Quick Notes – Issue #59


Here are some quick notes on things you may or may not have seen this week:

  1. Last weekend the Nazarene Fund was able to rescue 32 Afghan soccer players and their families. These young female athletes were on the Taliban’s “Bride/Rape List”. With the help of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, they were able to get these young women to safety by going through several different countries such as Georgia, Ukraine, and then finally relocating them to Portugal. Not a single finger was lifted by the U.S. in this effort. It’s also important to note that the Prime Minister of Pakistan is continuing to work with Glenn Beck and the Nazarene Fund to try and rescue the Americans still stranded there which the estimate from those still on the ground trying to save people, claim there are still over 5,000 Americans stranded in Afghanistan. (But the Jihad Joe administration would have to you believe that it’s just a small handful of Americans still there!)
  2. Nancy Pelosi claims even though capitalism is the system of our country, it’s not working for everyone. (I’d don’t know Nancy, looks like it’s working just fine for you.)
  3. The truth about those Haitians on the border is as no surprise being totally lied about by the government. Most of these people to begin with didn’t come here from Haiti, in fact most of them haven’t been there in a decade and instead are coming up from Chile where they were given asylum and actually had decent jobs and as soon as they heard about the great giveaways the Jihad Joe administration was offering illegals they decided to leave Chile, who had been good to them, that’s why they are here, they want free housing, free medical, free, free, free. That’s the impression this government is giving to people. The reason why it’s known where these people are really from is the fact they’ve been throwing their ID’s from Chile in the Rio Grande and the IDs are washing up onto the shore.
  4. More on the Haitians – These are not really, really nice people, many of them are inherently violent by nature: for example, they’ve been seen attacking border patrol when they try to do their jobs by kicking them and throwing things at them, as well as even going as far as to biting border patrol agents. On top of that, a group of them took control of a border patrol bus and filled it up with Haitians and just took off to who knows where! They also have very ungrateful attitudes: for example there was an incident when after food was brought to a group of them and instead of saying ‘Thank you.” the reply was more like this “This isn’t going to be enough food, when are you bringing more?!”
  5. More lies about the Haitians, the photographer of the border patrol on horseback admitted that the left were lying about the Haitians being beat and that no one was being hit and that the police were using the reigns to direct their horses, NOT to beat people with! Yet they continue the lie and are now going to try and destroy those officers lives! They are also lying to us when they claim that they deported 2/3 of the Haitians back to Haiti. Not true at all, oh they did remove them from Del Rio but they put them on Greyhound buses and bused them all over the country, NOT Haiti! (Just the same old thing from this government, lie, after lie, after lie, wake up already people!)
  6. The $3.5 TRILLION spending bill they want to pass is, according to Wall Street itself is a total lie and is more like a $5.5 TRILLION bill that includes the largest tax increase in U.S. history, but they haven’t told any of us about that. Nor have they mentioned that it would redistribute incomes, which means some would end up getting cuts in pay and others (meaning Blacks & Hispanics would receive the redistribution of income.) They also remove incentives for people to go back to work and instead encourage them to remain part of the welfare system!  (You better hope and pray this piece of poison doesn’t pass in the Senate and that Manchin and Sinema continue to vote down these crazy far left bills that the House keeps trying to get through, or we are screwed!)
  7. Two high ranking members of the FDA resigned this week because they were fed up with the Jihad Joe administration and the CDC not following or even paying attention to any of the FDAs concerns about the vaccines along with them totally ignoring their committee 16-2 vote against pushing boosters for the vaccines! (You see, it’s NOT about following the science because this administration and the far left are in reality anti-science! It’s all about politics and control, not science or health!)
  8. Most of the conservatives that planned to gather in D.C. this past weekend got smart and decided not to show up because they were warned that it could be a set up by the FBI and the government. Turned out, that’s exactly what it was. Just a handful of people showed up, however, there were over 200 reporters, a good amount of FBI agents dressed ridiculous trying to look like “Trump supporter”, when in reality these fools stood out like sore thumbs with their identical hair cuts, identical shorts, shoes, even similar shirts, and then of course the D.C. police and SWAT. The only person they tried to arrest for carrying a gun turned out to be one of their own, one of those dumbass FBI agents trying to pretend to be a “Trump supporters”. (They were begging for another Jan. 6th and all they got was egg on their face. Idiots!)
  9. Judge ordered the Jan. 6th prosecution to release videos that prove just the opposite of what they’ve been saying really happened on Jan. 6th. The video is more than damning, it should be humiliating to Congress! It showed them being let in and being allowed to be there and take pictures as long as they remained peaceful. It looked more like a “granny selfie party” than a riot! (Again, it was NOT an insurrection and it was barely a riot!)
  10. Hundreds of Navy Seals are refusing to be forced into taking the vaccine because they believe it’s unconstitutional. By doing this they can make them “undeployable”. This will really hurt these special forces because there are only around 2,500 of them overall. But they refuse to be bullied by this government. (I say good for them and more of the military should grow a pair like these Seals!)
  11. Biden plans to double the amount of refugees to be allowed into this country in 2022, in spite of the crisis on the border. (He’s already done it by saying Haitians were deported back to Haiti when instead 2/3’s of them have already been shipped all over the country!)
  12. Most of the Haitians that were on the border were all offered the J&J vaccine and guess what? They ALL refused to take it and were they forced by the “mandate” to take it to stay in this country? Hell no! (Funny how illegals have more rights than we, legal citizens do.)
  13. Jihad Joe actually came out today and blamed how poorly the economy is doing is the fault of those who are not vaccinated! You read that right, he actually blamed the inflation, how costs and all the other economic woes are the fault of the unvaccinated! (Please, please, please tell me no one could ever believe that! If they do then you can convince people to believe anything like the government telling them the “sky is green” and if they did that and said it over and over enough, these same people would believe the “sky is green”!) It’s his policies that is destroying the economy, paying people not to work for almost two years, pumping in money that doesn’t even exist is causing inflation and the severe economic spiral! NOT unvaccinated people, this is insanity plain and simple.
  14. Al Sharpton booed and shouted down during his visit to Del Rio. They told him to stop creating racism where it doesn’t exist along with chants of “We don’t want you here!” (Good for Texans.)

