally get fed up with this crap?! When are you going to finally stand up and say “No more!” Because we are the last line of defense in saving this country from the ruination that it is now facing? 2024 is our last chance to do something about it, so for the next year and eight months you better think long and hard about what you are going to do come November 2024!

Will it be more of “The lies, nothing but the lies, so help me Satan” or will it be “The truth, nothing but the truth, so help me God”? The fate of the nation will be in the palm of our hands come November 2024!

Have We Forgotten What a World War Would Be Like?

NOTE: This is long, but highly suggested that you read it with the situation we find ourselves in.

With everything that’s been happening the past few weeks, it makes one wonder whether or not those on the left understand just how close that the Biden administration is moving us to the possibility of WWIII. Look, I’m not trying to be an alarmist here, but with the way the leftists are acting you’d think that not only are they gleefully anticipating a WWIII, but they tend to have a lapse in memory on just what a world war looks like. They talk about it with such nonchalance as Joe Biden is out there pumping billions of our tax money into a war that should never have had anything to do with us in the first place. Biden is hell bent on protecting Ukraine’s borders all the while our Southern border has now seen at least seven million illegals invading our borders since he took office. Most of whom, they have no idea who they are, where they are from, nor where they are in our country right now. While at the same time he pushes us closer and closer to the front door of WWIII. And no one seems to be alarmed at all! How is that possible? And, if that pipeline explosion was done by us, there will be hell to be paid because that means that the US committed an act of war in any way you look at it. We better pray to God that Russia never finds out who was truly responsible for it!

That still brings me back to the fact that most of the media in this country is almost treating it like a joke, or are pushing for us to become fully engaged in a war that will devastate the entire world. But hell, that’s what the WEF (World Economic Forum is rooting for, so they can get rid of the amount of population they claim needs to be gotten rid of to so-call save the earth and so that they can then swoop in as the “knights in shining armor” to bring order to chaos and usher in their dream of a “New World Order”.

But before any of that would to happen, the people of this nation and the world seem to have forgotten exactly what another world war would bring to everyone. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a controlled nuclear strike war or an EMP strike, the devastation would be beyond belief, nuclear or EMP.

Let’s first take a refresher course on a nuclear attack:

Nuclear Attack – What Is It? (According to DHS)

Unlike a “dirty bomb” which disperses radioactive material using conventional
explosives,1 a nuclear attack is the use of a device that produces a nuclear explosion. A nuclear explosion is caused by an uncontrolled chain reaction that splits
atomic nuclei (fission) to produce an intense wave of heat, light, air pressure,
and radiation, followed by the production and release of radioactive particles.
For ground blasts, these radioactive particles are drawn up into a “mushroom
cloud” with dust and debris, producing fallout that can expose people at great
distances to radiation.

What Would Be the Impact of a Nuclear Attack? (According to DHS)

A nuclear attack could cause substantial fatalities, injuries, and infrastructure
damage from the heat and blast of the explosion, and significant radiological
consequences from both the initial nuclear radiation and the radioactive fallout
that settles after the initial event. An electromagnetic pulse from the explosion
could also disrupt telecommunications and power distribution. The energy
released by a nuclear explosion is distributed roughly as 50% shockwave; 35%
heat; 5% initial nuclear radiation; and 10% fallout radiation. This distribution
varies depending on the design of the weapon and the altitude of the explosion.

More Devastating Than Both Bombs in 1945

Understand, even if an attack is one that is a limited attack, those within a mile radius of the initial attack, would all die and would die in agony as the air is sucked from their lungs and they literally are burnt alive from the intense heat of the blast itself. However, how many of you truly believe that the lunatics that run this world would be able to contain themselves and keep the war a limited nuclear attack?

Within that same one mile radius, most buildings, especially residential buildings would be vaporized nearly instantly. Also, ALL wildlife within that small area would also be wiped off the face of the earth. What we need to understand, this one mile radius I’m mentioning here is a small nuke, like a one kiloton size. And most nukes today are far bigger, in fact they are bigger than the ones in Japan were, in 1945,  which were 15 kilotons for the one that hit Hiroshima and 22 kilotons that hit Nagasaki. Approximately 403,000 civilians were killed by these two bombs and over 43,000 soldiers. These were the near immediate deaths, no telling how many 100’s of 1,000’s more died in the days, weeks, months, and years that followed! Today, the average size nuke in the US is 455 kilotons and for Russia the average size nuke is 800 kilotons! Now, if just a one kiloton bomb can travel a one mile radius, this means that the US bomb would would have a radius of 455 miles and the Russian nuke would have an 800 mile radius! That would mean every building and every lifeform in those two radiuses would be decimated by one bomb! That means a completely armed 800 kiloton Russian nuke in a densely populated area could kill over 132 million people! Yet everyone on the left and quite a few of the so-called conservatives just shrug this kind of a threat off and continue to push Putin’s buttons! They would only need one bomb in a strategic location that would the end the United States of America immediately! Let’s put it this way, one 800 kiloton nuke could wipe out the entire Eastern seaboard. Let’s not forget the contaminated water, air, and food supply, anyone who was unlucky enough to survive, wouldn’t last for long because there would be no clean food, water or air within about a 1,000 miles. Yet, they just keep nonchalantly talking about war like it’s still conventional. On top of all of this, nukes also create their own EMP’s which in turn would knock out any power grid that the bomb itself didn’t already knock out. And these warmongers are more worried about the CO2 that cow farts produce!

