Quick Notes – Issue #53

Well, once again, the hits keep on a coming. There’s once again been so much going on during this week, this issue again is a doozy! Here’s some key headlines you may or may not have seen.

  1. Vikings Coach refused to get vaccinated and was fired by the owner. Also, it seems that some of the NFL players are now getting upset because the NFL is trying to force them to get vaccinated or be fined. (Oh, I see, you stay quiet or supported all the other wokeism that was emerging in the NFL but once it actually affects you personally, you speak out. Kiss my you know what because this is what happens when you give these Marxists an inch, they will take it the distance, not just a mile!)
  2. Jen Psaki refuses to answer reporters who dare to ask how many people have the China virus in the White House by responding this way: “Why do you need that information?” (Well maybe because you are the damn WH press secretary and work for us and owe us the information!)
  3. Fauci admits outwardly and defends funding labs like Wuhan and said that we’d be negligent if we didn’t fund labs like this and the kind of research they do. (This guy is just evil and should be booted out of the medical profession!)
  4. More wokeism from MLB. Now the Cleveland Indians will be called the Cleveland Guardians. (How the hell is “Indians” offensive? These people are beyond sick, they are beyond saving!)
  5. Hunter Biden’s first so-called art exhibit has had most of it’s marketing focused in Asia and China. (Anyone surprised at that? But nothing to see here they tell us.)
  6. Now those who want more transparency about the vaccine and refuse to get vaccinated are being called idiots. “They are idiots and should have no rights to choose and they need to be forced to do what they are told to do or else!” and “The time for volunteer vaccinations is over and time for mandates!” (Or else what? Really good way to convince people to buck up and get the jab!)
  7. Dems in Congress are now trying to pass a new bill that will give black people more aid than white people. Even if the white person is worse off financially, the blacks will receive more. (Can you say racism? I know I can.)
  8. Optimism in the U.S. just since this May has dropped a whopping 50% with ALL groups! And lowest of all time.  (Not surprising. Funny how when Trump was president it was just the exact opposite. Of course those causing this lack of optimism blame it on you know who!)
  9. The doctor who created the PCR test that they use to test for the virus admitted that the test cannot tell the difference between the virus and the flu because they are both Coronaviruses! This means that many of the positive test results could be the flu and that also explains why they claim that there has been a 98% drop in flu cases! Another lie because they’ve been calling many of the positive results COVID when they weren’t. (So, truth is, the PCR test is useless!)
  10. The Texas Dems who went to D.C. (and are still there), didn’t take enough supplies with them and they are now asking for care packages to be sent to them by Texas residents! (Talk about cajones! The gall of these radical left loons!)
  11. The retired general of the CCP army, who helped design and build the Chinese concentration camps, just bought a huge ranch in Texas. This ranch has it’s own air strip! (Now what could go wrong there?)
  12. The Beijing Biden DOJ has stopped all criminal investigations against the criminal known as Gov. Andrew Cuomo!! While they continue to go after grandmas and grandpas for just attending the January 6th rally! (Explain that one to all the families who lost their loved ones in his nursing home scandal!)
  13. Nancy Pelosi, aka “The Wicked Witch of the West”, is now trying to have anyone in Congress arrested for not wearing a mask and that includes even those who have been vaccinated! (Insanity! Either masks or vaccines don’t work or they do work. Which is it? Oh, wait, maybe it’s because neither work?!)
  14. The Beijing Biden administration’s goal now is to get the China virus down to zero. However, that’s NOT following the science because in reality, you can NEVER get rid of a virus totally, bacteria yes, viruses NO! The real science is that taking a virus down to zero has NEVER happened and it will NEVER happen! Yet they continue this fear mongering unceasingly with something that continues to show that it still has a 99% survival rate all the way through the age of 80 with younger groups just having slightly higher 99% survival rates! (This is yet even more proof that it’s NEVER been about our health and safety but about control and submission and they simply cannot and will not let go of that control and the desire to get every single one of us to submit to their will!)
  15. The CDC and the Beijing Biden administration are once again trying to force more mask mandates on all of us. Based on a faulty study of just 100 people, out of India that supposedly showed that the vaccines don’t seem to work well against the weaker Delta variant. However, this same study was 100% rejected during their own scientific peer review! So, the CDC took that peer review and removed the word “rejected” and replaced it with “revised”! (How the hell can we trust any agency in this country anymore?!)

