Quick Notes – Issue #54

Well it’s hump day and it’s time for another one of our Quick Notes. Here you’ll find headlines you may have seen or might have missed. The Marxist left are marching on as we see our country slip out of our hands at a rate that’s unbelievable.

  1. The AMA now is saying that the sex of a child when born should no longer be put on their birth certificates so that they might choose freely when they get older. (This is so morally bankrupt to now see medical science pushing gender fluidity! Makes you feel like you can’t even trust your own family doctor.)
  2. Border patrol says that buses arrive every hour on the hour picking up illegals without being tested or vaccinated for the China virus and then they bus them off to all parts of the country. On top of that, it is estimated that there are at least 100,000 illegals that are carrying the virus. Yet they get to run free anywhere in our country while legal citizens are bullied into being vaccinated along with threats of not being allowed in any public place if not vaccinated! (Something wrong with this picture. Oh wait, they don’t give a damn about the pan except to keep it going so that they can keep their control and power over us, why else are they letting infected illegals in and letting loose? Wake up people!)
  3. Just a few items that’s in this bogus infrastructure bill: $250 MILLION to remove invasive plants. $50 MILLION to study different ways in which they can tax the American people, one suggestion is to tax every mile we drive! Then another $50 MILLION to what they call “Resilience Transportation” with no explanation of what the hell that is! Over $50 MILLION to Amtrac in Canada. Canada? Also over $50 MILLION to study how many female truckers there are and how to recruit more. (Serious? Where’s the money for repairing actual roads, highways, and bridges?!)
  4. The Director of Interpol refused to do the bidding of China and no one has seen him since. (Seems China can make anyone disappear! So you can imagine how hard it will be for most Dems to ever turn on China, most are in bed with them and if they can get rid of the Director of Interpol, they can disappear anyone.)
  5. There is mounting evidence that the China virus was deliberately genetically altered at the Wuhan lab and that the CCP Army were involved in suspicious activity just prior to the outbreak. This can be seen via satellite footage of the area. There is also a paper trail that leads directly back to none other than “Master” Fauci himself. However, the Beijing Biden administration has said they will not demand any reparations from China for any of this. Reason, they have yet gotten reparations for the crime of slavery in this country! (This government of ours is beyond corrupt! Suspected this from day one.)
  6. Pfizer admits that 74% of those vaccinated have come down with the Delta variant. Whereas the J&J vaccinated has only had 10% getting the Delta variant. It’s also a fact that the people who are now ending up in the hospital are those who have had the Pfizer vaccine. (Hmmm, are you who took the Pfizer still happy you did?)
  7. Disney reaches yet another low by turning the Muppets into transgender characters. They just made Gonzo transgender showing him as a secret princess called Gonzorella! (Dear Lord Disney is dead.)
  8. Pfizer will be making a whopping $33 BILLION dollars this year off of their vaccine. While J&J a “real” vaccine is selling their vaccine at cost! (So, who do you trust more? A company who is in it only for the money or a company that seems to care more about public health?)
  9. The two top causes of death of the 540,000 hospital cases studied having the China virus were the following: 1) Obesity 2) Anxiety and fear! This is because fear and anxiety can cause a variety of heart problems. (So all who were fearmongering and continuing to do so, are to blame for this!)
  10. Paypal has now partnered with the far far left Southern Poverty Law Center and have agreed to hand over all information on any of their customers who they deem to be extremists or anti-government. (The Marxism is spreading like wildfire!)
  11. The mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are causing spontaneous abortions: 4 out of 5 babies in the womb are dying during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy! This is an 82% rate, almost identical to the kill rate of the “morning after” pills! (No wonder they’re pushing it so hard on childbearing aged people!)

Well, there you have it for now. I’m sure more will show up by the end of the week that will be worth mentioning.


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