The Nuclear Blast

Nuclear blasts are explosions that occur upon the detonation of atomic bombs—a nuclear reaction that results in a big burst of energy radiation.

There is also a thermal flash that lasts a few seconds; dangerous because it is much hotter than the sun’s core. This flash then creates a blast wave that expands into the surroundings and destroys objects in its path. The shock wave can last a few seconds to several minutes.

After the Nuclear Blast

After the nuclear explosion and its shock wave have passed, the second stage—referred to as a nuclear fallout—follows. This is when radioactive material is propelled into the upper atmosphere, mainly dust and ash from the explosion.

The nuclear fallout will depend upon the size of the bomb, but the fallout can last anywhere from three to five weeks. However, lingering fallout of radiation can last for decades!

Nuclear Cooling or Winter

The next to follow is the nuclear cooling or winter, this follows as a result of airborne smoke and soot clogging the upper atmosphere. This heavy cloud of nuclear waste will block sunlight, resulting in drastic global cooling much worse than the ice age. And yet, they’re more concerned with cow farts!

The Cold War

The cold war taught many of us that there was certainly clear and certain danger should the US find itself in the midst of a nuclear war. As children we were told over and over again what to do in the case of a nuclear attack. We were warned on TV, on the radio and had monthly drills in school. We may have never been fully prepared but we sure as hell were well aware of the dangers that it posed to the entire world. However, it seems today that the majority of the people in this country has had their focus taken off of the horrors of a war with nukes. This leaves most of us with a general lack of awareness of just how dangerous this could be for the future of all humankind!

Not only would millions upon millions of men, women, children, pets, wildlife, livestock, and plants be wiped off the face of the earth, the nuclear winter could last at least a decade by blocking out the sun totally. The consequences for survivors would be devastating: a decline in global temperature, followed by widespread crop failure, and then mass starvation. You want climate change all you Greta Thunbergs? Well, there you go WWIII would back you up there!

To show just how ignorant people are about nuclear war, when a large group in both the US and the UK were asked what they would want to see happen if Russia attacked Ukraine with a nuke, one out of five in both groups said they would support a nuclear retaliation! We seriously need to educate people and we need to stop the damn politicians from countries with nukes threatening to use nukes in military situations! This is not something to take lightly in any manner. Cause once it happens, there’s no putting the genie back in the damn bottle!

Estimated Overall Death Toll From a “Small” Nuke War

How anyone can call any nuclear war as “small”, I don’t know. But, it’s been estimated that if there was a war with 100 – 15 kiloton warheads, which equals just 0.01 % of the US and Russian weapons combined would result in over 400 million innocent people dying instantly and another eight billion dying of starvation after the fallout and nuclear winter! Yet, watch out for those cow farts!

Anyone who agrees with nuclear retaliation is ignorant beyond belief. Instead of the radicals out there screaming for the demise of natural gas, fossil fuels, and yes cow farts, they should be out in the public educating the people about the unimaginable consequences of a nuclear war. They need to stop wasting our tax money on “green” projects that won’t mean a damn if just one nuke is released! By the way, a nuclear winter would go something like the following:

  • Nuclear warheads striking cities would cause firestorms and send huge amounts of soot into the stratosphere.
  • That soot would block out much of the Sun for up to a decade.
  • Temperatures would drop around the world, leaving many places sub-zero.
  • Mass crop failure. International trade in food suspended.
  • Mass starvation of hundreds of millions of people in countries remote from the conflict.
  • Soil and water close to where nuclear weapons were used would be contaminated for years to come.

Even those people who may be lucky enough not to be within the bomb radius of instant destruction and death, you will still have a lot of suffering. Just one single nuclear explosion could cause over 10,000 severe burn cases requiring specialized medical treatment and with an all out war there would be millions upon millions suffering from severe burns. And just how prepared is the United States should this type of thing happen? Well, right now, there are only enough special burn units to only handle 2,000 such severe burn cases and most of them are only found in urban areas. This means that those suffering from these types of burns in more rural areas would eventually succumb to these burns because of the inability to receive proper care. The same goes for fractures, lacerations, missing limbs, crushed skulls, punctured lungs, and myriad other injuries suffered as a result of nuclear blast. Most of the hospitals also would lay in ruin after an attack and even the simplest cases that most people don’t die from, could end up in death.