What you read here, you don’t have to take my word for it, research the stuff yourself, it’s out there. You can even find many of the things I report on, on the governments own websites! Their control over us is NEVER going to end if enough people don’t say “No!” They will never stop because people who have Marxist/communist ideals are never happy and they will always want more.


“Silence in the face of evil IS evil. Not to speak IS to speak, and not standing IS standing, and God will NOT hold us blameless!”

Quick Notes – Issue #52

This issue of Quick Notes just couldn’t be all that quick this time around, I’m sure you’ve noticed that. But it was hard to make it so because of all the Marxism/communism that keeps surfacing in all of our institutions! It’s become more than irritating, it’s becoming downright frightening! It’s vital to the survival of this country that the people of this country stop listening to all the talking heads on most MSM outlets because they are only spewing out propaganda and it’s getting worse each day. We must be vigilant and make sure that we make the extra effort to do the research ourselves and be ready for the most important mid-term elections in American History!

Now to the headlines:

  1. Beijing Biden administration has been caught in yet another lie. They told we the people that the people that will be going door to door will only be handing out information on vaccines and not the shots themselves. LIE! A local reporter in a town in North Carolina and in other cities in the South discovered how much of a lie this was. So-called health department workers were not just handing out info, no, they were equipped with vaccines and literally were found coercing people with lies and fear to get people to take the shot right on their front porches. Some who had already had the virus were told that their bodies weren’t capable of producing enough anti-bodies against COVID so they still needed the shot. LIE!  (It’s stuff like this that makes me dig my heels in even deeper which led me to put this sign on my front door!
  2. The NFL is now doubling down on their “wokeism”. They will now have twice as many BLM banners and commercials than last year and they now will be playing the so-called “Black National Anthem” at ALL games! (#1 That’s the way to unite!, #2 Talk about instigating racism!, #3 NEVER getting me back as a fan!)
  3. The Beijing Biden administration has now arrested well over 500 people for Jan. 6th (the fake insurrection) and they refuse to charge them with any crimes yet most of them have been held in jail and most in solitary confinement. Most of the people they’ve gone after are just people who were at the rally on that day. On top of this, there are picture after picture of simple rally attendees posted on the FBI’s “Wanted Page”. Yet, there isn’t a single BLM or ANTIFA member listed there for the billions of dollars worth of damage done all over the  country last year along with nearly 50 people killed by these two groups. Not one person has been charged for all of that crime. NOT ONE! Republicans and many lawyers have demanded that the DOJ either charge these people or release them. (After all by law people are only supposed to be held no more than 48 hours without charges. We’re talking 6 to 7 months here.) DOJ basically told them to shove it. (This type of treatment of people is not supposed to happen in this country. But, as you can see, we are becoming less and less free with each passing day! There should be 1,000’s of people protesting in the streets of D.C. over this kind of treatment of Americans in their own country!)
  4. The Dow dropped 800 points in one day and what does the Beijing Biden administration blame it on? The “Delta” variant of the China virus, even though it’s 10 times weaker than the original. (Sure CCP (Criminal Career Politician) Joe, nothing to do with your lame ass policies like wide open borders, shutting down a pipeline, printing money that’s backed with nothing…should I go on?)
  5. Democrats want people to believe that a person who doesn’t get vaccinated is no different than a person who decides to drive their car when they are drunk. (Are you serious? And half of this brainwashed country is going to buy into that!)
  6. Democrats now want to make it a mandatory draft for ALL women beginning at age 18! (Well, should be no shocker there since they’ve nearly emasculated all of the men in this country, they need to have someone with cajones!)
