Bloody Hill

Here is yet another documentary that shows further proof about what REALLY happened on Jan. 6th. It’s past time that we the American people wake up to the truth that it was not the 2 million people who were there that committed any crimes, instead that it was instigated by “black block” activists, FBI, D.C. police and yes, as far as I’m concerned, Congress. Had the American people been the insurrectionists, they could have easily overpowered the police and torn that Capitol building down brick by brick and with ease. But that is NOT what these 2 million people wanted. They just wanted to be heard!

This government is acting in a manner that is absolutely no different than the Nazi’s, or Mussolini and they MUST be stopped, however, we can’t act in the manner in which they want, they keep pitting us against each other because it is they who want a civil war, it is they who want us to break down and kill each other and they have not stopped trying to push us into a civil war since Jan. 6th, it has been non-stop divisive actions since the SOB Biden has been in office and it is NEVER going to end as long as they have control. Sadly though, we cannot react in return by giving them what they want, civil war, we must find a different way, they must be defeated a different way, and we MUST eventually make sure that they, themselves are brought before courts in different venues that still follow the laws of the U.S. Constitution. It is vital that we find a way to ensure that this tyranny ends when the next election rolls around in 2024.

There are only two men in this country right now that have both the stamina and the balls to stand up against these tyrants and take control of the situation and that’s Gov. Ron DeSantis or President Donald Trump. If one of them is able to get into the White House, their first and foremost goal MUST be to blow up the false and deadly narrative of Jan. 6th and hold as many top officials accountable and made to pay for their crimes against this country and the American people, and as far as I’m concerned their crime is that of treason! We must demand that if either of these men get into the White House that this is the first thing they get started on, then they can work on the rest of the mess that this Marxist government has done to destroy this Republic!

Below, is the documentary “Bloody Hill”, yet another extremely truth filled and powerful film that I, again, beg that you share with EVERYONE you know, the truth MUST be circulated all across this country. If you do nothing else to save this country, do this. Share this film as well as the other one I posted called “Capitol Punishment”! None of us that want to get back our freedoms can just sit there on our hands any longer, there’s no time for that any longer!

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