Here’s a little bonus information to change things up a bit. The first list is a list of the top ten freest states. They are rated on their economic freedom, religious freedom, healthcare freedom, freedom of speech, free press. This was put together by “World Atlas”:

10) Kansas

9) Arizona

8) S. Dakota

7) Tennessee

6) N. Dakota

5) Nevada

4) Colorado

3) Indiana

2) New Hampshire

1)  Florida

The same organization did the same thing with the top ten freest countries, and sadly, the U.S., who once held the #1 spot for years, didn’t even make the top 10 and worse yet, we didn’t even make the top 20 but instead came in 21st! That should send chills to your core! They ranked the countries with the same categories as with the states:

10) Three way tie: Bahamas, St. Vincent & The Grenadines.

9) Three way tie: St. Lucia, Palau, Marshall Islands.

8) Micronesia.

7) Three way tie: Czech Republic, Chile, Spain.

6) Five way tie: Dominica Estonia, Austria, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom.

5) Three way tie: Switzerland, Ireland, Japan.

4) Four way tie: Barbados, Denmark, Iceland, Portugal.

3) Uruguay

2) Netherlands

1)  Three way tie: Sweden, Norway, Finland

Pretty bad when places like Chile and Uruguay rank far higher in freedom than the so-called “Land of the Free”!

That’s it for this time around, but it should be enough to make you see just how quickly we are losing our country!


“Silence in the face of evil IS evil. Not to speak IS to speak, and not standing IS standing, and God will NOT hold us blameless!”


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