Quick Notes – Issue #52

This issue of Quick Notes just couldn’t be all that quick this time around, I’m sure you’ve noticed that. But it was hard to make it so because of all the Marxism/communism that keeps surfacing in all of our institutions! It’s become more than irritating, it’s becoming downright frightening! It’s vital to the survival of this country that the people of this country stop listening to all the talking heads on most MSM outlets because they are only spewing out propaganda and it’s getting worse each day. We must be vigilant and make sure that we make the extra effort to do the research ourselves and be ready for the most important mid-term elections in American History!

Now to the headlines:

  1. Beijing Biden administration has been caught in yet another lie. They told we the people that the people that will be going door to door will only be handing out information on vaccines and not the shots themselves. LIE! A local reporter in a town in North Carolina and in other cities in the South discovered how much of a lie this was. So-called health department workers were not just handing out info, no, they were equipped with vaccines and literally were found coercing people with lies and fear to get people to take the shot right on their front porches. Some who had already had the virus were told that their bodies weren’t capable of producing enough anti-bodies against COVID so they still needed the shot. LIE!  (It’s stuff like this that makes me dig my heels in even deeper which led me to put this sign on my front door!
  2. The NFL is now doubling down on their “wokeism”. They will now have twice as many BLM banners and commercials than last year and they now will be playing the so-called “Black National Anthem” at ALL games! (#1 That’s the way to unite!, #2 Talk about instigating racism!, #3 NEVER getting me back as a fan!)
  3. The Beijing Biden administration has now arrested well over 500 people for Jan. 6th (the fake insurrection) and they refuse to charge them with any crimes yet most of them have been held in jail and most in solitary confinement. Most of the people they’ve gone after are just people who were at the rally on that day. On top of this, there are picture after picture of simple rally attendees posted on the FBI’s “Wanted Page”. Yet, there isn’t a single BLM or ANTIFA member listed there for the billions of dollars worth of damage done all over the  country last year along with nearly 50 people killed by these two groups. Not one person has been charged for all of that crime. NOT ONE! Republicans and many lawyers have demanded that the DOJ either charge these people or release them. (After all by law people are only supposed to be held no more than 48 hours without charges. We’re talking 6 to 7 months here.) DOJ basically told them to shove it. (This type of treatment of people is not supposed to happen in this country. But, as you can see, we are becoming less and less free with each passing day! There should be 1,000’s of people protesting in the streets of D.C. over this kind of treatment of Americans in their own country!)
  4. The Dow dropped 800 points in one day and what does the Beijing Biden administration blame it on? The “Delta” variant of the China virus, even though it’s 10 times weaker than the original. (Sure CCP (Criminal Career Politician) Joe, nothing to do with your lame ass policies like wide open borders, shutting down a pipeline, printing money that’s backed with nothing…should I go on?)
  5. Democrats want people to believe that a person who doesn’t get vaccinated is no different than a person who decides to drive their car when they are drunk. (Are you serious? And half of this brainwashed country is going to buy into that!)
  6. Democrats now want to make it a mandatory draft for ALL women beginning at age 18! (Well, should be no shocker there since they’ve nearly emasculated all of the men in this country, they need to have someone with cajones!)
  7. There now is concrete evidence that the FBI was involved in the attempted kidnapping of Governor Whitmer of Michigan. On top of the evidence, the defendants claim they were set up by FBI operatives and that they knew about the plan from beginning till end. These operatives even paid for these “would be” kidnappers lodging. There is also evidence, according to Congressman Devin Nunes, that the FBI knew all along that there was chatter about starting a riot on January 6th. This chatter was first picked up on December 14th, 2020! Nunes also says there is evidence that Pelosi, who is in charge of keeping the Capitol safe, was warned and refused the extra security she was offered. Nunes accuses them of knowing it was going to happen, did nothing to prevent it because this was what they wanted to happen so that they would have a weapon to hold against every single Trump voter and supporter in this country. (Jan. 6th is their fault, they let it happen and now they will never let it go, just like they will NEVER let the China virus go!)
  8. Amy Klobuchar and other Dems want to pass a law against “misinformation” that will give the government the power to claim whatever they want to claim misinformation and charge those who spread “misinformation” with a crime and be put in jail. (You can call this whatever you want, if it helps you sleep better at night, but the truth is this is communism plain and simple!)
  9. Every single thing that came out of Beijing Biden’s drooling mouth at that pathetic Town Hall was a lie. Here’s just a few of them: 1) Claims that all the money that his administration is throwing around the place is going to reduce inflation, reduce inflation, reduce inflation! (BS, BS, BS! It can and will only increase inflation you economically deficient fool) 2) He told the people that you won’t get the China virus if you get vaccinated. (Lie, lie, lie. That’s why most of the Texas Dems who went to D.C., all vaccinated, got the virus. Let’s not forget Pelosi’s own aide who was vaccinated just came down with it!) 3) Kids under 12 should wear masks. (All the REAL science has shown over and over again, kids are not susceptible to the damn virus and don’t need masks!) 4) Claims all masks work when even the CDC and “Almighty” Fauci have said in the past, in reports, on websites, that the only mask that truly works is the N95!) 5) Said that his party doesn’t want to defund the police, but it’s the Republicans that do. (Liar, liar, pants on fire! My God, how stupid does this man think we are after watching video, after video all last year and into this year every Democrat possible was out there calling for defunding the police, including himself and VP Horrible Harris! It’s ALL on video you fool!) 6) Claimed that the main cause for gun violence are gun shops! (NEWSFLASH CCP Joe, criminals DO NOT go to gun shops to buy their guns! They buy them on the black market or they steal them! This is why they’re called criminals!)  And the best one of all…7) He claims that crime all over the country has gone down since he’s been president! (So not true, not true, not true! All Democrat run cities especially, have seen crime rates rise anywhere from 333% (this one I know exactly because that’s Portland, OR) to 700%! Wake up America, this lying fool and his administration are the ones who are going to say what is and what isn’t misinformation!)
  10. Boris Johnson of England is now requiring that anyone who wants to go to a concert or other live venue event must have proof of vaccination to attend! After Eric Clapton heard this he announced that he reserved the right to cancel all of his future concerts if they were going to become venues of discrimination! (God bless Clapton! Now they want to cancel the great Clapton! Good luck with that you fools, especially since he’s already proven you can’t bully him by producing along with Van Morrison the song below! It’s a good song and it’s one we all should take quite seriously about all of this crap going on here and all over the world!)

This should be ALL free peoples protest anthem!


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