Quick Notes – Issue #34

A few more quick notes to finish out the week that we didn’t want to leave out before the weekend was over and we had another flurry of news notes come the beginning of next week.

  1. They’ve set up a Floyd autonomous zone in Minneapolis, in other words a sanctuary where the man was killed. Nothing wrong with that but they take it a step too far, way too far because they actually have instructions for white people on how they should feel, think, and behave should they enter the area. (Dear God, the people in this country should be sick of this crap. This is almost as bad as the Jews when Moses was gathering the 10 Commandments and by the time he got back they were worshiping a golden calf instead of God. This is beyond disturbing. Sure Floyd shouldn’t have died the way he did, but he also was as far away from being a saint as anyone could be and they have made him as someone now to be worshipped. What an affront to God!)
  2. HR-51 Bill to make D.C. a state has passed in the House with a 216-208 vote. Not a single Republican voted for it and three Dems voted against it. It’s now on the Senate floor. This is an unconstitutional bill. Our Founding Fathers didn’t want the seat of government to be in the hands of an individual state because it would give one state too much power over all the other states. (Pray that the Senate votes this thing down!)
  3. LeBron James posted a photo of the officer who was forced to shoot teen in Columbus with two words “YOU’RE NEXT!” (Sure he took it down later but the damage was already done. LeBron, you’re just a Marxist loving fool.)
  4. A REAL fact the left don’t want you to know but over the past two years there were 80 unarmed citizens shot by police: 30 were Blacks, 50 were Whites. But the left, Dems and even the so-called president of this country would want you to believe that cops are literally in the streets hunting down Blacks! (It’s beyond disgraceful for the POTUS to back this blatant lie! But what’s new coming from the “Liar in Chief”?)
  5. The post office is monitoring everyone’s social media accounts and then compiling lists of possible “dissidents” and then giving the lists to the Beijing Biden administration. (People, this is what places like China and Russia do!)
  6. Beijing Biden is now threatening Americans by saying if they don’t get vaccinated they won’t be able to celebrate the 4th of July. (**** You Joe! This is NOT how freedom works you senile dictator!)
  7. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine is to be released again next week because both the FDA and the CDC have said there wasn’t enough evidence that it was dangerous to most people. The FDA is putting a warning label on it saying there’s very low risk of blood clots. (Finally a little bit of good news in what seems to be a never ending onslaught of bad news every single day.)

Well, that’s it, no doubt next week will be filled with much more endless headlines. Enjoy your weekend.


“Choosing ignorance over knowledge is one reason why we are where we are in our country today.”


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