Quick Notes – Issue #50

Well, here’s the list of headlines for your hump day which should help push you over the edge.

  1. Photos and emails found on the now infamous Hunter laptop provides proof that as VP, Beijing Biden held business meetings in his VP residence with Hunter Biden’s business partners from Mexico, South America, and even the Ukraine. Biden can deny all he wants saying he never knew anything about his son’s business. There are “receipts” that show him in photos meeting with these people as well as emails back and forth about all of it. (But of course the left want you to think “Nothing to see here.”)
  2. “Are you concerned that someone you know is becoming an extremist?” That’s a Facebook popup showing up now on some accounts and it includes a link where people can actually get help and even turn people in. (Anyone say Hitler or the East German Stasi? I know I can.)
  3. The NEA (largest teachers union in the nation), is now forcing schools in all 50 states to teach CRT. This is even in the stats that have banned the teaching of CRT and the 1619 Project. Which means that they are even going to force teachers and states to break their own laws! (Marxism at its finest! Understand, that they are taking your tax money to brainwash the youth of America. Again, I remind you this is what China does, this is what Hitler and other leaders like him did!)
  4. Now the Beijing Biden administration is planning on targeting the unvaccinated by paying “thugs” to go door to door to the homes of those who have not been vaccinated yet to encourage them to get the jab. (You think they’re going to be encouraging or threatening? I say the latter.)
  5. The Delta variant of the China virus is now the left’s new fear factor. Even though this variant spreads faster, it is 10 times weaker than the original, however, they don’t want you to know that truth. Instead, they are pushing fear about it and lying to us as usual. They also don’t want you to know that the Johnson and Johnson vaccine works much better against this variant than the other vaccines they keep pushing on the American people! (They just cannot let go of this virus because if they do that means they lose their control!)
  6. Schools in Chicago are now being forced to make condom available to kids as young as in the 5th grade! (Don’t let me get started on this perversion!)
  7. President Trump is leading a class action lawsuit against Twitter, Facebook, Google, and their CEO’s for infringing upon the 1st Amendment! (Good for him!)
  8. Bumbling Beijing Biden can’t even answer a staged question at an ice cream parlor about the latest ransomware hack on one of our supply chain companies. Even those he had the answer written down for him that were in his suit coat pockets. Even though he knew the question was a set up, when asked he stood there for a good 10 seconds in silence before he uttered a sound and then remembered to grab the cue card from his pocket. And the answer ended up being that he didn’t know yet who was responsible for it! He needed a cue card for that answer?! (This so-called POTUS is beyond embarrassing!)
  9. CRT is now officially being pushed and taught in private Christian schools under the falsehood of “racial inequality education”. (Stop the BS, it is what it is CRT which is Marxism!)
  10. Democrats, actually Pelosi, have ordered to have two D.C. Police field offices set up in two states, California and Florida in order to help combat the “fake” domestic terror issues in this country. She is also doing this without the consent of Congress. (Anyone think it’s going to stop at just two states? Of course not. This is no different than the Stasi of East Germany or the SS of Nazi Germany, or the Secret Police of Russia. And if you think they’ll go after ALL domestic terror issues like BLM and ANTIFA, think again, they will only focus on conservatives, especially Trump supporters!)

Good grief our country is headed to the literal cliff and it won’t be long before we are falling straight into the abyss of complete Marxism! Never thought I’d be spending my retirement years witnessing this tragedy!


“Silence in the face of evil IS evil. Not to speak IS to speak, and not standing IS standing, and God will NOT hold us blameless!”

Quick Notes – Issue #49

It’s only Tuesday and this Quick Notes is exploding with headlines from all over. It’s amazing just how much bad news just spews from every pore of this administration and its cronies! Here we go:

  1. Beijing Biden’s administration is forcing ALL schools to make CRT part of ALL school curriculums. Understand this parents, this is implementing racial discrimination as part of normal school curriculums everywhere. (The truth here is that as a country we now find ourselves standing at the edge of a cliff and just one or two more steps and we’ll be off that cliff and our country will be a full fledged communist country much like China. Hell, people in Russia will end up having more freedom than we will. Lord have mercy on us all.)
  2. Beijing Biden’s administration wants to install 500,000 electric charging stations, when there’s only 1.5 million electric cars on the road. On top of that they fail to tell the country that the electricity that these charging stations will depend upon will come mainly from coal and fossil fuels. (So how does that fit in with their bogus green new deal standards?)
  3. Last Wednesday, Jason Rainer, a cop was shot in the head while just sitting in his car. Immediately the left and lying MSM announced that the crime was committed by a white supremist and were all ready to start on their gun grabbing narrative. However, they were immediately shot down when it was discovered the shooter was black, not white, so there went their planned attack on whites and conservatives. In fact this guy was a member of the Black Panthers and a Black nationalist radical group. So, when they had to change their stories to a Black man shooting a cop they immediately said it was the work of a lone wolf and that it was not fair to blame an entire group of people for the act of one lone person. Except they were like salivating hyenas ready to blame ALL white people had the shooter turned out to be white. (By the way the update on this story is a sad one, the officer who was shot passed away. Yet you hear no cries of outrage over this innocent man being killed, not a peep from the left or MSM. Because it didn’t fit their narrative that white supremacy is the worst threat for our country! May Jason Rainer rest in peace and may God cover them with His grace, mercy, and peace. Say his name Jason Rainer!)
  4. General Millie admits he believes in teaching CRT and other theories and was offended by people who are calling him a Marxist for supporting CRT training in the military. Then later in his conversation he said since the morale of the troops seemed to be down right now he approved a drag queen contest for the troops. (What an idiot, supporting CRT does make you a Marxist and a traitor if you ask me because CRT is Marxism, what a jerk. Then top it off with a drag queen contest? Are you freakin serious? And you wonder why the morale is low in the military?! Jerk.)
  5. Now the Beijing Biden administration and their lap dog MSM members are trying to make you believe that it’s the Republicans and conservatives who are now calling for defunding the police because they refused to sign his infrastructure bill. (How damn dumb do they think we the people are? Pretty damn dumb if they think we’ll forget who has been calling for defunding the police for over a year now!)
  6. The FDA is now admitting there’s an issue with the Wuhan virus vaccine causing enlarged hearts especially in children and are adding this to their warning labels. (It took 1,000’s of cases and even deaths for them to admit this, but it only took them days to put a temporary hold on Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine after just 7 deaths. Something fishy with this if you ask me.)
  7. The CEO of Nike announced to the public that Nike was a company for China and of China! (Yes, you read that right. Personally I say take your commie business to China and stay the hell out of this one and oh, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!)
  8. The National Archives has put together a “Race Task Force”. They say they’ve done this after they’ve decided that our historical documents, murals, and paintings are all displayed in a manner of racism. They are saying the archives are structurally racist. They claim that our founding fathers are being portrayed in too good of a light! They plan on including, of all things, interpretive dance to help explain our history. They claim the historical murals especially the signing of the Declaration of Independence doesn’t equally represent Blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans so they are thinking of adding them to the famous mural. (You idiots they aren’t in the painting because none of them were at the signing of the Declaration of Independence! (What the hell is wrong with these people?)
  9. Make a Wish Foundation tried to force parents with children dying of cancer to get vaccinated or they would not honor any of their wishes! This got so much negative backlash from people all over, the “woke” Make a Wish Foundation went back on that rule and removed it. (What idiots! Why would anyone want to give someone with a terminal illness already suffering greatly be forced to get a vaccination!)
  10. Since the Beijing Biden administration will not do anything about enforcing immigration laws that have been on the books for decades, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Florida are sending some of their National Guard to Texas to help Texas enforce the border at least in Texas! (This administration is deplorable beyond deplorable.)
  11. Some on the left are trying to blame the condo collapse in Florida on climate change when it was foundation damage due to a pool that had been leaking for years and the management never fixed it. When you don’t have a strong foundation, it’s going to ruin the entire structure. (These people are just pure unadulterated idiots!)
  12. The NFL is now making an ad that is “woke” and here is what it says “Football is lesbian. Football is beautiful. Football is queer. Football is life. Football is exciting. Football is culture. Football is transgender. Football is queer. Football is heart. Football is power. Football is tough. Football is bisexual. Football is strong. Football is freedom. Football is American. Football is accepting. Football is everything. Football is for everyone! (Sure glad I gave the NFL up two years ago!)

Well, that’s it for this issue, but it should be enough. Lord help us!


“Silence in the face of evil IS evil. Not to speak IS to speak, and not standing IS standing, and God will NOT hold us blameless!

