Favorite Color – Red or Blue?

It’s just 10 days away from one of the most historical midterms in a very long time. November 8th, like I’ve said before, the entire world will be watching to see what we, as Americans, are really made of. It’s the day that those looking on will see what our favorite color might be, RED or Blue

So, what will you choose as your favorite color RED or Blue? Also you might want to consider these two words: FREEDOM and SLAVERY. When you vote on November 8th will you be choosing FREEDOM or SLAVERY? Because this is exactly what this election all boils down to.

It really should be a no brainer how to vote this time around, but, if you still find yourself on the fence and if you want more of this…

  • Higher gas prices
  • Higher food prices
  • Higher housing costs
  • Continued brainwashing of the children
  • Rise in crime
  • Full term abortions
  • Mutilation of children through “gender affirming care”
  • Constant attacks on your 1st & 2nd Amendment rights
  • Persecution of parents
  • Persecution of pro-lifers
  • Higher taxes
  • Threat of WWIII
  • Continued monetary aid (over $80 BILLION now) to Ukraine and their war
  • Exposing children to drag queen strip shows
  • Cancel culture
  • Extreme “wokeism”
  • Wide open borders (5.5 million entries since Biden took over and 900,000 known getaways)
  • Non-stop lying
  • Men being allowed in women’s restrooms and locker rooms
  • Men being allowed to participate in women’s sports
  • Continual lie men can be women or men can have babies
  • Continuing to push a shot that does not keep you from getting or spreading COVID-19

So if you want all of this to continue and more, then go ahead and choose BLUE as your favorite color. But before you do, don’t forget what they did to ALL Americans, using COVID-19 as the excuse:

  1. Shut down schools and kept them shut down in many areas for almost two years
  2. Shut down churches
  3. Shut down small businesses with over 20% never returning
  4. Forced mask wearing (knowing full well they don’t work)
  5. Forced many to get a useless jab to keep their jobs or if no shot, loss of job
  6. Bombarded you with fearporn
  7. Shut down your free speech if you questioned the jab
  8. Shut down your free speech if you dared to even ask questions about the 2020 election
  9. 13 soldier killed and left 20,000 Americans and allies behind in Afghanistan
  10. Didn’t allow you to be with dying loved ones
  11. No funerals or weddings were allowed
  12. Forced your children to be masked as young as 18 months old
  13. Demanded you denounce your “whiteness” or “white privilege

Another thing you might want to consider is whether you want FREEDOM or SLAVERY. If you want the freedom to live your life without the government controlling every aspect of your life then your your favorite color should be RED and your favorite word should be FREEDOM. However, if you want the government to control everything in your life, then your favorite color is BLUE and your favorite word is SLAVERY, because that’s what you will become, a slave to this government and nothing more. 

So what’s it going to be RED FREEDOM or BLUE SLAVERY?



The Fate of the Nation is Our Hands

In just two short weeks, the literal fate of this once great nation is in my hands, your hands, ALL of our hands. Scoff all you want that your vote doesn’t count, that is exactly what they want you to believe. Hell, Biden has already planted the seeds that if there’s a big red wave then the election wasn’t free and fair. In fact right after my last article where I predicted that if we took both the House and Senate back, they would blame everything bad that continues on the Republicans. Well, they’re already saying it and we haven’t even voted yet!

One thing you must remember, no matter what side of the aisle you might be on, they ARE lying to you! The government and every MSM outlet out there are lying to you. About EVERYTHING! One of the biggest and continuing lie is about energy and the gas prices. ALL lies. Putin is NOT the cause and the oil companies are NOT the cause, Biden and Biden alone from day one when he shut down pipelines, added more restrictive regulations for permits, shut down fracking, and coal mines caused it all! Taking us from energy independent to groveling at the feet of OPEC and the Saudi Prince. Do you blame them for basically telling Biden to go pound sand? I don’t. The US has under it’s feet more natural resources than OPEC, Saudi, Russia, and Venezuela combined.

