More TV Flashbacks -3

Week of 1/4/20:

Top 10 Decade Defining Shows of the 1960s

Top 10 Decade Defining Shows of the 1970s

Top 10 Decade Defining Shows of the 1980s

Week of Christmas, 2019 – Vintage TV Christmas Specials

Holiday Time at Disneyland (1962)

Christmas With the Martins & Sinatras (1960s)

The Andy Williams Christmas Show (1966)

Your Hit Parade Christmas Eve Special (1955)

(If anything you should get a laugh from the commercials at the beginning.)

Julie Andrews/John Denver – The Sound of Christmas (1971)


Week of November 23rd, 2019

Highway Patrol (1950s)

Sky King (1950s)

My Little Margie (1950s)

Our House (1960)

Petticoat Junction (1960s)

McHales’s Navy (1960s)

Movin’ On (1970s)

McCloud (1970s)

McMillian & Wife (1970s)

The Fall Guy (1980s)

Cagney & Lacy (1980s)

Hill Street Blues (1980s)

Week of November 2nd, 2019

Sherlock Holmes (1950’s)

The Time Tunnel (1966)

The Munsters (1965)

Iron Horse (1966)

The Bold Ones (1970s)

Police Story (1970s)

Space: 1999 (1970s)

Outlaws (1986)

LA Law (1986)

Higlander (1986)

Millennium (1996-1999)

Week of October 27th, 2019

The Johnny Cash Show (1969)

UFO (1969)

Sesame Street (1969)

The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams (1970s)

Lou Grant (1978)