The Real Powers of the President of the United States

Today, in the United States of America we are suffering from an epidemic of  ignorance. I say this because there are far too many people living in this country that don’t know much about our history nor the founding documents that have held this country together for over 200 years. Did you know that the average lifespan of any constitution around the world is just 14 years? Yet, the U.S. Constitution has survived for over 200 years, nothing could possibly survive that long if it was a piece of garbage as this president and government would have you believe.

Did you know that if you were to poll Congress, you would shockingly discover that most Congress persons and Senators have never read the entire document. And I can more than likely guarantee you that, what we have inhabiting the White House, posing as a president hasn’t fully read it either! If he had read it, he would never have said things like “I know the Supreme Court’s going to say it’s against the law but I’m going to do it anyway.” Or more recently when Senator Manchin said he refuses to sign onto anything that has to do with any green deal Biden replied “If Congress doesn’t do their job then I’ll do it!” Sorry, Biden, but  when Congress disagrees with you, they ARE doing their job, that’s why they’re called the “Legislative Branch” and you’re NOT! You DO NOT have the power to do the job of the Supreme Court or Congress, because you belong to the “Executive Branch” not the “Judicial” or “Legislative” branches! And you, have limited powers because the Founding Fathers did not want a repeat of the tyranny of the British Crown in their new country!

Global Power & Influence

The President of the United States is indeed considered one of the most powerful and influential people on the planet. However, that is up for debate when it comes to #46. The actions they take or the decisions they end up making do have national and global impacts. However, the picture that the mainstream media likes to paint as an “all-powerful and controlling” figure couldn’t be further from the truth, even though Biden tends to believe that he has the right to do and say anything he wants and no one else has the right to object to it.

Our Founding Fathers deliberately designed this government to be split into three different and equal branches. They deliberately did this so that the government would be self-balancing and to ensure that no single person had too much power. But if Biden and his minions get their way, that will change in a heartbeat. And because of the power hungry leftists and the rampant ignorance in this country, that Founding Fathers dream of a self-balancing government, will be just that, a dream, poof, gone the next morning like all your dreams.

The president does lead the Executive Branch and serves both as head of state and head of the U.S. government, along with being the Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces. Sounds impressive right? Well, despite those impressive titles, the president has very strict limits placed on his actual power and authority and for good reason.

So, What Are the T rue Powers of the President of the United States?

Well, they probably aren’t what most Americans think, and they definitely are NOT what Biden and his minions think. The president’s responsibilities are clearly outlined in Article II of the U.S. Constitution and they include the following:

  • The power to call state units of the National Guard into service (in times of emergency, the president may* (*may is the key word here, not must or shall, but “may”) be given the power by Congress* (* the president can’t even call the National Guard under their own power, they need the approval of Congress) to manage national security or the economy.)
  • The power to make treaties, only with the approval of the Senate and as president they can also receive ambassadors and work with leaders of other nations.
  • The power to nominate the heads of governmental departments, judges to federal courts and justices to the United States Supreme Court. However, ALL nominations MUST be approved by the Senate.
  • The power to issue pardons for federal offenses.
  • The power to convene Congress for special sessions.
  • The power to veto legislation approved by Congress. However, the veto is limited. It is not a line-item veto, which means they cannot veto only specific parts of legislation, and the veto can be overridden by a two-thirds vote by Congress.

No doubt most people, including Joe Biden himself would probably be pretty shocked to see just how limited the powers of the POTUS really are after reading Article II of the U.S. Constitution. But the way Biden acts and also the actions of those around him is proof positive they’ve never really read Article II! Or if they have, they don’t give a damn. It is only through negotiation and collaboration between the president and Congress that our country’s initiatives, concerns, and problems can be legally addressed.

Powers That Can Come With Calling Any Kind of “National Crisis” Could End This Country

Right now, this president has hinted, quite loudly in fact, that he is thinking of calling one if not two different “National Crisis” one being a “National Medical Crisis” which relates to something that’s not truly medical care at all, abortion, abortion people, is NOT medical care, it’s murder, and the only people that abortion is a crisis for are the innocent unborn. The other one he is considering calling is a “National Climate Crisis”, claiming that it’s because of climate change  that’s causing the hot weather. No, Biden and all of you who still believe these people, it’s called summer and quite often, heat waves happen during summer months. Now, if it was the middle of winter and the temps were in the 90’s and 100’s, I might buy into it, but it’s not. What we need to understand here, that if these people call for a crisis, it has nothing to do with anyone’s health nor does it have a thing to do with climate. However, it does have everything to do with power and control.

The President of the United States, should they ever need them, do have some pretty awesome and actually terrifying powers when in the wrong hands. The powers I speak of potentially include what most political scientists describe as the powers of a “constitutional dictatorship.” A good example is what Trudeau did to Canada earlier this year to their own people. No U.S. President luckily, have never had to go this far, though, they have come pretty close.

There is no doubt with how things have been going since Biden was sworn in that he would restrain himself from turning the country into a constitutional dictatorship and with that, some of the powers that he would possess, would be devastating. By the way, if the world was truly suffering from a climate crisis, you really think Biden would have traveled to Europe and to Saudi Arabia to beg the Saudi Prince to make more oil just to lower the gas prices? Below are just some of the powers he could and probably would grab out of the hundreds available once a so-called “crisis” is called:

  1. He could take control over all travel and put restrictions on interstate, intrastate, and overseas travel on anyone he wanted.
  2. Bank accounts can be frozen. (Sound like Canada?)
  3. Civil liberties, like the right to peacefully assemble can be forbidden
  4. He can have anyone he considers a threat to be thrown in prison. (Of course that’s already happening to those still in prison over Jan. 6th)
  5. Elections of all types can be postponed indefinitely
  6. Federal leases can be suspended without notice
  7. Foreign individuals can be ordered to leave the country and the borders can be closed (but we know that will never happen)
  8. Sanctions pertaining to property and finances can be initiated or removed
  9. Soldiers and naval vessels can be ordered to engage combat
  10. The government can take control of the internet, radio and TV and production and distribution of goods can be stopped and seized
  11. The military can be ordered to mobilize domestically and martial law can be declared without provocation
  12. He can launch a nuclear strike without the consent of Congress
  13. The right of habeas corpus can be suspended (already happening to the Jan. 6 prisoners)
  14. All transportation networks can be taken over by the government
  15. Regulate all business and commerce transactions
  16. Seize all privately owned gold
  17. Capture all resources and manpower and force them to do what he wants them to do (this means seizure of electric and fuel companies, roads, highways, sea lanes, waterways, railroads, seaports, private vehicles, seize health and education facilities and airports)
  18. Actually suspend the government of the United States

There are 118 other powers he can enact if he chooses to. But It’s pretty certain that these 18 are the ones that he and the goons that run this country would prefer to enact first and quickly.

There is no doubt in my mind, with all that Biden and the Dems have already done to try and destroy America, they probably already are compiling a list of egregious declarations to try and finish us off before we even get a chance to participate in the upcoming midterms.

We are now entering into the darkest times that this country has ever experienced and unless something happens to change things around, we’re done as a free nation. And much of it can be blamed on our own ignorance and complacency.

I’ve been warning people ever since the start of 2020 that we were headed in a very dangerous direction, especially if Biden won, and well, we’re here, we are standing at the precipice and are about to either jump into a headlong fall, or are about to be pushed. Either way, the outcome is not going to be pretty.





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