In an all-out war, lethal fallout would cover much of the United States. Survivors could avoid fatal radiation exposure only when sheltered with adequate food, water, and medical supplies. Even then, millions would be exposed to radiation high enough to cause lowered disease resistance and greater incidence of subsequent fatal cancer. Lowered disease resistance could lead to death from everyday infections in a population deprived of adequate medical facilities. And the spread of diseases from contaminated water supplies, nonexistent sanitary facilities, lack of medicines, and the millions of dead could reach epidemic proportions.

Other Consequences

Attempts to contain damage to cities, suburbs, and industries would suffer analogously to the treatment of injured people. Firefighting equipment, water supplies, electric power, heavy equipment, fuel supplies, and emergency communications would be gone. Transportation into and out of stricken cities would be blocked by debris. The scarcity of radiation-monitoring equipment and of personnel trained to operate it would make it difficult to know where emergency crews could safely work. Most of all, there would be no healthy neighboring cities to call on for help; all would be crippled in an all-out war.

Could Anyone Survive in the US?

The only studies they have currently are the possible results of a one time hit say by a terrorist or rogue attack. But not much has been studied if it were an all out attack.

Individuals might survive for a while, but what about longer term, and what about society as a whole? Extreme and cooperative efforts would be needed for long-term survival, but would the shocked and weakened survivors be up to those efforts? How would individuals react to watching their loved ones die of radiation sickness or untreated injuries? Would an “everyone for themselves” attitude prevail, preventing the cooperation necessary to rebuild society? How would residents of undamaged rural areas react to the streams of urban refugees flooding their communities? What governmental structures could function in the postwar climate? How could people know what was happening throughout the country? Would international organizations be able to cope?

An all-out war would have destroyed much of the nation’s productive capacity and would have killed many of the experts who could help guide social and physical reconstruction. The war also would have destroyed stocks of food and other materials needed for survival.

On the other hand, the remaining supplies would have to support only the much smaller postwar population. The challenge to the survivors would be to establish production of food and other necessities before the supplies left from before the war were exhausted. Could the war-shocked survivors, their social and governmental structure shattered, meet that challenge? That is a very big nuclear question — so big that it’s best left unanswered, since only an all-out nuclear war could decide it definitively.

The Climate Effect

For a group of people who are hell bent on destroying our most reliable sources of energy, don’t seem to be phased at all at how the climate would be changed due to a nuclear war. A large-scale nuclear war would pump huge quantities of chemicals and dust into the upper atmosphere. Humanity was well into the nuclear age before scientists took a good look at the possible consequences of this. What they found was not reassuring.

The upper atmosphere includes a layer enhanced in ozone gas, an unusual form of oxygen that vigorously absorbs the Sun’s ultraviolet radiation. In the absence of this ozone layer, more ultraviolet radiation would reach Earth’s surface, with a variety of harmful effects. A nuclear war would produce huge quantities of ozone-consuming chemicals, and studies suggest that even a modest nuclear exchange would result in unprecedented increases in ultraviolet exposure. Marine life might be damaged by the increased ultraviolet radiation, and humans could receive blistering sunburns. More UV radiation would also lead to a greater incidence of fatal skin cancers and to general weakening of the human immune system.

Even more alarming is the fact that soot from the fires of burning cities after a nuclear exchange would be injected high into the atmosphere. A 1983 study by Richard Turco, Carl Sagan, and others (the so-called TTAPS paper) shocked the world with the suggestion that even a modest nuclear exchange — as few as 100 warheads — could trigger drastic global cooling as airborne soot blocked incoming sunlight. In its most extreme form, this nuclear winter hypothesis raised the possibility of extinction of the human species. (This is not the first dust-induced extinction pondered by science. Current thinking holds that the dinosaurs went extinct as a result of climate change brought about by atmospheric dust from an asteroid impact; indeed, that hypothesis helped prompt the nuclear winter research.)

Recent studies with modern climate models show that an all-out nuclear war between the United States and Russia, even with today’s reduced arsenals, could put over 150 million tons of smoke and soot into the upper atmosphere. That’s roughly the equivalent of all the garbage the U.S. produces in a year! The result would be a drop in global temperature of some 46.4°F (more than the difference between today’s temperature and the depths of the last ice age), and even after a decade the temperature would have recovered only 39.2°F. In the world’s “breadbasket” agricultural regions, the temperature could remain below freezing for a year or more, and precipitation would drop by 90 percent. The effect on the world’s food supply would be devastating.

How wonderful for the WEF and their elitist supporters, just what they’re looking for.