  7. There now is concrete evidence that the FBI was involved in the attempted kidnapping of Governor Whitmer of Michigan. On top of the evidence, the defendants claim they were set up by FBI operatives and that they knew about the plan from beginning till end. These operatives even paid for these “would be” kidnappers lodging. There is also evidence, according to Congressman Devin Nunes, that the FBI knew all along that there was chatter about starting a riot on January 6th. This chatter was first picked up on December 14th, 2020! Nunes also says there is evidence that Pelosi, who is in charge of keeping the Capitol safe, was warned and refused the extra security she was offered. Nunes accuses them of knowing it was going to happen, did nothing to prevent it because this was what they wanted to happen so that they would have a weapon to hold against every single Trump voter and supporter in this country. (Jan. 6th is their fault, they let it happen and now they will never let it go, just like they will NEVER let the China virus go!)
  8. Amy Klobuchar and other Dems want to pass a law against “misinformation” that will give the government the power to claim whatever they want to claim misinformation and charge those who spread “misinformation” with a crime and be put in jail. (You can call this whatever you want, if it helps you sleep better at night, but the truth is this is communism plain and simple!)
  9. Every single thing that came out of Beijing Biden’s drooling mouth at that pathetic Town Hall was a lie. Here’s just a few of them: 1) Claims that all the money that his administration is throwing around the place is going to reduce inflation, reduce inflation, reduce inflation! (BS, BS, BS! It can and will only increase inflation you economically deficient fool) 2) He told the people that you won’t get the China virus if you get vaccinated. (Lie, lie, lie. That’s why most of the Texas Dems who went to D.C., all vaccinated, got the virus. Let’s not forget Pelosi’s own aide who was vaccinated just came down with it!) 3) Kids under 12 should wear masks. (All the REAL science has shown over and over again, kids are not susceptible to the damn virus and don’t need masks!) 4) Claims all masks work when even the CDC and “Almighty” Fauci have said in the past, in reports, on websites, that the only mask that truly works is the N95!) 5) Said that his party doesn’t want to defund the police, but it’s the Republicans that do. (Liar, liar, pants on fire! My God, how stupid does this man think we are after watching video, after video all last year and into this year every Democrat possible was out there calling for defunding the police, including himself and VP Horrible Harris! It’s ALL on video you fool!) 6) Claimed that the main cause for gun violence are gun shops! (NEWSFLASH CCP Joe, criminals DO NOT go to gun shops to buy their guns! They buy them on the black market or they steal them! This is why they’re called criminals!)  And the best one of all…7) He claims that crime all over the country has gone down since he’s been president! (So not true, not true, not true! All Democrat run cities especially, have seen crime rates rise anywhere from 333% (this one I know exactly because that’s Portland, OR) to 700%! Wake up America, this lying fool and his administration are the ones who are going to say what is and what isn’t misinformation!)
  10. Boris Johnson of England is now requiring that anyone who wants to go to a concert or other live venue event must have proof of vaccination to attend! After Eric Clapton heard this he announced that he reserved the right to cancel all of his future concerts if they were going to become venues of discrimination! (God bless Clapton! Now they want to cancel the great Clapton! Good luck with that you fools, especially since he’s already proven you can’t bully him by producing along with Van Morrison the song below! It’s a good song and it’s one we all should take quite seriously about all of this crap going on here and all over the world!)

This should be ALL free peoples protest anthem!


Quick Notes – Issue #51

Sad to say that the picture above says it like it is, it’s always bad news that comes from the Beijing Biden administration. It is what it is and here’s some headlines for this week to mull over.