And don’t believe them when they tell you they opened up our national oil reserves to help us, do you know that they sold a million barrels of that oil to China?! Check out these links if you don’t believe me:

Biden Sells Oil to China

Biden Sells Oil Reserves to China

Biden Sells 1 Million Barrels Oil to China

It’s time to stop buying into the bull crap that this government and their media lapdogs are feeding you. They don’t give a damn about you, no matter how you vote, if you vote for them you are just a pawn and a bigger joke to them than those of us who will NEVER vote for this destruction of America! In fact, those that go with the party line are laughed at behind closed doors, but those who stand up and say “No!” to them, well that’s a different story. They are terrified of us. Why do you think all these ridiculous FBI raids are going on all over the country? Why do you think that nothing came of the Durham investigation? Why do you think they house hundreds of innocent people in a D.C. jail and in an undisclosed jail somewhere in Virginia? Because they want to scare those who refuse to bend to their will, they want to bring us to our knees to submit to them. But, any of us with an ounce of brains and a little courage simply cannot allow this type of tyranny to continue in this country!

Why do you think none of the media except for Glenn Beck and Tucker Carlson have covered the protests raging all over the world right now? They don’t want us to see the truth that there are others just like us who are tired of being under the oppressive thumbs of progressive governments! It’s not just the big bad boogeyman known as the “MAGA Republicans” that’s screaming out for justice, no, it’s millions of people in France, England, Brussels, Germany, Denmark, and more that are taking to the streets, it’s not just us. But they want you to believe that though.

Just two weeks away, that’s all, two short weeks and you, we all have one last chance to start to turn things around. The question for all of us, no matter who we are, do we want to experience more of the same? Do you want to see this continue?

I only know my area but here are just a few comparisons from my state of Oregon:

  • Gas per gal in 2020 $1.87 – Today – $5.79
  • Gal of milk in 2020 $2.29 – Today – $3.69
  • 2lb tub marg in 2020 $1.99 Today – $4.99 to $9.99
  • 18 count eggs in 2020 $2.19 Today – $3.89
  • Store brand bread in 2020 $1.19 Today – $2.29
  • 3lbs hamb in 2020 $8.99 Today – $16.97
  • 1 lg  bag Lays in 2020 $3.69 Today – $6.49
  • 16 slices cheese in 2020 $2.19 Today – $4.49
  • Lg container ice cream in 2020 $2.50 Today – $5.69
  • Box of corn dogs in 2020 $6.99 Today – $14.99
  • Canned fruit in 2020 $.89 to $1.29 Today – $2.49 to $2.89
  • 1 can dog food in 2020 $1.00 on average Today – $2.89 on average
  • 1 lb bacon in 2020 $4.99 Today – $12.99
  • 5 lbs chicken in 2020 $6.45 Today – $12.90
  • 4 pk med size NY Steak in 2020 $12.00 Today $27.00
  • 4 pk med size petite sirloin steaks in 2020 $10.00 Today $30.00
  • Book of stamps in 2020 $8.00 Today $11.60

I’m sure in some areas it’s worse than here and in some areas not as bad. But the point is, it’s NOT the conservatives that have caused this and when it gets worse, don’t let them convince you that it’s the conservatives fault. This is their crime on this country and no one else!

There is something very important that you must understand when you vote in two weeks, even if there’s a huge red tidal wave and the Dems lose the House and the Senate, don’t expect miracles! No matter what the Republicans try to do, will be immediately shot down by Biden. They might get some great legislation passed in both the House and Senate but it’s final trip goes to the desk of the senile old man in the Oval Office. That’s as far as it will go, while he’ll be screaming at the TV screen telling all of us it’s all the Republicans fault because they’re not doing their jobs! Everything the conservatives do and send to him will be returned vetoed! So remember that when they try to tell you it’s all the Republicans fault.

However, there is some hope, there is a strong group of voices already in office that has plans to impeach Biden, and then Harris. It’s a long shot, but there are some loud voices that have the plans to try and see it through. There are some who are really calling for that on the Internet but they are also  calling to have the House vote Trump in as Speaker of the House so that if they impeached those two, Trump would step in as president. However, I disagree with that because what good would that do? He’d only have a short two years in office and what good would that do? That’s nonsense and we shouldn’t even consider it, it would cause more problems than problems being solved. I support Trump, but he would need more than just two years.

