Why Are We Letting This Happen?!

I sit here wondering as I go over all the dismal headlines and all the disturbing changes that continue to happen at a fever pitch: why are we letting this happen?

Over the years conservatives have politely sat back and not wanting to be called intolerant, have allowed for such things as normalizing everything from  removing God from all public spaces to normalizing same sex marriages. Not only that we’ve quietly sat by while they pick away at, piece by piece our freedom of speech and all the other rights that have been given to us, not by lawmakers, but by God. For so many years, conservatives have always tried to fight the evil of this cultural Marxism that’s been spreading through our institutions for decades, with kindness, tolerance, or just ignoring it believing that it’s just some phase and it’ll just disappear. But, look what that has brought us to, just look at a few things happening:

The DOJ is refusing to open up any criminal investigations on all of the Democrat governors like Cuomo, Whitmer, and others, who all are responsible for 1,000’s, upon 1,000’s of nursing home deaths due to their demanding these hospitals that were not equipped to take care of those infected with the China virus. We all know what a disaster that turned out to be. All these years, we have sat back and just let the corruption grow.

This same DOJ who won’t charge REAL criminals for killing so many people, have over 500 people locked up in D.C. jails, many of which were just there at the Capitol and didn’t even damage a  thing. Yet the DOJ has come out and called every single one of these people traitors to this country. This is the only crime in the Constitution that comes with a death penalty. Seriously? Does this DOJ and this Marxist government truly believe that ALL these people are dangerous treasonous terrorists? Seems like it, since now the FBI is setting up a task force for people to turn in their own family and friends if they feel they’re becoming extremists. One example they sight of extremism is if someone speaks out against the government. Since when was that ever considered a federal crime to voice your opinion about the government? Well, according to the DOJ and the FBI it is now.

Back to the people in those D.C. jails. As far as I know, the law generally states that no police have the authority to hold anyone for more than 48 hours without charging them with a crime. If they don’t charge them by that time, they must be released. Well, nearly every single person being held in D.C. have yet to be charged with a crime and most don’t even have court dates set. How long have most of them been held? Well, not 48 hours, most have been held for 6 to 8 months without charges! Many of their lawyers have been shot down for trying to file suits against the department because many of their clients have been beat and tortured and most of them have been held in solitary for 23 hour a  day, every day since they’ve been there!

Where’s the outrage from the American people over their own citizens being treated worse than REAL terrorists in GITMO?! My question here is why aren’t there 1,000’s of people out there protesting outside of where these Americans, most of whom are only guilty of being Trump supporters,?! What the hell is wrong with most of you Americans today? Do you truly want to become a full fledged communist country? This is beyond disturbing that the American people are turning their backs on their own people.

I get so tired of people I see and talk to, who are far more able than myself to actually get out there and do something. (I’ll be honest, if I were 10 to 20 years younger, I’d physically be out there organizing peaceful resistance against ALL this tyranny) asking me the question: “Well, what can I do? I’m just one person.” That is a cowardly statement. My response is always this;  “Say NO! If enough people would stand together and just say “NO! Enough is enough!’ Say NO to cancel culture. Say NO to forcing your children to wear masks or for even any of us to continue wearing masks! Say NO to being forced or shamed into taking a vaccine, if you don’t want to, that’s your choice, not the governments! Say NO to the fake science that says gender doesn’t matter, that you can be any sex you want, damn people, biology is biology and biology does not lie! That’s what you do you say NO!” I’ve said it over and over again, “NO!” That’s why I’m no longer welcome on places like FB and Twitter, and I don’t care, my life has gone on better without these Marxists! You don’t need them America! I spoke the truth, posted only facts and was continually shut down, so I said “NO! Enough is enough!” It’s a simple, powerful, and effective two letter word “NO”. The more people who stand up and say “NO” the more power there is against this tyranny and now we’re facing medical tyranny and that’s the worst of all. Why? Because once they go with medical tyranny they never stop and they will force you to be subjected to whatever the hell injection or maybe even pill they want to force you to take! This is not some conspiracy, we’re already experiencing medical tyranny direct from the POTUS blaming everything on people who aren’t vaccinated.