God help us all.





What Will It Take?

What will it take? I ask this question over and over again, what will it take before the people of this country finally realize that this government and all its entities don’t give a damn about the American people. Unless you absolutely toe the line and join the woke hive mind, you are worthless to them. But a word of warning: just because you might toe the line doesn’t mean that you’re protected from the nation ending policies being implemented by this tyrannical government, because even you are considered expendable.

So, let’s take a look at just some of the evidence that they have provided for us. All this evidence should open all eyes yet there are people out there who are either totally ignoring it or for some reason don’t seem to realize this is happening all around them:

  1. 5 MILLION illegals have been allowed to storm over the border since Biden took office. As if that’s not bad enough, those same 5 MILLION illegals are all eligible to receive $2,100 a month thanks to Congress in 2022. That’s right $2,100 a month for each one of them without even lifting a finger to earn it. Now, compare that with the average $1,400 that Americans get from Social Security after paying into it all their lives!
  2. FBI goes after parents for fighting against school boards for the sake of their kids. Goes after Christian pro-lifers and now have red flagged traditional Catholic conservatives, especially those who might speak out against Pope Francis, who in his own right is a true blue globalist!. While they ignore all of the attacks on Christian pro-life centers while at the same time turns their back on the crimes of Hunter and other members of the Biden Crime Family.
  3. Working with big tech and social media to shut down as many accounts as possible for as little as disagreeing with anything coming from the White House.
  4. Totally ignoring and refusing to accept at least part blame for the 100,000 plus Americans over dosing on fentanyl as it pours over our Southern border.
  5. The forcing of a worthless shot that they admit doesn’t work and then firing anyone who refused to take it.
  6. Forcing CRT and transgenderism on the country but especially on the children and demonizing anyone who dares calls out against this child abuse.
  7. Continued imprisonment of Jan. 6 protestors without charges or misdemeanor charges and continue to hunt down and harass those who were simply in D.C. on Jan. 6th.
  8. Encourages liberal run cities to enforce restorative justice which returns real criminals to the streets but campaign to limit our 2nd Amendment rights to eventually total destruction of our 2nd Amendment, while many who have defended their businesses or homes are thrown in jail while the criminals walk free!
  9. Continual lying and denying that inflation is out of control and the economy is tanking, instead they bold face lie telling us not to believe our own eyes and wallets.
  10. Continually pushing division by calling anyone who disagrees with the Biden Administration white supremacists, extremists, and/or terrorists.
  11. Think back about how poorly ALL who refused to wear masks or to take the jab were treated, like second hand citizens that didn’t deserve to be afforded the same rights as those who took the knee to the “almighty government”.
  12. Biden continues to deplete our oil reserves but not to help the people of this country out, instead, he is selling our reserves to other countries.
  13. Let’s not forget the summer of 2021 when the Biden Administration left at least 20,000 Americans and allies behind in Afghanistan.
  14. More recently, how many lies or different versions of the story of the Chinese spy balloon did they dish out to the American people, expecting you to believe each one, even though each story was a lie. In case you weren’t paying attention, it was 5 different stories they told about the same balloon.
  15. At the same time they have been trying to keep us distracted with the balloons, there’s the railroad derailment in Ohio that released tons of different hazardous chemicals into the air, soil, water and has already killed wildlife and domestic pets and lord knows what else is going to happen. The government and their media lap dogs are trying to avoid this story. While all this is going on, the state of Ohio has been told that they don’t qualify for help from FEMA or any other government aid. However, this same government has sent over $100 BILLION of our taxpayer money to Ukraine and send FEMA down to the Southern border to help the illegals. But Americans suffering get the middle finger from the Biden regime!

If you don’t know what a tyrannical government looks like, to me, that sounds like you’ve been sleepwalking the past three years. Because wake up America, we are living in the middle of a true tyrannically run country! Just the short list alone was more complaints than the colonists had against King George when they decided to throw their Boston Tea Party! So, again, I ask, what will it take? What more abuse as citizens of this country have to suffer before you wake up and admit that it has been our own decisions through the voting system that has brought us to this point. When are we going to realize that the only way we’re going to change things and give the country back to the American people is by making sure you vote for the right people and the right things!

We cannot not just lay the total blame on those in office after all, we as a whole put these people in office. If you are tired of being bombarded by all the immorality, woke crap, lies and everything else that comes with the evils of tyranny then as a country, we need to wake up and stop being afraid to say “No! No more!” Nothing is going to get better, nothing is going to change, if we don’t change our way of thinking, decision making, and our lack of courage, we will be telling our grandchildren “I remember when America was once free.”

Remember what seems like eons ago now – “America First”? Now it’s “America Last”. Be honest with yourself, was your life better under the policies of America First or America Last?