Something I think that’s really important to understand when you vote, more than likely you’ll have a number of measures to vote on, on top of politicians. I know, from experience how they word the for and against each measure can be extremely confusing and misleading. For example here in Oregon, we have a very dangerous measure – Measure 114 up for vote about guns, if you read the argument in favor it can be very misleading, sounds innocent, but it’s not, it not only would require everyone to have permits for owning guns, it would require the police to compile a list of all gun owners and then hand that list over to the FBI! It also puts restrictions on the size of magazine you can own. A lot of people will be fooled by this bill, so, what I’ve discovered is look down at the bottom of each measure and see who endorses your measures. When I saw that the Sheriff’s of Oregon were against Measure 114, I knew immediately something was wrong and I went to see who endorsed Measure 114 the two that really caught my eye were Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. Oh hell no I said to myself. Anything endorsed by either one of these radical groups cannot be trusted. So, my advice to you, always look at who has endorsed a measure in your state! (I would never have voted yes on Measure 114 anyway, I’m a gun owner and I know it’s just one step away from a gun grab here in Oregon, just used it as an example).

If you want some of the madness to go away, you really need to consider to vote conservative all the way down the ballot. I wouldn’t even trust those running as Independent right now, that’s often a ruse by the Democrat party, run one of their own as a moderate Independent and then once in, they vote ALL progressive. There is a good reason why Dem. Tulsi Gabbard publicly turned her back on the Democrat party, she even knows that this party is evil and has just gone too far. If she can change her tune and heart then there is no reason why we the people can’t do the same thing. These people need to realize that American people as a whole, no matter what our beliefs, stand together in unity against tyranny and what they are doing to this country and it’s people, is tyranny in it’s truest form! You have just two weeks to make up your mind and stand up and say “No more!”







Let Me Hear That Again….

Let me hear that one more time Biden, there is no inflation! Did I hear that over and over again from you and your administration correctly? There is no inflation, but then again, did you not just recently pass what you call the IRA? AKA the “Inflation Reduction Act” But wait, did you not just say over and over again to the people that there is no inflation? So, if there’s no inflation, explain to me and the rest of this country, just exactly why then you needed the IRA? That’s right, it’s because the IRA has nothing to do with reducing inflation, in fact, it does just the opposite, it spends billions upon billions of American taxpayers money on everything “green” and does nothing to fight inflation because most people with an ounce of brains understands that you don’t throw more money after the money you’ve already managed to spend that would be enough to create an entire new country while sending our country into a financial tailspin! And tell me just how that IRA of yours is going to benefit the millions of people suffering in Florida right now because of Hurricane Ian. And please, stop it, don’t blame this hurricane on “climate change”, it’s an act of nature and that’s a scientific fact, but that’s right, it’s not your science. But I digress.

The whole point of this post is to give you an example of what it’s like being on the opposite side of the fence than your administration is on along with the radicals that prop you up.

A Day in the Life…

Walk in our shoes for a few days:

Try waking up every single day hearing the media, “Democrat” politicians, “Blue Checkmarks”, military leaders, even the president himself calling those of us who:

  • believe in God
  • love of country
  • believe in both the Constitution and Bill of Rights
  • believe in equal justice for all no matter what side of the aisle they’re on
  • fly American flags in their front yards
  • raise an open hand to the heavens in worship of God, or one finger indicating “We’re #1”
  • believe the biology that men cannot have babies, men can’t be women and women can’t be men
  • believe that parents have the right to protect their children from being brainwashed to hate their country and their parents, from being oversexualized, from being offered “gender affirming care” without their parents permission
  • believe in protecting the life of the unborn
  • believe in securing our borders
  • and worst of all, just may have voted for Trump

Calling ALL of us:

  • Domestic terrorists
  • Threat to our democracy
  • White supremacists
  • Racists
  • Enemies of the State
  • Nazis
  • Fascists
  • Conservative extremists
  • Enemies of the “rule of law”
  • Enemies of the Constitution
  • Russian assets
  • Traitors
  • Vermin

A Day In The Life of a “Regular Joe”

Every single day, in my life alone, I hear it non-stop, that horrible list of dehumanizing insults coming from the media, politicians, social media, and the POTUS. Every single damn day.