Two more questions I think about often is: “Why are we continuing to allow them to do nothing but spread lies about people who are white and conservative? Why are we continuing to allow them to push propaganda that accuses ALL white conservatives of being domestic terrorists? You need to understand that not only does history repeat itself, but it’s happening again, right now, in this country. All the slander, all the evil propaganda they are pushing against white conservatives is absolutely the same thing that Hitler did to the Jews. There were six stages the Nazi’s took that led to the holocaust.

  1. Stage 1 – Jews were defined as “other” and not even considered as citizens. They defined them as inferior and not worthy and then put them in a “fixed category” based on racism. (Sound familiar?) Through laws of discrimination they then set people apart as Jew or not Jew. (Again sound familiar?) Finally in this stage they used a massive propaganda campaign through media portraying Jews as different, to be avoided because they were inferior and didn’t believe the same way as the government. (Really starting to sound familiar here?) As you can see, this government has already accomplished stage 1.
  2. Stage 2 – Is isolation. Once the individuals were labeled “Jews”, (“white supremist” or “domestic terrorist”?) they are then separated from mainstream society. (Sound familiar? If not, have you been living under a rock this past year?) So, how did they isolate the Jews? They were no longer allowed to attend German schools and universities. Were not allowed to attend any public events, attend movies, etc. Through social practices. Many Germans believed what they were being told and ended even lifelong friendships with Jews. Through the economy. They were no longer allowed to work in civil service jobs and their businesses were taken over by Germans. (They’ve pretty much got a handle on this one as well.)
  3. Stage 3 – Encouraging them to leave where they were living through pressure and shaming them. They also made sure that it was law for others to legally discriminate against and even harm them without fear of being charged with a crime. (Sounds similar to what we see going on here. Crimes against conservatives continue to go unpunished.) They also did it through immigration laws. (Sound familiar anyone?) And of course, through fear.  (They’ve pretty much accomplished this stage as well.)
  4. Stage 4 – Ghettoization was when they finally forced the Jews to live in ghettos together and totally separated from the rest of Germany.  Ghettos were cramped walled off areas where Jews were forced to live. They were over crowded and filthy places to live. (OK, so we don’t quite have that yet, but far too many Marxist politicians and MSM members have continued to call for “re-education” camps or de-programming detention centers) They seem to be working diligently on this stage.
  5. Stage 5 – Deportation to concentration/death camps. (Again, this fits right in with their calls for “re-education camps”.) These camps were not just set up at first for Jews but for anyone who basically didn’t toe the line of the party but then included as many Jews and Jew supporters as possible. This of course led to exterminating as many people as efficiently as possible. All of these camps were out of the site of main cities and view of society. (Sounds similar to how those 500 plus prisoners in D.C. are being treated. No one can see, no one is allowed to visit and examine the conditions in which they are being forced to live in! They’ve done it to 500 people, who’s to say they won’t do it to thousands, if not millions eventually?)
  6. Stage 6 – Mass murder. This is when the camps were used only for the purpose of killing people and nothing else. (Let’s pray they never reach stages 5 and 6)

Understand, it’s now a fact, that they are making it a federal hate crime if you dare to say anything against the master liar Fauci! That’s right, they will come after you now, if you say anything against this criminal, because that’s what he is, you will now be charged with a federal hate crime!

We are now living under a government that bases all they do on blatant lawlessness. Look what happened when the CDC  can now make laws? The rent moratorium pushed on landlords. The idiot we have as president admits to the public that this is probably unconstitutional but agreed with it and even after the Supreme Court deemed it unconstitutional, he went ahead and allowed them to create a law! So, the Constitution is dead and the Supreme Court is worthless! What’s left to protect the people from this tyrannical government?

Finally, let’s look at what the White House said about a national mandate on vaccine passports. They admit that they do not have the authority to put such a mandate of this magnitude on the country. So, what are they doing instead? Well, god love them, they’ve made “guidelines” that they are going to send out to businesses all over the country on how they can start the policing of proof of vaccinations for all indoor settings.

This is how a corrupt government gets around illegal federal mandates, they go in the back door and push their mandates behind the scenes and pressure/shame or even intimidate businesses into doing the dirty work for them!