Quick Notes – Issue #45

Before I get into the quick notes coming from over the weekend, just wanted to say a little personal note here. Over the weekend, it was amazing to finally experience a little bit of the old “normal” life here in commie run Oregon. Redmond, Oregon now has it’s own professional indoor football team and my hubby and I decided to buy the special inaugural season tickets for a real cheap price. Mind you, I set my expectations very low since I gave up the NFL and NBA nearly two years ago because of their shoving their “social justice” crap down our throats. I told my husband if they don’t stand for the National Anthem and if they have any BLM crap posted anywhere that first home game will be my last.

Well, they flew past my expectations. EVERY player on this “High Desert Storm” team and their opponents stood during the anthem and there was NO politics, NOTHING! But the best part was that NO ONE had to wear a mask if they didn’t want to, not even the workers or security, or players wore masks! It was 3 1/2 hours of the “old normal”! An added bonus is the team is great! They actually beat the undefeated champs of the league called the American Western League of indoor football. I don’t care if this isn’t some national sports team, I was just so happy to be able to live like normal and have fun, even if it was just for a few hours. Good for Redmond, Oregon for giving the proverbial middle finger to Gov. Brown who tried to make mask mandates permanent!

(By the way NFL, these players didn’t seem to find it physically impossible to stand for the National Anthem. Oh, that’s right, they don’t have China in their corner.)

Now onto the normal insanity:

  1. Beijing Biden proclaims that America is finally back on the right track in a speech on Sunday. (On track to where Joe? Hell?)
  2. Dems have changed the HR-1 bill’s name to “For the People Act” to try and fool people into believing it’s something they’ll benefit from. But it’s the same old bill where voting would be federalized and states rights would be taken from them to control their own voting. Joe Manchin refuses to vote for it in the Senate and the Dems are outraged. (Good for Manchin.)
  3. Radicals are upset because the military refused to fly the rainbow flag because they still believe in only flying one flag, the U.S. flag. (When aren’t radicals upset or outraged? Even Rick Grenell, who is gay himself said the entire rainbow flag thing is utterly ridiculous)
  4. Latest news on the vaccine, it seems scientists already had a vaccine ready to go in February of 2020 before it was even officially announced that the Wuhan virus was a huge threat to the U.S. (This is because scientists were experimenting with this virus well before it was released. I say released because from day one I’ve said it was intentional!)
  5. Hispanic voters in this country are rejecting socialism and Marxism and CRT being taught. (Hmm, maybe their open borders will blow up in their faces. Idiot radicals must think that Hispanics immigrants have never heard the Marxist lies they are pushing on us now. Legal immigrants came to the U.S. to get away from what this radical government is pushing!)
  6. Jen Psaki claimed that the U.S. government never funded gain of function lab experiments. (Lie, lie, lie. From 2014 – 2017 the Obama/Biden administration did indeed fund it and it stopped in 2017 as soon as President Trump found out about it.)
  7. Beijing Biden’s budge includes money for maternal care, however, the language has been changed from women to “birthing people”. (Again these fools are literally trying to erase women!)
  8. A radical professional at Yale Medical School who teaches child psychology at Yale was allowed to give a lecture where she said that white people are demented, crazy predators that think they are saviors or super heroes and they can’t be reasoned with so they all need to be gotten rid of. She even claimed that she has gotten rid of all of her white friends and even admitted that she fantasizes about unloading a revolver into the head of any white person, burry them and then wipe the blood off her hands and then walk away with pep in her step. (There was much more, but that was enough to see that there is a new kind of supremacy and racism in this country and it’s sure as hell NOT white supremacy! Can you imagine what would happen to a conservative if they gave a lecture on Black people like this?)
  9. Beijing Biden in his Sunday speech, didn’t even acknowledge D-Day on D-Day! (How can a D-Day speech not acknowledge D-Day itself? What an American hater and he’s the POTUS!)
  10. Dr. Fauci claims the criticism he’s getting about all of his emails is unfair, baseless, and unfounded. he also said it was anti-science. (Is dementia contagious? Good grief, they were his emails, that’s what’s called receipts and receipts don’t lie. But it’s unfounded and anti-science to attack him? “Master Fauci” = “Master Liar”.)



“Choosing ignorance over knowledge is one reason why we are where we are today in this country.”