I’ve been banned from Twitter for simply stating actual data, actual scientific facts. Just a few weeks ago, I received a lifetime ban from Facebook, when I resigned back up in the hope that I might find my grandson, but was permanently de-platformed without ever posting a single post they told me I had violated their terms of service. Explain that one.

At the same time I’m notified of a slight increase in my retirement, I then receive a notice that at the same time I would expect my retirement increase, we were going to get our second increase in our space rent for our mobile home, in one year, totally wiping out my increase, and ending up being equal to receiving less retirement each month. Yet Biden, you claim there is no inflation!

Let’s move to how much it just cost me to fill up my 13 gallon tank vehicle, drum roll please, $63.00, (and it wasn’t even on empty) when just two years ago, almost to the day, it had only cost me $24.00! Yet, Biden you tell me there’s no inflation!

Two years ago this past May, we took some of our savings to buy part of our dream for our 25th wedding anniversary, which was to be to travel across the country, to see things we’ve never seen before. Then, it would have cost $75.00 to fill up the RV fast forward to this past August when we had planned to take our dream trip would have cost us $192.00 to fill up that same tank! Yet, Biden you tell me there’s no inflation. Needless to say, the RV sat in storage all summer and instead of traveling cross country for our 25th wedding anniversary, we had lunch at Subway. Thank you Biden for that lack of inflation!

Today, I took the following small grocery list for my husband and I to Safeway:

  • 1lb coffee
  • 1 bag pretzels
  • 3 boxes of hot chocolate
  • 2 gallons of milk
  • 2 coffee creamer
  • 3 pkgs English muffins
  • 2 pkgs chicken thighs & legs (equaled 4 meals)
  • 1 pkg hamburger (equaled 2 meals)
  • Bananas

That was it, that was the big whopping list. Here’s the grand total: $72.83 (and we do not have sales tax!) 6 months to a year ago, that same $72 would have bought us at least a weeks worth of groceries! Yet, Biden you tell me there’s no inflation! 

When I got into the car and let it all sink in, you know the lack of inflation, I broke down into tears, in fact, I cried all the way home. But I really wasn’t crying for myself, I was crying for ALL Americans such as myself, but especially for those with families and I asked God “Dear God, how are the American people going to survive this? Because this is just the beginning (of no inflation)!” It was heartbreaking wondering how those with children were going to continue to put food on their tables, pay for their rent or mortgages, pay their car payments, car insurance, health insurance, put gas in their cars in order to get to work and God knows what else they have to pay for!

On top of being insulted, threatened, verbally and physically abused, if not killed by those that run this country or support those that do, the American people’s wallets look like they’re being ravaged by a vampire that’s not had a drop of blood in a 100 years! On top of that the American people are being expected to flip the bill for all the green climate insanity in that so-called IRA, pay for abortions they disagree with, and let’s not forget about who is paying for every single illegal immigrant that continues to flood over our Southern border with impunity. Who’s paying for their medical care, education, housing, food, phones, clothing, even travel expenses? It’s sure as hell isn’t the government, and God forbid, it’s sure not the elite rich in this country, we saw how that went in Martha’s Vineyard!

In case you didn’t know, all of those above mentioned expenses, add to your inflation that, yes, Biden tells us doesn’t exist!

The everyday American such as myself are being forced into living a life that is going to demand that we get use to having less and paying more for it while at the same time standing by and watching the politicians and the rich elite get richer and those flooding our borders are allowed to drain us of what resources we do have to sustain our own lives and help other Americans in need. It won’t be long before many of our own fellow Americans will be the ones standing in food lines begging for food and even sleeping on the already homeless filled streets.

If that’s the kind of America you want to live in, the perfect model of a “third world country” then vote Democrat. But if it’s not the kind of America you want, then take a stand and say “Hell no! Enough is enough!”

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke.





Save the Planet – Kill Yourself

NOTE: I realize this is another long one, but in order for it to make sense, it needs to be read to the very end.

Might sound like a joke, “Save the planet, kill yourself”, but it’s not. It’s what’s known as “anti-humanism” and sadly, that’s the world in which we live in. A place where a small percentage, generally about 18% to 20% of the people in this country alone, believe just that, the more people that are gotten rid of, the better off the world would be. The saddest part of this is that these are the people who are controlling our lives and the country right now. Frightening thought, isn’t it? It’s all around you, I don’t know how you can’t see it.