So, again my question is this: Why the hell are Americans allowing this to continue? Understand, the silence is deafening and because of it, the communism isn’t coming, it’s already here. You really want communism? Because, again, it’s here and whoever remains silent  deserves what is coming next! Those who do have the courage to speak out against it, however, DO NOT deserve this corrupt and and quite frankly evil government!

Look, I would never call for violence, however, the time for niceness has long passed us by. We can no longer allow ourselves to continually try to fight this cancer with absolute kindness. It just doesn’t work, they see that as weakness and they have used it against for years. It’s time to say “NO! We’ve had enough!”

I’ll leave you with this statement:

“Tell the lie over and over again until the people finally believe it!” (Adolf Hitler)


“Silence in the face of evil IS evil. Not to speak IS to speak, and not standing IS standing, and God will NOT hold us blameless!”


“Patriotic Extremist” – The New Domestic Terrorist – YOU – Pt. 3

In this final part it’s important to note that recently it has been made known that the Democrat party is not the party who supports God. a prime example of that happened in May of this year when a Christian group had their 501-C3 status denied. The reason was because it’s Biblical values are and I quote “too Republican”. The group is called Christians Engaged and their mission is to educate and empower Christians to engage in our country’s civic process. Wow, that really sounds like a bunch of extremists. However, seems the IRS feels they are. The rejection letter from the IRS said they were disqualified from the 501 C3 exemption because and I quote: “…you educate Christians on what the Bible says in areas where they can be instrumental including the areas of sanctity of life, the definition of marriage, Biblical justice, freedom of speech, defense, and borders and immigration, US and Israel relations. The Bible teachings are typically affiliated with the Republican part and candidates. This disqualifies you.” That right there is all the proof you need that this government is anti-God, anti-sanctity of life, and anti-Bill of Rights, all found in that single letter. Good news however for this group, they took their case to the Court of Appeals and they were lucky enough to get a judge that ruled in their favor and the IRS had to back down and give them their 501 C3 status. If anyone thinks that those 300 plus judges that Trump appointed wasn’t important, this here is proof of just how important it was that he achieved that.

Before moving onto Pillar Four, there’s still much more you need to know about what this government and Congress have in store for us.

Right now, there are discussion in Congress to get rid of the private credit reporting companies. In fact, what they want to do is totally overhaul the credit rating and reporting system and put the government in charge. You read that right, give the government the power to rate your credit. What could possibly go wrong with that?

Right now there are bills being circulated around in the House that would create a public credit registry that would be run by the “Consumer Financial Protection Bureau” Again, what could go wrong here with another government agency “protecting” us? Even the credit reporting agencies we have now can’t even go without making horrible mistakes. For example, a man in California not long ago tried to buy a car but the dealer checked his credit and had to deny him. When he asked why, he was told that his name was on a terrorist watch list! After taking this credit reporting company to court, it was discovered that it was a matter of mistaken identity made by the company! So, if the government were to take over all credit reporting who is to say there wouldn’t be mistakes made by them? If that happened, who would you have to turn to? How can you fight the government when they make mistakes? They most often shrug their shoulders and move on. Then you have to stop and think of how big of a weapon this would be for the government, with the stroke of one key on a keyboard they could totally destroy your life deliberately. Don’t think they wouldn’t. It would be one of the easiest ways for them to attack all those they deem as “Patriotic extremists” or domestic terrorists!

Digital ID

Digital ID is the next step to complete their total power and control over everything we do. it’s already partly here now with all the online purchases we make, bill pay online, online banking and so on. But the government wants even more, they want a National Digital ID system put in place. You know one that will be safe and protect our personal identity. If you buy that line of BS then you are beyond saving!

In order to have this type of a system, you would need yet another “outside authority” to run it. And who might that “outside authority” e? Who is going to be the one to “authenticate” you? Who is going to store and protect all that data and all your personal information? Hmmm the government? Big Tech? Or how about a government/big tech hybrid? Can you trust that?