  1. The U.S. media and the Beijing Biden government are now blaming the protests not just on the China virus but also on Trump now. How it’s Trump’s fault for them wanting freedom, who knows? (Stupid fools, the Cubans are NOT protesting against the China virus, they are sick and tired of being under the thumb of communist rule. Doing this shows that the U.S. government is just another commie government defending another commie government!)
  2. A doctor in Florida appears to have been the person who orchestrated the assassination of the president of Haiti. He claims he was an operative for the DEA, but of course they deny it. (So why did the DEA want to “debrief” the guy when he returned to the U.S. if they weren’t behind it?)
  3. Now the “woker jokers” want to start changing insect names that they deem have offensive names. For instance, they want to rename the “Gipsy Moth”. (Dumb, dumber, and dumbest! First off, it’s not even spelled the same as a “gypsy” and second who gives a damn what a bugs name is?!)
  4. VP “Horrible” Harris actually said one reason why voter ID is wrong is because the people in rural areas don’t have easy access to an OfficeMax or Kinkos to make copies of their ID to send in. (How dumb does she think people are? Harris here’s a newsflash for you, most people in rural areas do have cell phones with cameras to take pictures of their ID if needed! If not, there’s always the local library you fool. Contrary to what you believe, minorities and people in rural areas do not live in the “Dark Ages”! What an idiot and an insult to those of us who live in these areas!)
  5. A left wing doctor named NGuyen said the following about  those who claim they have the right to choose whether or not to be vaccinated: “Sure they can do what they want but we should make their lives as difficult as possible which should include forcing them to fill out weekly forms and get tested every two weeks. This way the more difficult we make it for them, they will realize it’s just easier to get the vaccine.” (Yep, that’s what we do in the so-called “land of the free”! No, that’s communism at it’s best!)
  6. It was just discovered that a school in Wisconsin has been providing third graders with explicit sexual content as health and sex education! (This is beyond corrupt or immoral, but downright deviant behavior!)
  7. The DNC is now working hands on with SMS providers in order for them to read our private text messages so that they can look for people who they think might be spreading “misinformation” about the vaccine and other issues. (Can you say “1984”?)
  8. Beijing Biden’s great new conservation plan is for the government to own 30% of all land by 2030 and at least 50% of all the land by 2050. The plan also includes a plan for the government to control all food production, housing, and health care. (This is full fledged communism folks and if you don’t believe that then you are either a commie yourself or you are lying to yourself! We are no longer looking down into the abyss of communism, we are now in the abyss looking back up at where we once were!)
  9. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue once the most popular issue each year has gone down the tubes. Why? Well, seem SI has now become “woke” and their issue includes men and “plus sized” women. (Sigh)
  10. For those who may still think BLM is a good thing, here’s a stat for you: Since their inception in 2012, they are responsible for more deaths, mostly minorities, than the KKK and white supremacists combined! (No lives matter to BLM because they are communists, PERIOD!)
  11. William McSwain a U.S. attorney that worked under Bill Barr claims that when he discovered there was voter fraud and took the evidence to Barr, Barr took the information and told McSwain not to tell anyone especially the media about his discovery and then he released him later. McSwain swears that the Democrats paid Barr off to cover for them, which as we can all see he did just that! (What an SOB and traitor this guy ended up being! You can bet whatever this evidence was, Barr destroyed it.)
  12. Investigative journalist Peter Schweizer actually has the Hunter Biden laptop and is halfway through the 30,000 emails and he has discovered that both Joe and Jill have been the recipients of a percentage of all the money that Hunter Biden’s dirty business dealings that he’s been raking in for years including his years as the VP. Emails show that the entire Biden family have been dealing with the “darkest” of people from mainly enemies of the U.S. Schweizer plans to release all the information he’s found to the public in January of 2022! In the meantime, he, his family, and those working for him on this project have been receiving threatening emails and phone calls including death threats! (This guy is courageous and true patriot.)
  13. Beijing Biden administration has admitted that they have been conspiring with major social media platforms to go after people whom they deem are spreading information and telling them who to shut down. (True censorship and they aren’t even trying to hide this truth.)
  14. BLM openly supports the Cuban communist government and not the people of Cuba who are protesting for their freedom. They have even blamed the troubles of the Cuban people on America and not the communist regime. (Anyone surprised?)
  15. New emojis are to be released next year. Bet you’re excited about that news especially since it’s going to be a category of pregnant men. That’s right pregnant men and with beards to boot. (This world has gone insane!)
  16. A recent Harris Poll, a liberal polling service, shows that only 7% of voters want to defund the police. In fact a large number of those polled want even more police present! (Even your own people want police you idiots!)
  17. Since Beijing Biden has been in office, inflation has increased by 5.9% in just six months! That’s the highest inflation rate since Obama back in 2008! (And, there’s no end in sight.)
  18. Beijing Biden’s FBI is now arresting harmless grandmothers and families with children for just being at the January 6th rally turned riot (NOT insurrection!) These people are being rounded up and thrown in jail without even any charges being given to them. All are joining those already there since the beginning who are being held in solitary confinement and no bail! (When the hell as Americans are we going to say “Enough is enough!” ? Someone who has influence needs to gather thousands of Americans to protest this outrageous treatment of American citizens!!!)

