Quick Notes #57

Haven’t done one of these for a while so thought I’d do one that’s basically a recap of the last week or so. No doubt you’ve heard of all of the topics covered here but then again you may have missed a few.

Something we ALL must begin to admit to ourselves and that is everything and I do mean everything that comes out of the White House, State Department, and the Pentagon are lies, no matter the size, they are lying about EVERYTHING!

  1. Beijing Biden checked his watch during the somber moment when the 13 dead were being brought home. However, according to two of the fathers of the fallen heroes, he didn’t do it just the one time we all saw on video, no, he did it each time a coffin was taken out of the plane! That’s right he checked his watch 13 different times! (Had that been Trump he would have stood saluting these fallen soldiers until all of them had been delivered to their individual hearses!)
  2. Beijing Biden fell asleep while the Prime Minister of Israel was talking directly to him. When the Prime Minister realized this he began talking to the cameras. If that wasn’t bad enough, once Biden woke up the first thing he said was “Oh you can thank Barrack Obama for that.” This was after the Prime Minister was saying that he hoped that the relation they had with the previous administration (referring to Trump) would continue. (Do you really think 81 million people voted for this fool?)
  3. The Taliban actually called the White House directly before taking over Kabul. They asked the White House if they wanted to take control of Kabul, if not then they would. So, what did the White House and the Pentagon say? “Go for it, we’ll keep the airport.” (This corrupt and evil  government created this entire problem. They could have had control of the city and could have then easily gotten all of Americans and allies out safely and those 13 would never have died!)
  4. The Afghans, which is well over 100,000 have NOT been vetted! That’s right none of them have been properly vetted and none of them are the allies that worked with the military! So, they can say what they want but they have left allies and 1,000’s of Americans behind. Stop believing their 250 figure that they say has been left behind when it comes to Americans. Just in the past couple of days the Nazarene Fund and other NGO’s have rescued that many Americans. (By the way, the State Department has done everything they can to stifle the work of these NGO’s, the CEO of Nazarene Fund said that just on Tuesday they discovered that the State Department had threatened some of the countries that agreed to take the people they had on one of their planes. He asked the State Department to at least take the 123 Americans and they refused! That’s right our own State Department refused to help even our own people! Oh, as to the lack of vetting of the ones the White House have brought to our country, they’ve already found 10 terrorists and the White House acts like that’s nothing. Idiots, even one terrorist can kill 1,000’s of people! If all of this does not make you realize that this government doesn’t give a damn about us, nothing is going to convince you!)
  5. The Taliban is now the third most equipped “military” in the world! The other two more equipped are China and the U.S.! (Good job you dementia ridden piece of crap!)
  6. U.S. drone strike didn’t just kill so-called ISIS-K (If they even exist), but it also killed at least 10 civilians, 7 of which were children. (Good job “Uncle Joe”. Who gave you the coordinates? Oh, that’s right your new buddies the Taliban.)
  7. Only one parent of the 13 dead soldiers agreed to talk to Biden because he said he was doing it for his son. The father said all Biden could talk about was his son Bo who died of cancer. The father was outraged and said “Needless to say, the conversation didn’t go well!” (You think. Guess what Joe? The death of your son doesn’t come anywhere close to what these parents are going through. You knew what to expect, you knew he was going to die, so you had time to prepare, and you got to say goodbye to your son you jerk off! These parents didn’t get any of that! There is NO comparison you doddering old fool!)
  8. Journalist Lara Logan said that her sources on the ground in Kabul said that yesterday, September 1st, the Taliban began their hunt going from building to building, home to home to find all Afghans who helped the U.S. along with Christians and Americans still in the area. In fact, the 2,000 terrorists they released from the U.S. prison have been given the OK to hunt down specifically the Americans left behind! However, the White House claims this isn’t happening. (Just another lie!)
  9. Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller just three years shy of retirement resigned his commission because he dared to ask the “Brass” for accountability over the Afghanistan disaster. They told him he could stay for three more years if and only if he went under extensive psychological evaluation! Just for daring to ask for accountability, they think he’s crazy. So, he resigned and gave up all of his benefits! (Now that’s a soldier with true honor!)
  10. The White House ordered the soldiers who left Kabul on Tuesday to leave their service dogs behind! That’s right they forced them to leave behind animals that served them and many times saved the lives of the humans they served. (The Pentagon claims that’s a lie, however, pictures and video don’t lie! They were let out into the streets of Kabul and will be killed if they haven’t already been killed.)
  11. Twitter still won’t ban the Taliban because they don’t believe they’ve done anything too violent enough that breaks their terms of service. Really? So, recording them flying our Blackhawk helicopters with people hanging from ropes and then cutting the ropes and letting the people fall to their death isn’t violent enough for Twitter to be banned?! (Yipee Joe, that’s your new improved and more compassionate Taliban for you!)
  12. The White House, State Department, and the Pentagon all now claim that they’ve rescued ALL Americans that wanted to come home! (LIARS!) I warned about this a while back in an article where I stated they were setting the narrative that they would bring home all Americans who wanted to come home, they all parroted the same lie, and now they are using it in full force by basically victim blaming these people because who in their freakin right mind would WANT to stay in Afghanistan?! (Glenn Beck and others who have been involved in rescue plans have received hundreds upon hundreds of phone calls and emails from Americans begging for help to get out of the country!)
  13. Texas just passed a “Heartbeat Law” that bans abortion once a heartbeat can be heard, which is about six weeks. Also those who go ahead and performs an abortion after that time can be sued by anyone! (Great to see all the heads of the liberals exploding all over the place. Good for you Texas. Beijing Biden came out and claimed that this would limit women’s healthcare especially minorities! Abortion is not healthcare it’s murder you racist demented fool!)
  14. San Francisco is trying a new way to try and cut down on gun violence by offering those who are at risk of shooting someone, $300 each month to get this, not shoot anyone. That’s right they are going to pay people to not shoot people. (Well folks, you’ve just seen insanity hit a new level!)
  15. Beijing Biden had the unmitigated gall to “forcefully” tell the American people that the entire Afghanistan debacle was the greatest success story in history! He also claimed that no other country in the world has accomplished such a feat. (Well, if 13 soldiers and nearly 200 civilians dying, leaving behind $85 BILLION in military equipment and weapons behind, leaving a BILLION dollar airbase intact for China to take over, and abandoning untold amounts of Americans and true allies behind is a total success, I’d sure as hell hate to see what a failure is! As for saying that no other country has ever done this before, he’s at least right there, because no other country in the world would ever leave their own people behind!)

If the past couple of weeks have not opened up some of your eyes about how evil and corrupt this man you call president as well as all those who support him are, then there’s absolutely no hope for you! All of you who voted for this man remember this when you put your heads down on your pillows at night, the blood of these people are on your hands as well as this administrations!


“Silence in the face of evil IS evil. Not to speak IS to speak, and not standing IS standing, and God will NOT hold us blameless!”


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