Want It or Not Don’t Matter

Whether you’re for digital ID or not, it doesn’t matter, that train has already left the station. Canada has already started implementing it and enter the United Nations and their global plan. The United Nations and the World Bank have already promised that every single person on this planet will be assigned a digital ID by the year 2030, whether you want it or not, you’re getting one! They also have the World Economic Forum backing them 100% on this one. This quote is directly from the World Economic Forum: “Digital ID will determine what opportunities people will have access to.” What opportunities they’ll have access to. Isn’t that interesting. This means that they will control what you can and can’t do online and anywhere in your life. If they deem you untrustworthy or even worse a terrorist, your digital ID will reflect this. This means if they wanted to, they could deny you access even to the basics such as food, shelter, and health care. Guess what? The Beijing Biden administration supports the entire idea!

Pillar Four – Confront long-term contributors to domestic terrorism.

We already know that this administration considers anyone who is super patriotic, supports the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, believes in true free speech, believes in the sanctity of life and the teachings of the Bible and of course Trump supporters are ALL domestic terrorists! This fourth pillar is all about finding and confronting anyone who has contributed in any way to such above mentioned ideology. Anyone who doesn’t say the right things, doesn’t contribute to the right organizations, who speaks out against the governments policies, will be on their radar.  So, this digital ID fits right in with this pillar and as convenient as it might see, they could use it against you and lock you out of everything if they label you an extremist, plain and simple.

So, here’s a warning to these Democrats: if you get all of these things pushed through, you better hope and pray you never ever lose another election. Because sadly, even on the conservative side there are those who only want power like you! And you better believe they will take ALL of this and turn it around and use every bit of it against all of you!

In Conclusion

In closing I’d like to leave you with this Ronald Reagan quote from when he was governor of California:

“Freedom is a fragile thing and it’s never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by way of inheritance, it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people and those in world history who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.”

We are standing at the edge now of freedom or no freedom.

P.S. You can read the full 62 page White House document by Clicking Here.



“Silence in the face of evil IS evil. Not to speak IS to speak, and not standing IS standing, and God will NOT hold us blameless!”

Quick Notes – Issue #53

Well, once again, the hits keep on a coming. There’s once again been so much going on during this week, this issue again is a doozy! Here’s some key headlines you may or may not have seen.

  1. Vikings Coach refused to get vaccinated and was fired by the owner. Also, it seems that some of the NFL players are now getting upset because the NFL is trying to force them to get vaccinated or be fined. (Oh, I see, you stay quiet or supported all the other wokeism that was emerging in the NFL but once it actually affects you personally, you speak out. Kiss my you know what because this is what happens when you give these Marxists an inch, they will take it the distance, not just a mile!)
  2. Jen Psaki refuses to answer reporters who dare to ask how many people have the China virus in the White House by responding this way: “Why do you need that information?” (Well maybe because you are the damn WH press secretary and work for us and owe us the information!)
  3. Fauci admits outwardly and defends funding labs like Wuhan and said that we’d be negligent if we didn’t fund labs like this and the kind of research they do. (This guy is just evil and should be booted out of the medical profession!)
  4. More wokeism from MLB. Now the Cleveland Indians will be called the Cleveland Guardians. (How the hell is “Indians” offensive? These people are beyond sick, they are beyond saving!)
  5. Hunter Biden’s first so-called art exhibit has had most of it’s marketing focused in Asia and China. (Anyone surprised at that? But nothing to see here they tell us.)
  6. Now those who want more transparency about the vaccine and refuse to get vaccinated are being called idiots. “They are idiots and should have no rights to choose and they need to be forced to do what they are told to do or else!” and “The time for volunteer vaccinations is over and time for mandates!” (Or else what? Really good way to convince people to buck up and get the jab!)
  7. Dems in Congress are now trying to pass a new bill that will give black people more aid than white people. Even if the white person is worse off financially, the blacks will receive more. (Can you say racism? I know I can.)
  8. Optimism in the U.S. just since this May has dropped a whopping 50% with ALL groups! And lowest of all time.  (Not surprising. Funny how when Trump was president it was just the exact opposite. Of course those causing this lack of optimism blame it on you know who!)
  9. The doctor who created the PCR test that they use to test for the virus admitted that the test cannot tell the difference between the virus and the flu because they are both Coronaviruses! This means that many of the positive test results could be the flu and that also explains why they claim that there has been a 98% drop in flu cases! Another lie because they’ve been calling many of the positive results COVID when they weren’t. (So, truth is, the PCR test is useless!)
  10. The Texas Dems who went to D.C. (and are still there), didn’t take enough supplies with them and they are now asking for care packages to be sent to them by Texas residents! (Talk about cajones! The gall of these radical left loons!)
  11. The retired general of the CCP army, who helped design and build the Chinese concentration camps, just bought a huge ranch in Texas. This ranch has it’s own air strip! (Now what could go wrong there?)
  12. The Beijing Biden DOJ has stopped all criminal investigations against the criminal known as Gov. Andrew Cuomo!! While they continue to go after grandmas and grandpas for just attending the January 6th rally! (Explain that one to all the families who lost their loved ones in his nursing home scandal!)
  13. Nancy Pelosi, aka “The Wicked Witch of the West”, is now trying to have anyone in Congress arrested for not wearing a mask and that includes even those who have been vaccinated! (Insanity! Either masks or vaccines don’t work or they do work. Which is it? Oh, wait, maybe it’s because neither work?!)
  14. The Beijing Biden administration’s goal now is to get the China virus down to zero. However, that’s NOT following the science because in reality, you can NEVER get rid of a virus totally, bacteria yes, viruses NO! The real science is that taking a virus down to zero has NEVER happened and it will NEVER happen! Yet they continue this fear mongering unceasingly with something that continues to show that it still has a 99% survival rate all the way through the age of 80 with younger groups just having slightly higher 99% survival rates! (This is yet even more proof that it’s NEVER been about our health and safety but about control and submission and they simply cannot and will not let go of that control and the desire to get every single one of us to submit to their will!)
  15. The CDC and the Beijing Biden administration are once again trying to force more mask mandates on all of us. Based on a faulty study of just 100 people, out of India that supposedly showed that the vaccines don’t seem to work well against the weaker Delta variant. However, this same study was 100% rejected during their own scientific peer review! So, the CDC took that peer review and removed the word “rejected” and replaced it with “revised”! (How the hell can we trust any agency in this country anymore?!)