Let’s take a look at a few stories that more than likely you won’t hear much about in the mainstream media and if you do, their spin is like it doesn’t really matter. All of these stories all tie into the 20% anti-humanism agenda, aka Marxism to anyone who knows anything about Marxism and it’s history.

18 Year Old Cayler Ellingson – Hit and Killed by Man in SUV

Cayler Ellingson, was hit and killed by a man driving an SUV in North Dakota. That in itself is a horrible story. However, when you find out it wasn’t an accident, it gets even worse. Then, when you find out all of the details, it really gets bad.

This 18 year old kid had just finished participating in a planned “street dance” in his town, when he frantically called his mom and said, “Mom can you come and rescue me? I’m being chased by Shannon Brandt. Do you know him?” His mother replied; “Yeah I do. How do you know him?” Cayler answered; “He’s chasing me right now, with his car.”

When she finally reached her son, he was already dead.

Shannon Brandt had run over her son, intentionally killing him. What makes it even worse, this guy is the one who actually called 911 to report, the crash. He did this after he fled the scene. But hey, like some in the media exclaimed “But at least he called.” Here’s what he told 911; “I ran over him, because he was part of a Republican extremist group and we had a political argument, and he was calling people to come get me.” No you moron, he was calling his mom and telling his mom “Help me, mom. Help me!”

The judge in the case, believe it or not, asked him to only post a $50,000 bond (which only 10% of that is generally what is required). He claimed that he’s not a flight risk. Now read how this was reported on locally:

Interviewer: “New developments tonight in the death of a teenager at a Foster Street dance. According to court papers, it wasn’t an accident, but they say a politically motivated attack. The LEYD news reporter Matt Hanson broke the story for you online today. He joins us live tonight for why the driver confessed to police, Matt.”

Matt: “Yeah. Kirsten, according to court papers, moments before he was killed, 18 year old Cayler Ellingson called his mom to come and rescue him, because 41 year old Shannon Brandt was chasing him in the city of McHenry, where the street dance had just wrapped up. The papers don’t indicate how Cayler Ellingson was being chased, but by the time his mom could get there, her son was dead.”

Kirsten: “Well, I don’t understand the differences—”

Matt: “41 year old Shannon Brandt had a tough time understanding the charges against him. Vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of a deadly accident.”

Kirsten: “Well, he’s actually the one that called 911 to report the crash.”

Matt: “Police say it happened in this alley around 2:30 Sunday morning after the street dance. Court papers showed Brandt told the 911 dispatcher, that he just hit Cayler Ellingson, because the teen was part of a Republican extremist group, and was calling people to come get Brandt after a political argument. Ellingson’s mom told police, her son called her just before the crash, asking if she knew Brandt. And she said, she did. She does not believe her son knew Brandt.”

Kirsten: “Still trying to determine exactly what all transpired at the time of the crash and prior to that as well.

Matt: “Police say Brandt was drunk, when he hit and killed Ellingson with his SUV.”

Kirsten: “We don’t know of any witnesses. We still are making attempts to interview potential witnesses from the street dance. People that were present, prior to the crash.”

Kirsten: “A judge ordered Brandt held on $50,000 cash, which Brandt objected to saying he’s not a flight risk.”

Quote from Brandt himself to the judge: “It’s a job and a life and a house, and things I don’t exactly want to see go by the wayside. Family, that are very important to me.”

Oh, I see Brandt, I get it. You have a family that you care about. You have a job, and a life and you don’t want to see that go away. What about Cayler’s life? The worst thing about this guy and probably the most disturbing is that the police claim that he didn’t understand the charges. Excuse me? He was sober, when he was read his charges and he didn’t and still doesn’t understand why he can’t just go out and hit an 18 year old kid if he calls him a Republican extremist. Well, thank you very much, Joe Biden. Thank you! The blood of this child is on your hands Biden, as much as it is on Brandt’s!

After your threatening and dehumanizing speech earlier this month, Biden, do you think Brandt is the only one out there that thinks it’s perfectly alright to go out and kill conservatives/Republicans? And if an example is not made of this man, there will be more to come.

