Quick Notes – Issue #60

Here’s another issue of our Quick Notes providing you with national headlines you just may have missed the past couple of days.

  1. Jihad Joe tweeted “My Build Back Better plan costs zero dollars.” So, he’s trying to tell us that this next bill for just a mere $3.5 TRILLION will cost zero. (Where’s this guy learn his math?)
  2. Businesses are being fined $14,000 a day for not forcing employees to be vaccinated.
  3. According to the GHO (Global Health Org.) says that the data shows that 74% of all the cases of COVID during this summer were people who were vaccinated, not the unvaccinated whom they’ve been blaming it on.
  4. A caravan of 85,000 more illegal migrants from all over the world are headed to our Southern border. They are organizing right now in Panama. These people are not coming to become Americans, they are coming for the “freebies” the Biden administration has promised. These are NOT the caliber of people we should want in this country!
  5. Secretary of Treasure Janet Yellen wants to tax all unrealized capital gain. That means those who own homes will have to pay taxes on the increase of value of a home. This also could deal with any kind of property or business one might own. Unrealized gain is what someone might think something might be worth if one were to sell it. (Seems odd that you’d be taxed on something that doesn’t even exist yet.)
  6. The Dollar Tree will now have a section that will sell products for $3 and $5 due to the economic polices of Biden. (Good job Joe, you even broke the Dollar Tree!)
  7. Hunter Biden still has a 10% business stake of a Chinese company that he said 10 months ago that he was going to get out of it.
  8. The protesters/harassers that followed Sinema and protested Manchin at his boathouse all belonged to an organization that is financially back by non-other than good old George Soros.
  9. Taiwan asked Australia for support because they are preparing for war against China since in the last three days they have flown over 150 planes over Taiwan territory. (Notice how they didn’t ask us for support?)
  10. Most so-called “hate” crimes in 2021 so far, of course have been blamed on white supremacists, however, most of them have turned out to be fake and committed by left week Blacks.
  11. 25% of illegals who have been tested all had COVID, no one know how many 1,000’s not tested have COVID and are already in the country. But Fauci says they’re not the cause of any recent spikes. (B.S.)
  12. Senator Ron Johnson announced that Pfizer has been lying to the public saying that the FDA approved their vaccine. He talked to the FDA and they said they’ve not approved any of the vaccines yet.
  13. U.S. Postal Service is now going to be getting into banking now. (Well, what could possibility go wrong here?)
  14. AG Garland is accusing parents who protest against CRT being in their kids schools of being domestic terrorists! And has now ordered the FBI to investigate all parents who have been seen protesting at school board meetings! (These are dangerous times we live in folks.) This is the same guy who refuses to call BLM and ANTIFA domestic terrorists even after their riots caused billions and billions of money in damages and 27 deaths!

There you have it for now. Wake up people, the total Marxist control is just around the corner.


“Silence in the face of evil IS evil. Not to speak IS to speak, and not standing IS standing, and God will NOT hold us blameless!”

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