What you read here, you don’t have to take my word for it, research the stuff yourself, it’s out there. You can even find many of the things I report on, on the governments own websites! Their control over us is NEVER going to end if enough people don’t say “No!” They will never stop because people who have Marxist/communist ideals are never happy and they will always want more.


“Silence in the face of evil IS evil. Not to speak IS to speak, and not standing IS standing, and God will NOT hold us blameless!”

How Did We Get Here?

How did we get here? That’s a fair question. How did we get to the point where nearly every single institution from sports to politics, entertainment to education, media to big tech, and science to even our sacred places of worship, have been infiltrated and poisoned by the Marxists and their Marxist ideology? Well, the simple answer is we the people have let it happen. Before you become outraged by that answer, we need to be honest with ourselves, I know I am. I’m as guilty as the next person of having the mindset of thinking “It could never happen here.” I’m talking about communism. Because of that unfortunate way of thinking, over the years, we’ve ignored the signs or we’ve just thought that certain things were just a passing phase or a fad. Now, you certainly can see how our previous mindset has helped us get to this point in time.


Communism first hit our shores in the 1930’s when Hitler was coming into power and was taking control. Those who were in the German Communist Party and part of Frankfort University or more commonly known as the “Frankfort School” escaped from Germany and found refuge in our country. These were considered top scholars and philosophers of their day and were welcomed and received positions at Columbia University in New York City. This was the very first step of implementing Marxist/communist ideology by introducing Critical Theory which was based on the ideology of Karl Marx. No one even noticed as Critical Theory was being introduced in higher education. These German communists left an everlasting footprint on U.S. academia. This radical group of scholars and philosophers called themselves “the new left”.

1950’s – 1960’s

As we struggled through the 50’s and 60’s working hard to try and change things through peaceful means such as the ideology of Martin Luther King Jr and the Civil Rights Movement and trying to honestly make amends for past treatment of the black community, the “new left” was working quietly on how they were going to “fundamentally transform” America. After infiltrating academia heavily in the 60’s and 70’s, they realized that turning the U.S. communist was going to take far far longer than it did in “3rd world” countries. This is because it was far easier in countries where the poor were easy to fool with their promises of destroying those the poor felt were mistreating them and then once in control never kept their promises and made their lives even worse by enslaving them to communist rule. However, they realized and still do to this day, that this manner of taking control was and is impossible in the U.S. This is because even our poorest have far better standard of living than those who live in “3rd world” countries.