Art Festival Offers Race Based Admission Pricing

An art festival in Berlin, Germany, offered race based admission pricing. Now talk about extremists. We all know what comes out of Germany. According to an ad for the event, white Germans could attend this event for free, or without even a donation of their choice. However, Jews, and all other attendees had to pay equivalent to $80 a piece.

The Aryan feast was about imagining an all white world. It was a three hour event that was sponsored by the Berlin Gallery of Traditional Art and was promoted as a culinary event, celebrating white artists and writers through food.

At the tables, the event’s description stated that guests participate in an experience that weaves together food and art. Where experts work with white artists, to create a multi-course vegan traditional Aryan meal. While guests were eating, they were also regaled with the works of Wagner by the Munich Aryan Orchestra and Corral.

Anyone surprised that something like this might have happened in Germany? Hopefully, you also find it quite offensive, I know I really do. It’s offensive and quite frankly horrifying.

Why is it so horrifying? Well, for one, the Nazi thing, is real. But not in the manner you might think. So, let me tell you the REAL story. Because it is a real story and it did happen, but not in Germany.

The real story, which was an event at an art festival, but it was in Portland, Oregon. This art event offered a race based admission pricing. According to the actual ad for the event. Black people could attend this event absolutely free, or they could give a donation to their favorite charity. Everyone else were required to pay $80 per person. The black feast, black imaginerial, was a three hour long event that really was hosted just last Sunday. It was sponsored by the Portland Institute for Contrary Art and was promoted as a culinary event, celebrating black artists and writers through food. At each table, the event description stated that guests would participate in an experience that weaves together, food and art, where experts work with black artists to create a multi-course vegan gluten free meal, based off the artists work. While guests had their multi-course vegan meal, they were also regaled with interpretive dance.

So, anyone notice a problem here? I know I do.

Think about this; between the speech that Biden gave, with just blood red behind him, and the Marines standing behind him, he declared that there are undesirables in this country, not unlike Hitler and his Nazis. He basically expressed that there is a disease, a vermin in our society. Again not much different from what Hitler and his Nazis told the German people.

And, now as a result of that speech, we have our first case of violence, directly inspired from that same speech that produced a guy who doesn’t understand why he couldn’t just run somebody over, if he claims that they were an extremist Republican or conservative.

The seeds are being planted right now, right in front of our eyes. So, now that you’ve read those two stories, let me give you yet another story to think about and how it fits into all of this. It’s a story that indicates that we had better find our way back to God, our morals, and our principles fast, and I mean fast.

David Hogg Would Rather Have a Portuguese Water Dog & Golden Doodle Than Kids

Most of you surely remember the left wing activist and Harvard ‘prodigy” David Hogg. Well, he claims that he would rather have a Porsche, Portuguese Water dog and Golden Doodle than children, because, and I quote: “It’s better for the environment. I’m never planning on having kids.” Well, there’s something he and I can agree on. I totally agree with him. See, we can cross party lines, right? Can we agree on things? Well, like I said, I totally agree with David Hogg…that he and others like him should NEVER have children, again he states; “I would much rather own a Porsche, and have the water dog and Golden Doodle. Long term, it’s cheaper, better for the environment.”

“Kids are the new boats,” he said. “Yes, like kids are nice, but most people can’t afford them. So it’s nice to have friends with one, but not to have one yourself.”

Now folks, that is what’s known as anti-family and anti-human.

Just a week ago, did you know that Biden released another executive order on advancing biotechnology and biomanufacturing innovation for sustainable, safe, and secure American bio economy?

In this order, the Biden administration is calling for dramatically increasing the funding for biotech development, which includes gene editing! In his own words he claimed “This is for biotechnology and biomanufacturing to help us achieve our societal goals.” Hmm, really? Makes sense why they keep pushing booster after booster of that poison they tried to pawn off on us as a vaccine. Who has ever heard of a vaccine requiring 4, 5, or who knows, 6 boosters? Remember, originally, MRNA technology is related to gene manipulation.

By the way, might I ask, cause I may have missed the memo in the meeting, but, when the hell did we, as Americans decide our societal goals? And regarding those societal goals, what does bio engineering have to do with any of it?