Wokeism Will Be the Downfall of America – Part 4

In part four I go over the plans that those in the woke party to re-form the individual that they base on their view of the “New Man” principle. These people believe that in order to create conditions for the population to interact with one another as well as with the state and in accordance with wokeness’s new arbitrary human group categories, there is a need for a deep re-structuring of our society’s perception of all things is required. This is something that starts as it does in all totalitarian governments, with the deconstruction of the individual. This is why those who express individual thought are being attacked so vehemently today in our country. The individual doesn’t matter to these people, in fact, individuality is a threat to their movement. The individual must be re-made while at the same time destroying their personal individualism transforming them into what they want and this is done through their “new man” principle which in turn primes people for assimilation into their woke party line. What this actually is, is collective consciousness. Everyone believes, thinks, speaks, and does all the same things that are handed down by the woke party line.

This “new man” approach to societal engineering starts with the presumption that each individual is simply unacceptable as they are and they must be reformed or form them into the image the woke want them to be. As time progresses, this approach is then scaled up to include the entire population. This is a compulsory re-molding of people so that they fit the woke’s pre-determined script or narrative which is anti-liberal on its face, incompatible with any and all kinds of freedom, democracy, or republics. This approach is actually doubly true when it comes to this woke movement, because its doctrine explicitly denounces the principle of any kind of individualism and claim that individualism is “racist”, which means those who believe in the freedom of individuality is the enemy, freedom of thought is not allowed. The woke movement doesn’t just want to merely break down and re-create individuals and make them into their own image, but they explicitly  want to de-create individuals notion and beliefs in individuality itself. Again, you can see just how the cancel culture does this work for wokeism.

This tearing down of individuals as they were is accomplished by getting inside the human mind and then using each person’s own emotions and morality along with other various forms of coercion, to convince them that they are bad and they need to be re-molded, or re-made. You can see this when people feel compelled to publicly apologize for their “whiteness” when they know deep inside they’ve really done nothing wrong to anyone. You’ve seen this over and over again on social media and it should make you sick to your stomach seeing people doing this. See, the ultimate goal is the total erasure of previously held beliefs and the inscription into the mind of their approved script or narrative in their place. Once the slate of the individual’s mind has been cleared, indoctrination is quickly pumped in, and the individual is re-educated into the woke self-concept by using propaganda and brainwashing which is backed by their declared claim of moral authority and a credible threat of existential consequences on non-compliance. (It’s not surprising now, to recall some of the left calling for re-education camps for Trump supporters, and you need to realize they meant it.) This is going on all around us as we speak, the propaganda and brainwashing is all around us most of which is coming from mainstream media especially from CNN and MSNBC, most of Hollywood, sports, schools, and yes, even in our churches.

One key thing that wokeness shares with other types of totalitarian movements is their laser sharp focus on the indoctrination of young people, especially very young children, this is because children and younger people are basically blank slates and this makes the hard work of erasing any longstanding beliefs or thoughts, not even required. This is why right now, wokeness is being aggressively and deeply implemented into our educational curriculums all over our country, even in conservative states. This is being done in all levels of education even as early as Kindergarten.  Now you’ll find a great deal of the K-12 standard curriculum for all children in the US completely structured around the absurdities that are contained within the indoctrination protocols of the wokeness movement. This movement now even have their own youth groups, you realize that this is taken right out of the playbook of Hitler, himself? These groups of course are only open to honored group children by the way. They feel that these children will be much easier to fall for woke ideology. These youth groups are not just indoctrinated but they participate in marches and demonstrations that are sanctioned by the wokeness movement.

As for adult communities, the wokeness movement has been working overtime through re-education that comes in the form of seminars and training sessions in the workplace, Coke and Disney are ultra prime examples of their anti-racists/anti-white training. Below is a list of questions that Disney just recently forced their employees to fill out to see how much “white privilege” they might have. The more they checked the more white privilege they seem to have. The ones in red are my answers:

  1. I am white.
  2. I have never been discriminated against because of my skin color.
  3. I have never been the only person of my race in a room
  4. I have never been mocked for my accent.
  5. I have never been told I am attractive “for my race”.
  6. I have never been a victim of violence because of my race.
  7. I have never been called a racial slur.
  8. I have never been told I “sound white”.
  9. A stranger has never asked to touch my hair or asked if it is real.
  10. I am heterosexual.
  11. I have never lied about my sexuality.
  12. I never had to “come out”.
  13. I never doubted my parents accepted my sexuality.
  14. I am always comfortable with showing affection to my partner in public.
  15. I have never pretended to be “just friends” with my significant other.
  16. I have never been ostracized for my sexual orientation.
  17. I have never been told I would “burn in hell” for my sexual orientation.
  18. I have never been told that my sexual preference was “just a phase.”
  19. I’ve never been violently threatened because of my sexuality.
  20. I am a man.
  21. I feel comfortable in the gender I was born with.
  22. I still identify as the gender I was born as.
  23. I have never tired to change my gender.
  24. I have never been denied an opportunity because of my gender.
  25. I make more money than my professional counterparts of a different gender.
  26. I have never felt unsafe because of my gender.
  27. I have never been catcalled.
  28. I have never been sexually harassed.
  29. I have never been raped.
  30. I work in a salaried job.
  31. My family and I have never lived below the poverty line.
  32. I don’t have any student loans. (This is because I couldn’t afford to go to a university.)
  33. I have never gone to bed hungry.
  34. I have never been homeless.
  35. My parents pay some of my bills.
  36. I don’t rely on public transportation. (My town doesn’t have public transportation.)
  37. I have never done my taxes myself.
  38. I have never felt poor.
  39. I have never had to worry about making rent.
  40. I have never worked as a waiter, bartender, barista or salesperson.
  41. I have had an unpaid internship.
  42. I have had multiple unpaid internships.
  43. I went to summer camp.
  44. I went to private school.
  45. I graduated high school.
  46. I went to an elite college.
  47. I graduated college.
  48. My parents paid some of my tuition.
  49. I had a car in high school.
  50. I never had a roommate.
  51. I’ve always had cable or internet.
  52. I have travelled internationally.
  53. I travel internationally at least once a year.
  54. I studied abroad.
  55. I’ve never skipped a meal to save money.
  56. I spent spring breaks abroad.
  57. I have frequent flier miles.
  58. My parents are heterosexual.
  59. My parents are both alive.
  60. My parents are still married. (I would think if they’ve passed but were married you’d check off this one, that’s why I highlighted it.)
  61. I do not have any physical disabilities.
  62. I do not have any learning disabilities.
  63. I have never had an eating disorder.
  64. I have never been depressed.
  65. I have never considered suicide.
  66. I have never attempted suicide.
  67. I have never taken medication for my mental health.
  68. I can afford medication if/when I need it.
  69. I have never been told I’m overweight or I’m too skinny.
  70. I have never felt overweight, under weight, or too skinny?
  71. I have never been shamed for my body type.
  72. I consider myself to be physically attractive.
  73. I can afford a therapist.
  74. I’ve used prescription drugs recreationally.
  75. I have never had an addiction.
  76. I have never been shamed for my religious beliefs.
  77. I have never been attacked for my religious beliefs.
  78. There is a place of worship for my religion in my town.
  79. I’ve never lied about my ethnicity in self-defense.
  80. I have never lied about my religion in self-defense.
  81. All my jobs have been accommodating of my religious beliefs.
  82. I am not nervous in airport security lines. (But I also don’t travel by plane)
  83. I have never heard this “You have been randomly selected for secondary passport control.” (Like I said I don’t travel.)
  84. I have never been called a terrorist.
  85. Nobody has ever tried to “save” me for my religious beliefs.
  86. I have never been cyber-bullied for any of my identities.
  87. I have never been bullied as a child for any of my identities. (But I sure as hell was bullied for being a white chubby kid living in predominantly black Compton, CA)
  88. I have never tried to distance myself from any of my identities.
  89. I have never felt self-conscious about any of my identities.
  90. I have never questioned any of my identities.
  91. I feel privileged because of the identities I was born with.

So, I answered 36 out of 91, hmmm, looks to me like I’m still waiting for my so-called “white privilege”!

This type of training and seminars being conducted in the workplace is becoming almost commonplace and often it includes mental abuse and the gaslighting of members of the woke’s dishonored groups. The true purpose of this is to tear down targeted individuals’ existing self-conceptions, worldviews, civilization, history and insistence on their inalienable rights. The whole idea is to try and turn them into receptive blank slates in which the “new self-deprecating” woke self-concept and worldview can be instilled. Once they become successful “graduates” they may even then be motivated to participated in wokeism’s sanctioned marches, demonstrations, and even riots like we’ve witnessed over the past year or so. This is a feature of some of the totalitarian movements we’ve seen before, though normally not the ones that attach status and honor to ascriptive characteristics like race and ethnicity, to bring the ruled into active and enthusiastic complicity with their own subjection.

Part five of this seven part series will cover what is seen as the emergence of the atmospheric fear layer. I hope that you will share this seven part series with family, friends, and yes, even with those you know on the left!


“Choosing ignorance over knowledge is one reason why we are where we are today in this country.”