Patience became the “new lefts” number one asset. Their belief system did raise it’s ugly head in the 70’s through the Weather Underground and Black Panthers joining forces and were responsible for numerous bombings all through the 70’s. (Sound kind of familiar? ANTIFA combining with BLM recently? Note of interest: ANTIFA models its ideology after the original German Communist Party and BLM is closely related to the original Black Panthers.)

By the late 70’s and early 80’s nearly all places of higher learning, except for Christian based, were fully corrupted by Critical Theory and were now full on indoctrination centers. In the meantime, we the people were totally in the dark as we were recovering and/or experiencing such  things as Viet Nam, the Nixon scandal, and fanatical environmentalists (part of the “new left” who were out there screaming the end was coming even predicting ice caps would all be gone in 30 to 40 years while others were spiking trees that were maiming and killing innocent lumberjacks when they were tree harvesting.) During all of this, we still closed our eyes to the fact it was possible to lose our country to communism.


As we walked blindly through life the “new left” was again covertly working behind the scenes and in the late 80’s we began to see the rise of the “PC Culture”. It was subtle at first and began through the entertainment world. You see, the “new left” knew how to get through to us without us even realizing it. Most of us laughed and made fun of political correctness and again thought it was just a fad or passing phase. However, fast forward to now, you can see how far PC has gone, it’s turned into the monster/cancer we now know as “Wokeism”!

End of 20th Century – Present

As we moved through the end of the 20th century into the 21st century, this “new left” realized the only way to fundamentally transform this country was to now get those whom were indoctrinated over the years into public office as well as using racism as a weapon to divide and weaken our country. Enter their #1 public figure…Barrack Obama. By the way, one of his biggest supporters when he decided to run for president was the leader of the old Weather Underground, Bill Ayers. Ayers even hosted Obamas presidential announcement party in his private mansion. Remember it was Obama who came out and announced that he would “fundamentally transform America”! He then went on to  start the racial divide that we are now neck deep in. (Side note here, Bill Ayers by the way is known to be one of the major players who manages all BLM funds.) It was during Obamas second term that BLM formed and Obama openly supported these people knowing full well that they not only hated the police but were trained Marxists. And America voted this man into office twice!

It was during Obama’s presidency that the “new left” put its stranglehold on this country and had/has basically infected nearly every U.S. institution! In fact, CRT was already being pushed in lower education institutions in Democrat run areas and we didn’t even notice because we still were clinging onto the false belief that it could never happen to our country!

The Curtain Was Pulled Away

it wasn’t until President Donald J. Trump came onto the scene and opened our eyes exposing the “new left” for who they really are! Trump had the courage to point it out, to pull away the curtain, which exposed their ugly truth and corruption. This is the “REAL” reason why they hated him and always will. Because he woke up half of America to this horrific truth. Had he not won in 2016, we’d already be a full on communist country. Why do you think they are now working at warp speed to get in as many of their Marxist plans as possible before the next election? First off, they know they can no longer use the China virus as an excuse for bending/breaking long standing voting laws, they know that too many states are now onto that scam. Second, they are truly afraid they will lose both the House and the Senate in 2022. This is why they are so vehemently against common sense voter ID requirements. They know that they more than likely won’t be able to bend voter rules next time around. So, they working at a fevers pitch to destroy this country as much as they can before 2022.

So, it’s time to stop sleep walking and fooling ourselves into believing that “It could never happen here.” Because quiet frankly it’s happening out in the open now through CRT, the 1619 Project, cancel culture, and “wokeism”. Right now, their plan to “fundamentally transform America” is about 70% to 80% accomplished, even Obama said it about Beijing Biden “He’s finishing what I started.”

It’s NOT a fad or passing phase, it’s not going to go away on its own. So wake up America!


“Silence in the face of evil IS evil. Not to speak IS to speak, and not standing IS standing, and God will NOT hold us blameless!”