So, according to Biden, to help us achieve “our societal goals”, the US needs to invest our tax money in foundational, scientific capabilities. We seem to need to develop genetic engineering technologies and techniques, to be able to write circuitry for sales, and predictably program biology, in the exact same way we might write software programs for computers. For some reason we need the power to unlock biological data, including through computing tools and AI (artificial intelligence).

Instead of using the societal goals of God, we must ensure the use of biotechnology, and biomanufacturing are both ethical and responsible, and are centered on a, get this, foundation of equity, not equality, but equity and the common public good. Remember, as I’ve said before, equity is the enemy of equality. They want to advance racial equity/equality and support the “underserved communities” through the federal government. They must also be consistent with the respect for human rights. Human rights, that’s why it was perfectly fine to force jabs on people with the threat of job loss if they refused.

Now, let’s go to yet another story, and trust me, all of these stories really do all link together. All of these stories are going to show you that you had better get together with a group of people that think just like you do, and start seriously talking about these things, and truly taking them quite seriously, and standing up as a force against them.

It’s vital to understand that you, we, cannot be silent anymore. This next story will show you exactly what’s being drawn up for society.

First, let’s just quickly recap the stories you just read:

Driver in North Dakota, a 41 year old driver deliberately ran over and murdered an 18 year old because of a political argument and he believed he was a Republican extremist. And because of that he had to run over him with his SUV.

The next story was the Portland art event that celebrated black culture and food. I really don’t have a huge problem with this, but, you who are not black would have been charged 80 bucks to get in, especially if you were white, and free if you were black. That I have a problem with and so should you. It’s racism at its finest.

Then there’s the story of Biden one week ago who started talking about how we’re to accomplish our societal goals, which I don’t know what they are, since that was never mentioned. He wants to be able to fund through an executive order, biotechnology. Really don’t have much against biotechnology if used morally. But if the government has a hand in doing this, it’s not going to be on the up and up because it’s going to be based on metrics that are equitable. Again, the enemy of equality is equity.

Now, the final story takes you back to 2017:

At the World Economic Forum, they were conducting an interview with Klaus Schwab (the head of the WEF), who was doing an interview with Sergey Bryn from Google. They were discussing transhumanism, and about forcing implants into the brains of humans, not asking for volunteers, no forcing the implants in order to keep track of every single thought. You must understand that transhumanism artificial intelligence, touches each and every single one of Google’s main projects that ranges from search to photos, to ads, Bryn said. Bryn said this “Transhumanism touches everything we do.” Then Klaus Schwab tells all in the audience, this; “Within ten years, everyone on earth will be wearing brain implants.” Excuse me?! Within ten years? That means just five years from now, in 2027! This means that this will allow the WEF and all of it’s associates/partners and if you would like to see who their associates/partners are Click Here. Anyway, this means that the WEF and partners, will be able to measure your brain waves. (Again, think about why the push for so many boosters for the jab. It’s found in the “jab”) 

Also, there’s a connection to 5G – Click Here.

Anyway, can you imagine by 2027, when we’re all just sitting here, according to the WEF, we will have an implant in our brains according to the WEF, we will have no choice. “You cannot stop it.” Klaus Schwab bragged during this interview!

So, can you imagine any technology that is more dangerous than an implant that lets the government or anyone for that matter, to know exactly what you’re feeling and thinking? I really can’t think of anything more dangerous!

So, let’s go one step back. Biden wants  genetic engineering and technologies to be able to write circuitry, to predictably program biology in the same way we write a software program for a computer. Got that?

This is about having the children the way they, the government and elites, want through “perfecting” the races. It’s about making sure that you weed out the wrong thoughts, and the wrong kind of people, plain and simple.

So, right now, it’s about someone intentionally running someone over and killing them because they disagree with you. And they think that’s perfectly okay. Folks, we are going to end up making the Nazis look like rookies if this keeps up and we don’t get off this road, and I mean right now, not a few years down the road, time has run out for kicking the can down the street!

Now is the time that we all stand together with Christ as our leader and through peace and love mixed with righteous outrage and vote, and get everyone you know to do the exact same thing.

In order for us, the people of this country and the country itself, there is no way we’ll survive if we have the typical off year election when only 50% of people turn out to vote! Conservatives and Independents must come in full force at 100% because if in November this doesn’t happen, we will not be able to withstand the fire that’s coming our way!