Quick Notes – Issue #50

Well, here’s the list of headlines for your hump day which should help push you over the edge.

  1. Photos and emails found on the now infamous Hunter laptop provides proof that as VP, Beijing Biden held business meetings in his VP residence with Hunter Biden’s business partners from Mexico, South America, and even the Ukraine. Biden can deny all he wants saying he never knew anything about his son’s business. There are “receipts” that show him in photos meeting with these people as well as emails back and forth about all of it. (But of course the left want you to think “Nothing to see here.”)
  2. “Are you concerned that someone you know is becoming an extremist?” That’s a Facebook popup showing up now on some accounts and it includes a link where people can actually get help and even turn people in. (Anyone say Hitler or the East German Stasi? I know I can.)
  3. The NEA (largest teachers union in the nation), is now forcing schools in all 50 states to teach CRT. This is even in the stats that have banned the teaching of CRT and the 1619 Project. Which means that they are even going to force teachers and states to break their own laws! (Marxism at its finest! Understand, that they are taking your tax money to brainwash the youth of America. Again, I remind you this is what China does, this is what Hitler and other leaders like him did!)
  4. Now the Beijing Biden administration is planning on targeting the unvaccinated by paying “thugs” to go door to door to the homes of those who have not been vaccinated yet to encourage them to get the jab. (You think they’re going to be encouraging or threatening? I say the latter.)
  5. The Delta variant of the China virus is now the left’s new fear factor. Even though this variant spreads faster, it is 10 times weaker than the original, however, they don’t want you to know that truth. Instead, they are pushing fear about it and lying to us as usual. They also don’t want you to know that the Johnson and Johnson vaccine works much better against this variant than the other vaccines they keep pushing on the American people! (They just cannot let go of this virus because if they do that means they lose their control!)
  6. Schools in Chicago are now being forced to make condom available to kids as young as in the 5th grade! (Don’t let me get started on this perversion!)
  7. President Trump is leading a class action lawsuit against Twitter, Facebook, Google, and their CEO’s for infringing upon the 1st Amendment! (Good for him!)
  8. Bumbling Beijing Biden can’t even answer a staged question at an ice cream parlor about the latest ransomware hack on one of our supply chain companies. Even those he had the answer written down for him that were in his suit coat pockets. Even though he knew the question was a set up, when asked he stood there for a good 10 seconds in silence before he uttered a sound and then remembered to grab the cue card from his pocket. And the answer ended up being that he didn’t know yet who was responsible for it! He needed a cue card for that answer?! (This so-called POTUS is beyond embarrassing!)
  9. CRT is now officially being pushed and taught in private Christian schools under the falsehood of “racial inequality education”. (Stop the BS, it is what it is CRT which is Marxism!)
  10. Democrats, actually Pelosi, have ordered to have two D.C. Police field offices set up in two states, California and Florida in order to help combat the “fake” domestic terror issues in this country. She is also doing this without the consent of Congress. (Anyone think it’s going to stop at just two states? Of course not. This is no different than the Stasi of East Germany or the SS of Nazi Germany, or the Secret Police of Russia. And if you think they’ll go after ALL domestic terror issues like BLM and ANTIFA, think again, they will only focus on conservatives, especially Trump supporters!)

Good grief our country is headed to the literal cliff and it won’t be long before we are falling straight into the abyss of complete Marxism! Never thought I’d be spending my retirement years witnessing this tragedy!


“Silence in the face of evil IS evil. Not to speak IS to speak, and not standing IS standing, and God will NOT hold us blameless!”