Quick Notes Issue #39

And the news just keeps on coming and it can be confusing and really hard to keep up with but, it’s important that we all need to try to at least skim over the headlines so we have some sort of idea of what’s going on all around us. This issue is overflowing with the never ending onslaught of stuff! Stay alert folks, you need to be ready for anything with this White House.

  1. Nate Sylvester and Idaho police officer who made fun of LeBron James on Tik Tok, was suspended without pay for a week just because of a silly, but funny video. There was nothing offensive about it but, the leftist mayor wants him fired but, his boss stood his ground and refused to fire him. (LeBron can say anything he wants even if it’s threatening but, this cop was joking around and pointing out just how stupid James can be and they want him fired.
  2. Gov. “Lil’ Hitler” Witmer of Michigan was given what is called a “Courage Award” for how she’s handled COVID. (Wow, so emulating Hitler’s style now wins you awards. This country is totally upside down. Dear God will the insanity ever end?)
  3. Facebook, as if they are God almighty themselves, have decided to keep Trump banned from using their site because they are afraid that he might start more violent outbursts. (What violence? 99.9% of those on the conservative side have NEVER been involved in any kind of violent outbursts and that’s a fact. On the other hand, Trump probably wouldn’t go back anyway, even if they begged him to. Stupid pompous Marxists!)
  4. Fighting human trafficking and drug trafficking is now being totally ignored by the Beijing Biden administration. This comes from Tim Ballard, the CEO of the organization called Operation Underground Railroad, who worked very closely with President Trump and Ivanka Trump to help covertly rescue women and children who had been victims of human trafficking. In fact there were several operations that Tony Robbins was involved in by providing private air transport to help them escape to the U.S. where then President Trump secretly gave visas to these refugees and even had them secretly brought to the White House to be welcomed to the United States. Trump never publicized these things for fear that it would endanger these women and children’s lives! Tim Ballard now says that the White House will have nothing to do with their organization to help stop human trafficking, Trump got it down to a trickle over the southern border and now there’s no stopping it! (By ignoring human and drug trafficking is no different than condoning it!)
  5. Press Secretary Psaki announced that it was simply customary and in line with “longstanding best practices” for the CDC to consult with “organizations and groups” that will be impacted by CDC guidance. (Just another lie. The CDC was originally set up to only be impacted by doctors and scientists and not special interest groups. How about listening to those that are really being impacted? They’re called parents and students! Guess the parents and students don’t count since they didn’t donate $20 million or more to your Democrat party in the last election! How can you trust an organization that is influenced by non-scientists or non-doctors when it has to do with your health?)
  6. Here are four blatant lies told to the American people by Psaki just recently: a) The border issues began under Trump and his policies were to blame. (No, Psaki, the border was under control, the wall was working and the policies were working, including less illegals entering country, less gangs coming over, far less drugs coming over as well as human trafficking!) b) Trumps polices were “destructive and chaotic” while Biden’s are “fair, orderly, and humane.” (Are you serious? There’s more chaos, more people, more unaccompanied kids than in history.) c) The Beijing Biden administration “immediately” jumped into action” to address the migrant situation which the previous administration had not done. (Really? That’s why Biden and Harris haven’t even been down there yet. All they did was immediately stop the building of the wall and basically threw open the flood gates!) d) The situation is now under control because unaccompanied children are spending less time in detention centers than they were a few weeks ago. (All they did was relocate these kids to different detention centers how is that under control?) (The real truth of the matter is that Trump’s policies, including building the wall that Biden stopped on day one, reduced the flow of illegal traffic across the border to a mere trickle. Biden literally ran for president using rhetoric letting migrants think they could come to the U.S. illegally with no problem Even his wife the fake “Dr.” Jill went to the border to exploit it and say that the U.S. wasn’t letting enough people in. Now this administration wants to blame Trump for the massive numbers crossing over the border. Then at the same time say it’s all under control. Really?)
  7. The Republican party’s so-called current divide is totally on display as the Trump friendly House members vote to get rid of anti-Trump Liz Cheney. If Liz is ousted and replaced by NY’s Elise Stefanick, Pelosi and the left loons will work overtime to claim the GOP is fracturing when in reality they are actually trying to unite the party.
  8. The Texas Democrat who called Senator Tim Scott an “Oreo” resigned a week later. However, Dems in Texas have decided to reject the racist’s resignation. (Well, the Dems are right about one thing, there are racists in the U.S. they’re called the “Left”!)
  9. Beijing Biden sets new vaccination goal to 70% of adults by July 4th and then says we’ll be able to have permission to celebrate July 4th. (Who cares? You think people are going to wait for your permission if they want to celebrate July 4th Joe? Not I.)
  10. VP “Horrible” Harris now claims that the border crisis is being caused by the lack of climate resilience in Central America. (No you bimbo it’s because of your administration has promised them free everything without even ever becoming legal citizens!)
  11. Congressman Kevin McCarthy admits he rents a room in D.C. from Democrat pollster Frank Luntz. (Hmm, isn’t that kind of sleeping with the enemy?)
  12. Leaked documents expose Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s plans to take control of the global internet in order to displace the influential role the U.S. has right now. Their ultimate goal is to control ALL content on the global internet. His goal is to use technology to rule the internet and the world. (Gee, what could go wrong with that?)
  13. The Trump administration was only allowed 15,000 refugees a month to apply and enter our country. Beijing Biden has now increased that to 65,000 a month and by next year he wants to allow 130,000 a month into the country. (And then they claim they can’t figure out why there’s such a rush for the border. Are you serious?)
  14. NYC schools are now expelling Asian American students from schools in the name of “equity” in favor of Blacks and Hispanics because they say Blacks and Hispanics are not fairly represented. (You ever think maybe these Asian Americans are just smarter? and the left calls we conservatives racists? This is as racist as it gets!)
  15. Due to COVID many farmers have had a lot of financial issues and the Beijing Biden administration is offering them help by loan forgiveness or help them easily get a loan to save their farms. However, there is one exception to the rule: “White farmers need not apply, you are NOT eligible.” (Yes, yes, yes, there is systemic racism, it’s called the Democrat party!)
  16. The “Left” want you to believe that the 1% rich pay far less income taxes than the bottom 50% of the American people. However, the truth is that the 1% rich pay 27% in income taxes and the bottom 50% of Americans pay just 4% income tax on average. Sadly, nearly 50% of Americans believe this lie! (No wonder so many Americans walk around like blind sheep. The ignorance is mind numbing.)

Well, that’s it for this issue, but that’s enough ignorance for the day.


“Choosing ignorance over knowledge is one reason why we are where we are today in our country!”

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