Quick Notes – Issue #53

Well, once again, the hits keep on a coming. There’s once again been so much going on during this week, this issue again is a doozy! Here’s some key headlines you may or may not have seen.

  1. Vikings Coach refused to get vaccinated and was fired by the owner. Also, it seems that some of the NFL players are now getting upset because the NFL is trying to force them to get vaccinated or be fined. (Oh, I see, you stay quiet or supported all the other wokeism that was emerging in the NFL but once it actually affects you personally, you speak out. Kiss my you know what because this is what happens when you give these Marxists an inch, they will take it the distance, not just a mile!)
  2. Jen Psaki refuses to answer reporters who dare to ask how many people have the China virus in the White House by responding this way: “Why do you need that information?” (Well maybe because you are the damn WH press secretary and work for us and owe us the information!)
  3. Fauci admits outwardly and defends funding labs like Wuhan and said that we’d be negligent if we didn’t fund labs like this and the kind of research they do. (This guy is just evil and should be booted out of the medical profession!)
  4. More wokeism from MLB. Now the Cleveland Indians will be called the Cleveland Guardians. (How the hell is “Indians” offensive? These people are beyond sick, they are beyond saving!)
  5. Hunter Biden’s first so-called art exhibit has had most of it’s marketing focused in Asia and China. (Anyone surprised at that? But nothing to see here they tell us.)
  6. Now those who want more transparency about the vaccine and refuse to get vaccinated are being called idiots. “They are idiots and should have no rights to choose and they need to be forced to do what they are told to do or else!” and “The time for volunteer vaccinations is over and time for mandates!” (Or else what? Really good way to convince people to buck up and get the jab!)
  7. Dems in Congress are now trying to pass a new bill that will give black people more aid than white people. Even if the white person is worse off financially, the blacks will receive more. (Can you say racism? I know I can.)
  8. Optimism in the U.S. just since this May has dropped a whopping 50% with ALL groups! And lowest of all time.  (Not surprising. Funny how when Trump was president it was just the exact opposite. Of course those causing this lack of optimism blame it on you know who!)
  9. The doctor who created the PCR test that they use to test for the virus admitted that the test cannot tell the difference between the virus and the flu because they are both Coronaviruses! This means that many of the positive test results could be the flu and that also explains why they claim that there has been a 98% drop in flu cases! Another lie because they’ve been calling many of the positive results COVID when they weren’t. (So, truth is, the PCR test is useless!)
  10. The Texas Dems who went to D.C. (and are still there), didn’t take enough supplies with them and they are now asking for care packages to be sent to them by Texas residents! (Talk about cajones! The gall of these radical left loons!)
  11. The retired general of the CCP army, who helped design and build the Chinese concentration camps, just bought a huge ranch in Texas. This ranch has it’s own air strip! (Now what could go wrong there?)
  12. The Beijing Biden DOJ has stopped all criminal investigations against the criminal known as Gov. Andrew Cuomo!! While they continue to go after grandmas and grandpas for just attending the January 6th rally! (Explain that one to all the families who lost their loved ones in his nursing home scandal!)
  13. Nancy Pelosi, aka “The Wicked Witch of the West”, is now trying to have anyone in Congress arrested for not wearing a mask and that includes even those who have been vaccinated! (Insanity! Either masks or vaccines don’t work or they do work. Which is it? Oh, wait, maybe it’s because neither work?!)
  14. The Beijing Biden administration’s goal now is to get the China virus down to zero. However, that’s NOT following the science because in reality, you can NEVER get rid of a virus totally, bacteria yes, viruses NO! The real science is that taking a virus down to zero has NEVER happened and it will NEVER happen! Yet they continue this fear mongering unceasingly with something that continues to show that it still has a 99% survival rate all the way through the age of 80 with younger groups just having slightly higher 99% survival rates! (This is yet even more proof that it’s NEVER been about our health and safety but about control and submission and they simply cannot and will not let go of that control and the desire to get every single one of us to submit to their will!)
  15. The CDC and the Beijing Biden administration are once again trying to force more mask mandates on all of us. Based on a faulty study of just 100 people, out of India that supposedly showed that the vaccines don’t seem to work well against the weaker Delta variant. However, this same study was 100% rejected during their own scientific peer review! So, the CDC took that peer review and removed the word “rejected” and replaced it with “revised”! (How the hell can we trust any agency in this country anymore?!)

What you read here, you don’t have to take my word for it, research the stuff yourself, it’s out there. You can even find many of the things I report on, on the governments own websites! Their control over us is NEVER going to end if enough people don’t say “No!” They will never stop because people who have Marxist/communist ideals are never happy and they will always want more.


“Silence in the face of evil IS evil. Not to speak IS to speak, and not standing IS standing, and God will NOT hold us blameless!”

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